Tag, I’m it

So this meme was much easier than the last one sicne I did not have to narrow down my favorite 5 foods…that was tough. Lis over at La Mia Cucuina tagged me for this and I am finally get around to it. 


I am thinking about: when am I going to get over this flu/cold whatever it is

I said: I would give the dog a bath but ugh, I so don’t want to

I want to: go to Paris and experience Pierre Herme

I wish: I had more cabinet space and that my evil blog stealer would stop stealing my blog(no doubt this will show up on there)

I regret: very little, life is too short to regret anything….

I hear: some really bad vampire movie in the background that my husband is watching

I am: not a fan of the Fall Skinny jeans look

I dance: around the kitchen more often than I like to admit

I sing: so badly that people pay me to stop(true story)

I cry: more than I should

I am not: a very good housekeeper

I am: a lousy ice hockey player(but I love it)

I write: legibly

I confuse: anyone who talks to me

I need: to put more non baking things on my blog

I tag:   Retorte , Gabriella and Laura


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