Stolen Property

So I had a rather disappointing week this last week. I discovered that a non food blogger has been ripping my site off and posting my blog word for word(picture for picture) on their site. Now, they are not claiming it as their own but copying word for word is pretty much blatant stealing….especially because it is eating my bandwidth.

Everyone in the food blogging community has been great about this so I am not talking about you. I love when places like Slashfood feature my food porn….but they don’t copy my post…..they LINK to it. Link away I say. But don’t be so lame as to even steal my post about saying I wont be in town for a couple of days….because that is just sad.

We’ve contacted the thief and let them know that we find it unacceptable and I had to add an outline to my blog under usage. Unfortunately if it continues my husband and I have discussed that we will go further with the matter in the legal sense.

I hope nothing like this is happening to any of your blogs. I would check to see in your site admin if perhaps it is happening to you. I realize that copying is a sign of flattery but taking the last 16 of my post is a bit much. I’m sure they will be lame and copy this post too.

Enough of this, I off to bake my anger away :)


UPDATE: The morons indeed did copy this post word for word.


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  1. hi, that’s awful! hope it all works out…meanwhile, happy baking…

  2. That is simply TERRIBLE!! What is wrong with people that they would steal love/cooking/personal stories and post them as their own – for whatever reason.

    So sorry!! Hope this is all resolved soon.

  3. I feel your pain, as the same thing happened to me.

  4. I have seen this sort of thing happen before…

    One way to get them to might be to stop them from hotlinking your images? I don’t know what your website admin looks like, but if it’s Cpanel, then you should have a section where you can protect your images etc from being hotlinked.

    Another method which is much more time consuming, would be to go back, create duplicate images, rename the ones for use on your own site, and use photoshop to add some comments such as “this site copies all its content from

    You might want to look into this as well?

  5. This is awful. I hope that those individuals will stop stealing all your hard work and that it all works out and you won’t have to go through a whole legal battle. Im sure that’s the last thing you would really want.

  6. Write to Elise or Kalyn … they can help too.

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