1912(the year Arizona became a state)


I’ve always thought of Valentine’s Day as a scam….for men that is. It’s made to believe that women are to get flowers, chocolate and diamonds…and what do men get?…a coupon book for “massages”. Joy. Growing up I never celebrated it. Most of my adult years were spent in Arizona and as luck would have it, Arizona’s birthday is also February 14th. And so all you anti-Valentine people I invite you to celebrate Arizona Statehood Day with me. There are not a whole lot of ways to celebrate it, so all I really do is make sugar cookies each year…in the shape of Arizona(yes, they really do make cookies cutters in the shape of Arizona). Now don’t get me wrong, I will make my husband a nice meal(something a little more special than a regular Wednesday night meal). I bought him a card and will write something mushy. I bought him some of his favorite candy, all in the obligatory heart shape. But that is it, and that is all I will get too. And that is great because I don’t need a day to remind me how much I love my husband or vice versa.
Happy Arizona Statehood Day!




  1. Peabody!! You are too cute! What a great way to get around V-Day.

    I am a huge dork and have always loved Valentine’s Day, although it is a minefield of dashed hopes and high expectations. :)

    Have a great Arizona Statehood Day!

    p.s. I love your cookie cutter

  2. Scott and I aren’t much into Valentines day either, although I am making a very nice dinner tonight. Happy Arizona Day to you too!

  3. I also think Arizona Statehood Day is more important than Valentine’s Day. For the last two years I have put up posts on my blog to note the anniversary of the upgrading of Arizona from a territory to state.

  4. Currently living in AZ and celebrating statehood (95 this year) with a happy face since my family actually arrived here before the proclamation!
    As you can tell, I am not all that into Valentines this year, perhaps it is because my in-laws have been her for 2 months already?

  5. Well, then Happy Arizona Day!! I’m always up for another reason to celebrate.

  6. Happy Arizona Day! Love the photos. Very cute!

  7. Husband and I are eating leftover pizza for dinner tonight. Ugh, we’re so un-romantic after so many years together.

  8. Happy Arizona Statehood Day!

    Reminds me of the fourth grade, when we were studying California Hisotry, and Missy D’s mother brought in California-shaped cookies with Sacramento, San Francisco, LA and San Diego indicated with almost microscopic frosting poppies (poppies being the state flower) Do you decorate your cookies with key cities and other map-like data?

  9. Ha! Happy Arizona Day to you! A much better thing to celebrate than Valentine’s Day for someone such as myself who is going through a divorce ;-P My grandma lives in Tucson so I’ve spent lots of time there. If I could, I would plant a saguaro today in commemoration of Arizona Day.

  10. that is so cute! Happy Arizona Day to you -hope you have a wonderful time with your husband!

  11. Dolores- Yes we did different things with them. I have a chest cold right now or I would have frosted them too(just really didn’t feel like doing it). I did more landmark type things.

  12. That is so cute! I can’t believe they actually make a cookie cutout of the state!!!

  13. AMEN.

    I ranted about the commercialism of this “special” day, too. Well, not a rant, but a strongly worded post?

    I collect cookie cutters.

    I will now begin my search for all 50 – plus the not-included-in-the-50 special ones. Yippee!

  14. I broke out the cookie cutters as well– Sweet!

  15. I’m loving you the more and more I read your blog. I feel the same way about V-day and the same way about giving men those stupid little “coupons”.

    We watched tv and ate buffalo wings together.

    Happy Arizona Statehood Day.

  16. My wife and I love Valentine’s Day. I think the key is to not make it the minefield Kirsten described, keeping gifts and celebrations simple but thoughtful. If you show your love every day, as many have said, you’re not pressured to prove it on one preordained day–you can just share it. Of course, the first step is finding the right partner. I’m happy to report that I did.

  17. Happy state day to Arizona! I think your cookie idea is great… hope you enjoyed your day!

  18. Need some red frosting on those!

  19. I am not surprised about the Arizona cutter as I have a Nebraska one that I use during football season! I never thought of celebrating statehood day though. Give me another reason to use the cutter.


  1. […] Going around the blog world last week, I saw a variety of treats dedicated to that of Valentine’s Day. Gorgeous creations, mostly heart shaped with a touching story attached of tales of love and dedication. That got me thinking about my most memorable Valentine’s Day. I will be the first to admit that it is not a favorite holiday of mine. In fact, I spent most of my single years boycotting it and celebrating Arizona Statehood Day instead…which happens to fall on February 14th. For although I love all Valentine decorations, I am not a fan of what poor men have to put up with. First they have to find a card that encompasses all that he feels about us and if he doesn’t, the woman feels disappointed. The woman…she just has to get a card. The man is suppose to buy you roses, chocolates and diamonds. Usually feeling pressure to put the diamonds in either the roses or the chocolate.  The woman gives him a coupon book for a free massage and other “activities” that you probably already do with your loved one. Then he has to take you out to eat and pay for that. Yeah, that seems fair. Enough of my rant. When I went to college my mother had a tad bit of empty nest syndrome and so whenever she could she would send a care package. The best care packages she sent were for Valentine’s Day. For she would go and buy 14 items and then individually wrap each them. I would open a numbered gift everyday up until Valentine’s Day. Cute, eh? One of my packages was a bag of Valentine Peanut M&M’s. One night(that would be V-day), when  drinking was amazingly NOT involved, a fellow dorm mate decided to dare me to stick two of those peanut M&M’s up my nose. I of course, declined. Then they offered $10 to do it as long as they could take a Polariod of it. Ten Bucks? Now we are talking. So up I stuffed the Peanut M&M’s into my nose, no problem. Even asked them to take two Polaroid pictures so that I could have one also. They gave me my $10 and I was happy. Happy that was until I had to remove them. Which remove they did not want to do. So stupid me thought the best way to try and remove them was to blow my nose as hard as I could. THUD. That was the sound of me hitting the ground from passing out. When I awoke, my poor Japanese exchange student of a roommate was standing over me. The M&M’s were out. For my roommate had gone and dug them out, to this day I don’t know how, and it is best that I do not know. But in true polite fashion my roommate saved them for me “just in case you want eat.” Looking back, not so worth the ten bucks. I promptly took the extra Polaroid and wrote on it, “Lifestyles of the Poor and Obscure” and sent it to my parents. I sent it in hopes that they would send money so that their daughter would stop having to stuff candy up her nose to earn money. It worked. Hope you had a lovely day with your loved ones. […]

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