Failure to Launch

(me singing badly-cover ears)
“Every blog, has it ups and downs,
Sometimes ups, out number the downs,
but not so much today.”

I had envisoined a great back to school post about peanut butter and jelly. I ran across a picture of ice cream sandwiches where they used a peanut butter cookie and made grape jelly ice cream. I LOVEDthat idea and set off to duplicate it. I used my peanut butter cookie recipe that is tried and true. No problems there. Then I made the ice cream. I let it set up for 5 hours and checked on it. It was still very soft and so I let it sit over night. It was harder and I scooped some out and put it between two cookies and before I could even stick it back in the freezer…melted. AHHHH. So I got mad and stuck it at the back of the freezer and turned the freezer up a notch. Checked back 8 hours later. Tried the process again with the same melty results. This was WAR. So I turned the freezer up as cold as it would go and left it for yet another night to set. I came out this morning and I’m sure you all know that I lost both the battle and the war. I said screw it and decided to take a picture anyway. I am not posting recipe since it did not work out. If I had not been in such a defeated mood I would have been clear in mind to think. If I was thinking calmly I would have crushed my peanut butter cookies up and added some butter to bake a peanut butter cookie crust and then poured the grape jelly ice cream into it to make a pie. But alas, I was too annoyed and had already thrown out the ice cream. cursing loudly as I ran it down the garbage disposal.

So why would I post my failure. Because I want my friends that read this(my non-food blogger friends) to realize that not everything works out with food. So if you “screw up” it probably wasn’t your fault. Keep trying, keep cooking.


  1. Quite the valiant effort! I think it still looks delicious. I would certainly eat it!

  2. Yes, it does look great, I would eat it.
    I find it hard to write up failure – not everything works.

  3. Good to know:)
    I have had a few recipes not turn out at all like I expected them to. It is always a bit disappointing, but I suppose you can’t win everytime, right?

  4. I’d have to agree.. I think they still look good. Glad you posted the failure though.. I post my failures too and love doing so. I figure someone can get a good giggle outta my dorkiness :D

  5. I agree they still look good. You have given me inspiration to post my failures. I had one this week and opted not to post it. :)

  6. If we didn’t have happy accidents we wouldn’t find anything new. Half the inventions out there happened by accident. Or I as say: my subconsious guided me, I am a genius after all! ;-)

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