Now, I am just blushing….

Okay, so I am just getting over being surprised for winning last month’s DMBLGIT edibility cagetory….and low and behold I go to my dashboard and see that I am linked to the Laughing Gastronome. I click on it and find out that once again, I won for edibilitly…holy cow….SOOOOOOOOO wasn’t expecting that. I am so happy that people find my food edible :) To see all this month’s winners click here.

Oh, and this time I got a cute little sign too.


  1. OMG!! Don’t blush!! You deserve it!!

  2. Really, who else could they have picked? You’ve got a way with the sweet stuff.

  3. Way to go, Peabody!

    High five!

  4. Congratulations, again! That photo truly is award winning.. my drooly keyboard can vouch! :D

  5. Congratulations! You totally deserve it!

  6. Bea at La Tartine Gourmande says:

    Congratulations to you!


  1. […] So in reading my comments, VeggieGirl congratulated me on winning DMBLGIT November 2007. I thought to myself…what picture did I enter? You always do the month before and so by the time it rolls around for the winner I almost never remember what I submitted. I have been lucky enough to win three times so far in the edibility category. One for my Texas Big Hair Lemon-Lime Meringue Pie. One for my Caramel Apple Cake. And one for my Double Caramel Cake. So when VeggieGirl said that I thought, great! I won the edibility category again. So imagine my surprise when I linked onto Zorra’s site to look at the list of winners. There at the top of the page was Overall Winners; First Place…me? Are you kidding me? Did you see all the other photos? Needless to say I floated around on cloud nine for quite some time that day! Thanks again to Zorra for hosting and to all of the judges(I see that my checks must have cleared ) […]

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