Late Night Concoction

I am a horrific night owl, I mean it is currently 4:19am PST and I have yet to go to bed. One of the downfalls of playing the late game…keeps you wired up way past your bed time. Anyway, it does give me a chance to catch up on all my shows. We have DVR(which is like TIVO and if you don’t know what that is you must be my parents). I’m not sure what I did before DVR. When my husband suggested it, I rolled my eyes and thought, oh good another gadget, but really I can’t live without it. I tape pretty much anything, because, do you know what is on at 3am? Yep, nothing. So I taped a bunch of the Chefographys on Food Network. I liked the ones they had before and I have to say that it converted my into liking Giada, though I still don’t think she eats her food and if she does she throws it up afterwards. This week I watched Emeril(still don’t like him any better, maybe even a little less). I watched Rachel(she is fairly likable yet horribly annoying too…though I appreciate her bringing people back into the kitchen). I watched Bobby Flay(pretty much what I expected…he is cocky but has good drive). And today I watched Nigella. Wow. Now I own her Domestic Goddess cookbook, a gift from a friend and will admit that I never really even cracked it open. Even with a nudge from my blogging friend the Cream Puff I still didn’t bake anything from it. Until I watched that show. Can I just say I have a bit of a crush. Here is the gorgeous woman(who obviously eats her food without throwing it back up), who was extremely bright, very articulate and just filled and consumed with a passion for life that I only wish I had 1/5 of. Her attitude about everything was refreshing, especially with all the grief she has had in her life. So of course I ran to the cookbook at 2am and though what can I make that wont keep me up all night…little did I know I would still be up. I found muffins…muffins are always quick. I found a recipe for Baklava Muffins…oh, those sounded good, and more importantly I had all the ingredients. So I made those muffins, ate one hot out of the oven drizzled with honey and boy was it good. Not pretty by any means, but good.* Just a quick note: these are best eaten warm…so if they go cold pop them in the microwave.
I will most definitely go back and make more from this cookbook, however life has been mowing me over lately and I am also being buried alive in cheesecake(not a bad thing I know), so baking has taken a backseat.



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  1. I absolutely LOVE your pictures, especially the last one. But I can’t say that I loved the muffins when I made them. They were ok, but not amazing. Yours look better than mine did though.

  2. I am with you about the late nights…I wish I had a switch to turn my brain off! And, I agree with you about Nigella. I love watching her as I cook on Sunday mornings.

  3. “though I still don’t think she eats her food and if she does she throws it up afterwards.”

    That made me snort.

    I work at night – so I’m just like you!

    And I’ve always had a soft spot for Emeril. He’s so good with kids! That makes me think he’s such a nice guy.

  4. Those look beautiful and delicious! I’ve seen other people who have tried the same recipe, and none seemed as enthused about them as you are… I might just have to try them myself!

    On another note, I have got to say I don’t understand why people dislike Bobby Flay so much! I have such a Food Network crush on him… What other people call cocky, I just see as no-nonsense.

    Thanks for such a fun post!

  5. Oh my…I have to stop coming here! My desire for muffins keep increasing and with 3 kids waking up before 7am I can’t be up all night making muffins. I am so tempted to though… your photos are fantastic!

  6. My goodness! I didn’t even know such a thing existed, I absolutely ADORE baklava. Even included it in my list of Top 5 things to eat before you die over at Traveller’s Lunchbox. I’m too intimidated from making those beautiful pastries with the phyllo and all. But baklava muffins? You make it sound so simple, I think I can actually make this. And your pictures, wow!! If that’s not the most delectable picture I’ve ever seen, well, it is!!

  7. I don’t know what I would do without my DVR either. We actually have two…how bad is that?

    BTW I never said the Kings didn’t suck. I know we do..we are having a bad season, but we are rebuilding and one day in the future we will be good again. I was just saying how great it was that the Ducks loss.

  8. I’ve been a huge fan of her show on the Style Network for years so I knew a bit about her background and her tragedy – I didn’t see the whole chefography, but I did catch bits and pieces and they did a really nice job in presenting her life. I look forward to watching the whole episode (going to have to DVR it myself – and exactly same situation here.. he wanted it, I rolled my eyes at an even bigger cable bill.. and now it’s me that uses it constantly and couldn’t imagine living without it. lol).

    I’m also not a huge fan of baklava, but these muffins look heavenly – so light and airy! I love the steam coming off the muffin in the first pic as well. =)


  9. Muffins are simple fare, right? So, how do you make them look and sound like the ultimate bite at so early in the morning!
    I have a chef cousin who worked with Emeril is two of his restaurants. He said he really is a very nice person.
    People are people, you arent going to like them all…and that maybe a really good thing.

  10. Sil (Bs As) says:

    After reading soooo many blogs everyday I thank God that food network doesn’t exist in South America ’cause it would lead to my divorce!! I didn’t know Giada but found a video on the internet and I agree with you!! so it’s simple, I don’t like her =)
    Congrats for the photos and I’m waiting for cheesecakes!

  11. Another night owl checking in, though I don’t have it as bad as you. I finally turned off American Idol at 2 am, after watching the Pussycat Dolls: Search for the Next Doll. I love Tivo/DVR … and those muffins? Gorgeous!

