Yet Another Reminder….

This coming Saturday, March 17th, is the deadline for HHDD #10 Cheesecakes. Please have your entries in to me by the end of the day March 17th(Pacific Standard Time).


  1. Thanks for one gorgeous reminder! :) My post is up and I’ve sent you an email :) Happy Donna Day!

  2. Wish I had the time to join, but this time I’ll pass … gotta finish up the details for my wedding :-)

  3. Wow, just seen your other cheesecakes. Wish I had more time to make some more. Oh well, my first attempt will have to do.

  4. All your photos look so delicious and gooey…Make me desert, please!

  5. Yummy photo! I’ve just posted my effort and emailed you.

  6. Oh, if it is Pacific time I have missed it.I’m in the uk and was going to prepare the cheesecake now, and try to send it to you before midnight our time. thought that you were based in the USA.Shame! I will however go ahead with the recipe and will post on my site.Good luck to everybody who is posting!!

  7. I’m try to restrain myself from licking my screen!

  8. I wanted to participate in the HHDD event because you’re hosting, but I just couldn’t get to it because we were away last weekend for a funeral…and cheesecakes are not my forte, so they take a bit more effort. Just wanted to say that your samosa cake was creative genius! And happy anniversary!

  9. LLL & CD says:

    Hey Peabody-
    CD bought a computer! AS soon as we get her set up she can be blogging with you too. Your pages are making us very hungry.

    Love ya,
    Laura & Carol

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