More %$@#%&^$*!@ Croissants….

So there are two types of chocolate croissants that I have had. The more traditional, just croissant wrapped around a piece of chocolate. The other is stuffed with some sort of chocolate goo. I prefer the first kind. So when I found out we were making f%$*ing croissants, I knew I wanted some of them to be chocolate. Part of it is because they are good; the real reason though is that I am lazy and they are much easier to shape than my Hanz and Franz shaped ones. You do not need to do anything special. You roll out the dough as directed, but cut it into 6 by 4 inch rectangles rather than triangles. Place a 1 ounce piece of bittersweet chocolate…but really size is up to you. I happened to use my prize chocolate that I won for winning the soup contest over at Running with Tweezers. Tami sent me some lovely Dagoba Organic Chocolate and I used the Roseberry kind(with dried raspberries and bits of rosehips for a hint of citrus)for my 1 ounce(HA) piece of chocolate. Anyway, starting from a long side, roll up each rectangle carefully, encasing the chocolate in the center, and proceed as directed for plain croissants. I have to say that these were YUMMY….though not quite as lovely as my Hanz and Franz ones.



  1. Over the top…no matter how you fold them.

  2. More?? Dude…you must be on drugs!! hehe j/k

  3. Mmmmm. I love @#%@$!!#$ croissants!

  4. Gosh. All these croissant posts are making me want to go back to France. Chocolate ones were the BEST BREAKFASTS ever.

  5. OHHHH PEABODY!!!!!!!!!

    Chocolate croissants are one of my favorite foods in the world (and that is a hard to compile list as I am food obsessed!).

    You have no idea how delicious these look. Swoon!


    p.s. feel better! take lots of good drugs and take your time before getting back on your feet

  6. oh I love that flavor of Dagoba. The flakiness of your croissants looks perfect!

  7. They may be &*$%&’ers, but they look goooood!

  8. Those look as incredible as your first ones! I’ve never had chocolate croissants. I wish I had one of yours with me right now!

  9. I can send you my address so you can send me some croissants! Better yet, just attach and send them in an email:). LOVE Chocolate croissants! My fave!

  10. We had chocolate croissants for breakfast everyday in Paris. Yumm!

  11. these are incredible-my favorite breakfast when in France-sometimes i have one for lunch too! You are very talented!

  12. They are brilliant!

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