(Picture courtesy of Holly Strand)

So I’ve been married twice, to the same guy…no we didn’t split up and get back together…this isn’t Hollywood. We eloped the first time in Vegas with no one there but us. We knew we would have to have a ceremony though that our close friends and family could attend…we just did it 2 years later. The first one had no bells and whistles and the second one was done how we wanted. No dancing(the exception of my dad and I having one dance), no garter tossing, no bridal party(if you don’t count the dog). Instead, a 7 course sit down  meal with wine pairing. Our 7th course was the cake of course. That to me was the most stressful of all the courses. Why? Because when you are a pastry gal like me, people expect great cake.
When Justin and I moved here we had no idea where to begin so we went to the Bridal show. Like most bridal shows there was free cake(my favorite part). I went around to several booths tasting okay cake. Then I got to the New Renaissance booth and had the most delicious piece of cake ever. My husband really isn’t a cake guy so he didn’t go and get a piece… so I told him to go get a piece. “I don’t want cake,” he said. “Not for you, for me!” We went around and around discussing how I already had a piece but that I wanted more…so off he went to get cake. I stalked the booth about every 30 minutes to try the different flavors but at the end of the day the first flavor we had was the hands down winner.
So to end our fine meal, we served a delectable piece of Banana Fosters cake…banana cake with a caramel mousse and rum syrup with butter cream frosting(the only way to go).
Oh and in case you are wondering what those squiggles on the cake are, that is the mathematical symbol Pi. We purposely got married on March, 14th(3.14) because we are super geeks, and yes Pi was our theme.
And last but not least I would like to thank my husband for all the love and support he has given me and continues to give me on a daily basis….Happy 3rd  Anniversary Honey.

(picture courtesy of Holly Strand…and yes I really did use Fisher Price people as my cake toppers)


  1. congrats to you and your hubs on your 3 year anniversary! That looks like an absolutely spectacular cake, and I dig that you used Fisher Price people as your toppers!

  2. Happy Anniversary! That sounds like such a great wedding story and memory! Love the Fisher Price couple but I’d so love to have that cake. Banana Fosters!! guess there isn’t a recipe.

  3. Happy Anniversary!!! Those preparation usually reminds me nothing but stress, but you and your husband are definitely a cool couple! :D

  4. Happy Anniversary! And congrats on doing your wedding your way! (I hope to one day do the same, with the current hubby.)
    Cake sounds lovely – any left? :-)

  5. Aw, happy anniversary! A Bananas Foster cake sounds fantastic!

  6. Congratulations, happy anniversary. Gorgeous cake.

  7. Congratulations on your 3rd anniversary! I hope you and Justin have many, many more happy years together =)

  8. Alright, I always knew I liked your style, but Fisher Price just sealed the deal! Also, I love that you avoided all of the hoopla around marriages and just went for what was important- the food! I’m thoroughly impressed.

  9. Awww I love the cake toppers! How unique and so cute. Happy Anniversary! :)

  10. Happy Anniversary! I actually remember your Knot bio, and found your blog here through your Nest Bio, so I’m wishing you many happy returns of the day.

  11. What a perfect match! You were made for each other. Ain’t love grand?

  12. Congratulations! Your wedding cake is stunning, the ‘pi’ detail is so very cool, the combination of flavours in the bananas fosters cake sure looks like a winner!

  13. Happy Anniversary! I love the cake toppers, too. I passed this on to my mathematics-major husband. ;)

  14. Happy Anniversary!
    What an amazing cake. My husband and I always tease about pretending like we are getting married just so we can go around and sample cakes! Yummy!

  15. Happy Anniversary Peabody

  16. Happy Anniversary! (My husband and I also got married twice — glad to hear that we weren’t alone in that!)

  17. Happy Anniversary!

    What a cute story!

  18. Happy Anniversary. Did not realize we had that much in common: no garter tossing, no dancing, no bridal party, 2 ceremonies and we had Playmobil people as cake toppers which almost made my MIL choked!
    i love the Pi symbol on the cake.
    Enjoy many more years of funky/funny/geeky happiness!

  19. Well…Happy Anniversary! My dad, a physicist, would LOVE that you purposely got married on Piday. His department at school had a celebration today complete with 108 cupcakes with the numbers of pi on them. They also had a poetry contest for a Pi-poem. Similar to a haiku except each succeeding word had the number of letters for each succeeding number in pi (3 first, 1 next, 4 next, etc.). Hope you had a great day!

  20. Peabody, what a great story about food, life and love!! I LOVE personal glimpses into my favorite food blogger’s world.

    Sadly, I always was bad at math and pi seemed like some silly joke that teachers invented to torture us, but then again, I was a journalism major and the highest level of math required was college algebra. :)

    The cake looks AMAZING and it sounds like your guy is just right for you. Happy anniversary!!!!!

  21. The cake looks delicious! Happy Anniversary, Peabody!

  22. Happy Anniversary! What a wonderful story! I love everything down to the pi on your cake :) The Fisher Price people are adorable and the cake itself sounds awesome!

  23. my oh my this is an amazing photo AND cake. i love that you got married in Vegas first. i want to elope and then do the wedding stuff later too — now it’s just convincing my boyfriend! i want to be married for many reasons but for too many more i don’t want to do the wedding stuff right now – too much stress.

  24. You guys are super cute super geeks! Happy Anniversary.

  25. In addition to being Pi Day, March 14th is also National Pie Day. Happy Anniversary!

  26. Thank you all for the well wishes we had a great day.
    Jenny- there was some left because we had a fresh anniversary cake made for us. It was my breakfast and lunch today :P

  27. I am so jealous of your cake! We, too, are supergeeks and “pi” is our thing also. You know, as in sweetie-pi and so forth. We actually celebrate Pi Day instead of Valentine’s Day. I’m glad to know there’s someone else out there celebrating as well. Congratulations!

  28. That is so sweet, Peabody! Happy belated anniversary!

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