@#%^&*%$^& Croissants


First, I apologize if this post makes little sense…I’m on Vicodin people.
So a bunch of us(Lis, Ivonne, VeronicaJenny, Brilynn and Helen) got together and decided to bake the same thing. We are no strangers to this as we have done it before. I did however groan loudly when I heard what we are making…croissants. Out of our little group, I was the only non-croissant virgin(though I am not sure if Helen has made them before or not), in fact I have been around the croissant block more than a few times(don’t tell my parents :P) I know what a pain they are to make and the time they take. In fact, next to cream puffs, croissants are my least favorite things to make….and I don’t do it very often. I made them once for my hubby who wasn’t a fan because he likes the giant ones from Costco. You know the pale, giant ones that have very little flavor and hardly flake at all. So do a lot of people from the States, like them that way(because that is what they are used to). Ugh, drives me crazy. To me they should be dark and so flaky that when you bite into them you have about 20 crumbles all over your shirt. They should reek of butter. And they don’t need be the size of  both my fists put together. I made mine 2 weeks ago(lucky for me since I would not have been able to stand and make them this weekend).

We tried a recipe from a cookbook that I received for Christmas, Tartine, which looks very promising. I will say that I like the croissant recipe that I normally use much better, but this one served it’s purpose.

Mine are shaped nicely because I was in charge of shaping croissants for my friends catering company that I used to work for on the side. I like to tuck in the ends so it looks like little weight lifters flexing…if you are old enough, think of the SNL skit of Hanz and Franz. I get them so brown because I go egg wash crazy. Most people say 2 coats…I usually go 4.

I’m not typing out the recipe because sitting at the computer actually hurts my foot, so the less time I can spend on here the better. If you want the recipe, buy the cookbook, or maybe on of the other girls was insane and wrote out the 5 pages. They had some pretty crazy adventures while trying to make theirs and hopefully they blogged about it.

I made chocolate ones also, I will post about those on a later date when I feel better. I also would like to thank everyone for their kind words of encouragement. I go to the doctor tomorrow and will hopefully recieve some good news!!!




  1. The best news would be you feel better.
    Lovely croissants, love the shape!

  2. Your croissants shaped so nicely, look better than store-bought!
    Peabody, get well soon!

  3. Peabody,

    Your croissants are PERFECT – Hanz and Franz made laugh so hard I think people here will think I’m 10 years old – or nuts.

  4. They’re beautiful, Peabody. Perfectly shaped and the colour is amazing!

    But let us never do the croissant thing again!

  5. I laughed out loud when I read your post title – and I bet we were all thinking the same thing while making them! I see you are right – that egg wash really does make a huge difference!

  6. Your croissants are perfect!What a great title, my sentiments exactly as I was making these croissants. I did blog about some of our crazy experiences and I nuts enough to type in the recipe.

  7. Love the Croissants!!Go easy on the Vicodine!!;D

  8. har! I couldn’t have said it better (your title)!

    Your croissants are perfect – I am in awe. =)

    I’m keeping my fingers crossed that the doc will have good news for you!

  9. Why didn’t you stop me when I suggested croissants? WWWHHHYYYYYY?

    Actually, I’m glad we made them, but never again. Maybe next time I’ll aspire to shape mine as nicely as yours….

  10. I think that blogging on vioden should be a weekly post for ya!!

  11. Wow! Beautiful, perfect croissants! I love them!

  12. WHOA. My first thought was – you made those? I’m impressed.

    I have a recipe for croissants that are … not really croissants. I guess that’s why it’s so easy?

  13. These look (and I’m sure taste) better than any mass, mechanically-produced pastry anywhere. These really show off your pastry chef schooling! I honestly dont’ know if I ever need to put myself through making croissants, but I know I will eventually. I love a complex recipe. Your eclairs are beautiful too. I just need the chocolate cream.

  14. To All- there were some not so pretty ones too…but I am anal and refused to photograph those ones :)

  15. For croissants constructed on vicodin, you’ve done quite well. I’ve bought bakery croissants less mouth-watering.

    I confess that in the past I’ve been a tad jealous of your group bakeoffs — but after this one I’ll just sit down, shut up and drool. :)

    I am not worthy…

  16. Your croissants are gorgeous :) Maybe one day I will make them too…yours, as well as the rest of your-croissant-making gang’s, are definitely and encouragement…even if you all say it’s a lot of work. You see, your croissants are all just too beautiful and tempting! Take care and hope you get some good news from your doctor! :)

  17. Like Veron’s these look like little jewels! Beautiful.

  18. I love the Hanz and Franz reference on SNL… I’ll have to remember that if I ever get up the courage to make croissants! Yours look lovely.

