Something I never heard of….

When my dad was still working (he is retired now) my parents would go to a convention every year, each year being held in a different city. To combat their guilt of getting to go and do something fun my mom would always ask what would I like for her to bring back. Every year it was the same answer: a sweatshirt from the local college and a regional cookbook, preferably from the local junior league. I have quite the collection of both. So in keeping with my Southern theme I was kind of on I went rummaging through all the Southern Junior League books I had.

Several of them had a recipe for graham cracker cake. I had never heard that in all my life, so of course I had to make it. The original recipe was a mocha one but hubby doesn’t like coffee flavor so I omitted the 1 TBSP of powdered coffee, fill free to add it if you like. Such an odd cake, no flour but doesn’t taste like a flour-less cake since the graham cracker crumbs take on the roll of flour. It definitely had a distinct graham cracker taste which I liked since I liked graham crackers. It was also chocolatey. Hubby did not like the cake at all he though it just tasted like mushy graham crackers and proceeded to tell me that he only likes graham crackers because of their crunch. But he is weird and hardly eats anything normal including veggies, fruit, beans and soup.

It had a frosting, which was more of a glaze, but I chose to put chocolate sauce on it instead. You will have to excuse the bad photos. Today was super dark. We got a ton of rain, and though Seattle is known for it’s rain, we rarely get the down pouring that we had today. So working with natural light was rough since I didn’t get any. Sigh.




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  1. You never fail to impress me with those photos, Peabody.

  2. I’m dubbing you the most evil blogger I read because your blog makes me gain like 5lbs just by looking at it!!! lol jk

  3. Definitely no complaints on the photos from me. And if your husband won’t eat that cake, I will.

  4. It looks amazing, the photos are great. What’s the texture like? Is it sandy like graham cracker crumbs would taste? It looks fabulous I just can’t get my mind around it. ‘Course I’d have no problem gettin’ my lips around a slice. Just sayin’

  5. Looks good to me!

  6. That looks just sinfully good! I can see myself licking my plate clean!

  7. Looks like a Mississippi Mud we used to serve at the cafe. Ummm
    Great Pictures!

  8. OH! Look at that gooey sauce … very interesting because before reading this post I too had never heard of graham cake!

  9. Oh, my! The photos are gorgeously delish! The cake looks so moist, perfectly swimming in that delicious chocolate sauce.

    What a lovely treat!

  10. Bad photo? What bad photo – I don’t think such a thing is capable with the camera in your hands! This looks divine, and totally the kind of sugar rush I’d love right now!

  11. Wow – that looks decadent!! Yummy and gooey and different.

  12. Gooy is always soooo good!

  13. OMG! I am in shock! Those photos have me licking my screen! It looks gorgeous and reall worth a try. So different from using flour and pretty easy to make.

  14. 40 some years ago I had a recipe for walnut/graham cracker cake I made at holidays. And then . . . I lost it! This looks much like it except mine had no chocolate in it and I frosted it with whipped cream. Always a huge hit! Even when I forgot it in the oven, it turned into a rock, and I saved it only by driving cocktail toothpicks into the broken up pieces and sank them in a bowl of whipped cream which rehydrated the cake and was fun to eat as well! Thank you for finding this for me after all these years.

  15. Rita Williams says:

    The coffee isn’t to add coffee flavor (you don’t even taste it) the coffee intensifies the chocolate flavor. Try it, you will like it.

  16. Anna Bennett says:

    I see nothing wrong with the picture,It really looks so good.

  17. I made this for Mother’s Day and it was a huge hit! Thanks! :-)

  18. I shouldn’t bother to eat this, just apply it directly to my upper arms. Lol

  19. Does this make two cakes? It said to pour into TWO greased 9 inch rounds. But I didn’t see if you were to stack the cakes or that it makes two.

  20. Peabody says:

    They aren’t stacked. They just make two cakes. You could layer them.

  21. Janice G says:

    I make a similar pie from graham crackers called “angel nut”. No chocolate. Every time I serve it, people rave about it. Very light. The chocolate looks divine.

  22. can you please tell me, what exactly are grahams crackers? i’ve never heard of them. UK equivalent?
    love the recipes by the way.

  23. Probably digestive biscuits

  24. Late to the game, but yes, in the UK Digestive crackers would be the closest to graham crackers (skip the cream…good God, I love digestive creams).

    just FYI to anyone living at 8,500 feet: don’t forget your high altitude rules. Not so much baking powder, add a couple tablespoons of flour. Otherwise, open your windows and turn up your vent fan… and then serve this divided into chunks swathed in some form of heavenly cream in a big friggin’ wine glass.

    high altitude martha.

  25. Beverly in Mississippi says:

    My mouth is watering!!?!?@?#?# Can’t wait to try this. So this makes 2-single layers?
    Can you freeze one?

  26. Peabody says:

    @Beverly- yes it makes two layers. I’ve never frozen one so I’m not sure. Only one way to find out.

  27. Teresa Steward says:

    Can’t even imagine what this cake will taste like. You’ve heard about first impressions and appearances? This photo (first impression–recipe itself) (first appearance presentation–your lovely photo) You truly made this cake look good enough to eat. Can’t wait to try this.

  28. What are Graham crackers or what could you use in place of them?

  29. Peabody says:

    Graham crackers are digestive biscuits where you are from.

  30. sharynlynn says:

    Sounds yummy. Think I may try with chocolate graham crackers and really make it death by chocolate.

  31. Peabody says:

    @Sharynlyn- great idea!

  32. I have just tried your amazing recipe and it blew the minds of everyone.
    Thanks for sharing.


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