  12. I have been watching all the Chefography episodes too this week. Love them.

    I have never watched one of Nigella’s shows or read any of her books, but I may have to do so now.

  13. woah great photos. the honey is fantasticly dripping. love it!!!

  14. This muffin should be prohibited: The previous post it was the cookie disguised as a muffin, now it’s baklava disguised as a muffin; what will it be next time? Apple Tatin disguised as a muffin??!!
    owww!!!that’s actually a great idea!!
    Your muffin just looks dangerously good.

  15. I made these muffins one Saturday morning when my husband was working, so he had something to come home to. Sadly, I ate most of them. They are great warm!

  16. I don’t own any Nigella books but I am so tempted. It is so easy to have a crush on Nigella. She is looks so sensous around food and as you said, clearly eats her food. Baklava muffins, Peabody… can I say it looks delightfully tasty!

  17. These look great, especially since, like you said, the ingredients are probably already in the kitchen. Love the honey shots ;)

  18. I have to say the Nigella chef-ography turned me into a convert too. I might have to get one of her books now.

  19. Great looking muffins! Fabulous photography!
    I am a huge fan of Nigella also – I think Feast and How to Eat are such inspirational books and love to flick through them especially when I am considering what to cook for a big gathering.
    I guess your DVR is like my beloved Sky+ and I couldn’t live without my two boxes either

  20. I saw that too and I am even more of a Nigella-lover now. I could just listen to her talk about food all day. And baklava in the form of a muffin sounds like a fantastic idea!

  21. what do you mean, not pretty? i’ve never seen anything more tantalising. or are you a photoshop pro? stunning pics and i’ll admit i don’t own a nigella book, wasn’t planning to buy one either, but i might just give this recipe a try!

  22. I just love Baklava! Every middle eastern country from Greece through to Iraq seems to have their own type…

    This is the first really original take I’ve see on them though – somehow missed in my own Nigella books!

  23. I have made this recipe and the muffins are delicious. Definitely a keeper.

  24. I’ve always been a big fan of Nigella and I’m glad that you now share the love :) Have eyed this recipe many a time but never actually tried it…though, after seeing these pictures, I think I have no choice but to give it a whirl!

  25. wow, those are just beautiful.These pictures kept me drooling. How did you manage to get such spectacular light at 2 in the morning? I really like Nigella. I have a very good friend who has given me two of her books and every single recipe I picked has come out nice, asking to be made again.I love the way she writes about food, her food.I shall try this recipe after reading your post.

  26. I don’t think they show Chefography on Food Tv Canada, but I have loved Nigella for years. Super muffin pictures!

  27. Those look scrumptious. What gorgeous pictures too.

  28. Valentina- I wrote the entry that morning(4am) but didn’t take pictures till the next day…that is why I have good light.
    Johansa- I don’t own Photoshop…wish I did though!

  29. I adore Nigella, and love that book. The muffins look great.

  30. soooo…the real question is, do YOU eat everything you bake??? Tell the truth :) Jeez louise, if I ate just a bite of all your treats!! those snickerdoodles looked just my style though…may have to try those.

  31. Peabody, I thought that you had a very well lit kitchen. Mine is kind of dark.Oh, this post is really great!

  32. Mouthwatering. That last picture is amazing!!!

  33. I wandered over from cook and eat and between it being a photo of a muffin (a slight addiction of mine) and a name I recognised I had to leave my enthusiastic oohing and aahing. So: Oooh Aaah!

  34. Laura #2 says:

    I made these tonight and they were lovely. I actually replaced the walnuts with chopped macadamia since I was desperate to bake, but didn’t have any walnuts. They still turned out delicious, but they did stick to my cupcake papers. I knew I should’ve just greased the tins!

    Lovely photos. :)

  35. Wow, I’m a terrible night owl too, but I never thought of baking late at night except when the next day is a birthday or Christmas or Easter. What a good use of your time!

  36. I’m one of those lurkers who has never left a comment here before.
    I *love* your blog and your pics are absolutely stunning and look so natural! :D
    I’ve scrolled up to see the first pic here a dozen times now!

  37. likereadingblogs says:

    those look scrumptious. if i may i ask, what kind of camera did u use?

  38. Nikon D40

  39. Thank you for posting as I never would have known about baklava muffins. They sound delicious. Not having cable I miss all the great cooking shows I hear my friends talk about. Hopefully Netflix wil get some of the shows you describe above and I’ll be able to check them out for myself.

  40. I love the cookie. The cupcake sounds somehow even better!!

  41. Robin E. says:

    aha, as far as *someone* saying You must throw up, I just had to LOL
    *haters gonna hate* — Ignore and Keep on Cooking and Smiling

    I made these — were delicious :)

    as always Thank You for Sharing <3

  42. I’ve made these and they are delicious! I just made this in a loaf pan and let it cook about 25-30 minutes. It turned out beautifully.

  43. With a name like Peabody…evokes memories of Jordan Marsh at the Northshore Shopping Center…they had the best blueberry muffins. But these Baklava Muffins…..they sound even better! Yum.

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