    Hope you get good news tomorrow. In the meantime, enjoy those pain pills!

  19. I’ve been following the trail of croissant crumbs that you and your brave cohorts have been leaving behind! I am so impressed! These are perfection!

  20. They look great! I’ll confess, I don’t have the patience for 5 pages of instructions – I barely have enough patience for 2 pages :)

  21. You gals are dedicated bakers! Gorgeous and flaky – yum.

  22. Hanz and Franz, I love it! I agree that they should be very crumbly and flaky, though I know that even good croissants can become flabby and greasy with time.

    When I used to work in a chain bakery (yuck – but I was in high school), we’d “freshen” up the croissants with a quick trip through the hot oven. They were not bad reheated. However, the ones with fillings (ham and cheese) were just wet and gross.

    Hope the doc gives you good news!

  23. Although a prerequisite to any baker I have not met one yet who jumps up and down at the thought of making croissants for fun…well beside me (you?)
    They are gorgeous! Hope you feel better!

  24. Your croissants look amazing. They remind me of the croissant I used to get at the bakeries in Montreal. I miss them so much! You’re right, they’re perfect and I wouldn’t go for those white non-flaky ones, that’s for sure!

    Hope you get well soon.

  25. This is amazing!! Now I will never look at a croissant again in the same way!!! They are beautiful!

  26. Hi Peabody!

    Oh my, they are PERFECT!!! Made me drool (and not from Vicodin):)

    Feel better!! Thanks for sharing these delicious pictures of your croissants. I will *not* be trying this in my home cooking adventures any time soon.


  27. They look absolutely amazing! And I hope that foot of yours is on the mend and you’re back and fighting fit soon!

  28. perfect, perfect-what patience you have to make these! Your photos are terrific, too!Take care of the foot-ouch!

  29. Good grief! Those are gorgeous. But the third picture down! I must go shower now. (no I am not a bread junkie, why do you ask?)

    ~km (sucker for a superb crumb)

  30. I’ve been working on the Tartine recipe as well, with limited success. The first batch came out greasy and didn’t rise that much. I’m thinking the yeast was old, and they may have gotten a little warm during the final rise. But I do think the pre-ferment adds so much rich flavor to the croissant that I’d like to still pursue this recipe. My question is, do you think I could do the laminating the more traditional way by making a butter envelope? These are going to be made in a much larger scale in my bakery, and I just think the smooshing the butter around is going to be problematic or hard to control. Thanks

  31. Gingerbread Girl says:

    But.. Where is the recipe?” :°(

  32. Would you mind sharing the recipe? Or better yet, the recipe you normally use that you said you like better? You can email it to me if you prefer lcsa99@yahoo.com

    I have been looking for a decent recipe for croissants and these look great :)


  33. hi. i too would love the recipe.these croissants look great.i have never tried to make them , but i would love to give it a try.my daughter who is just about to turn five loves these things .we love to eat them in the morning with ham and cheese and egg or with some jelly.when she has those days that she decides to be picky with food,i just make her a croissantwich,and there is no “no mommy ,i don’t like it!!!” there.she eats every bite.please,please!share the recipe,as i mentioned before i have never made them ,but if i’m going to give them a try why not do it with a nice and delicious recipe.thank you for your time .bye bye. jessica

  34. WoW!! Nice croissant!! Did you guys just use all-purpose flour? or did you add other types of flour??

  35. Peabody,

    Your creations are just delectable! I’ve been following your blog for a while now and I always do so at my own risk because I end up baking something afterwards….

    Your croissants look great! I became inspired by you guys’ amazing results and am now just beginning my croissant marathon. I will take pictures as I go along and cross my fingers.

    That being said, I will only post pictures if they don’t flop…. Don’t be too hopeful! :)

    Thank you for your beautiful blog! Happy baking!

  36. So… it would be fabulous of you to share the recipe that you normally make that you like so well!… :)

    They are beautiful!

  37. Yes, but the recipe is FAR too long for me to type out. It’s from the cookbook The American Boulangerie: Authentic French Pastries and Breads for the Home Kitchen.

  38. nice, but where is the recipe?

  39. @maarten there is no recipe.


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