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So my parents come for a quick holiday here on Friday(so I may be MIA for a little bit). My mom, who is technically challenged, always tries to be supportive of my “Internet food stuff” and what not. She asked me a question the other day that I did not know the answer to. She said, “how many people read your Internet food site?” A good question. If she had asked me before I made and posted about Snickerdoodle muffins I would have told her about 35. However, after making those muffins, I got over 30 emails from people I didn’t even recognize(as regular readers of my blog) telling me how much they loved those muffins and how great they turned out(*blush*). So that got me thinking…how many people do read my blog? So if you normally don’t comment, could you today, so I know you are out there. And well, if you usually comment, could you do it again…you know to make me feel good :).
Enough about that. On to food. I have a super sick husband right now. The flu has knocked him upside the head, chewed him up and spit him out…it is not pretty by any means. He hasn’t really been hungry either. So I gave up making food for him and got selfish and made something for me. Wanting to use the last of my almond meal I decided to make cupcakes…almond ones(obviously). I also had the most gorgeous blood oranges that were begging to be used. How can I refuse begging oranges? And with that my Citrus Scented Almond Cupcakes with Blood Orange Icing were born.
There is not going to be much creating in this next week. With the family coming for Easter we will be out a lot. I say this now but knowing me, it will kill me not to have something up on the blog and I will break down and make something…I’m such a slave to this blog :).



Blood Orange Icing

This is not exact and will depend on your own personal taste.

3 TBSP unsalted butter, at room temperature
1 ½ cups powdered sugar
zest of one blood orange
1/3 cup blood orange(or any orange family member)

Beat together in an electric mixer with paddle attachment the butter, sugar, and zest. Add juice and mix. This is when I got bad and just kept adding orange juice until it was at the consistency I wanted. You want it to be a glaze more than a frosting.
Once the cupcakes are cool. Dip the top part of the cupcake into the glaze and set aside. Let the icing set up for about 5 minutes and dip them all again for a second coat.


  1. Hi! I’m another lurker, from Singapore. I stumbled across your site while reading up on food blogging events and I’m looking forward to the future challenges!

  2. I am a lurker! First comment ever! I’ve been subscribed to your blog for months and love love loooooooooove it! Your pictures are fabulous and recipes are just wonderful!

    Now, I must make those cupcakes! :D

  3. I’m yet another lurker. I love your blog! Your pictures are to die for, as are your recipes. I’m a Bloglines reader so probably don’t show up in your stats.

  4. i just found your site today. the pics are awesome and now i will have to try your recipes.

  5. Jessica says:

    Yet another Jessica here (just in case mom is wondering I am not the same one posting over and over again)! I try to stop by your blog daily, however work often gets in my way, but I am hooked on your recipes and your photos – truly amazing!

  6. I hope you are ready for a flood of comments :) Of course, I love those snickerdoodle muffins but was hooked way before that post :)

  7. i lurk and i love.

  8. Miranda says:

    Yeah Hi…I’m a tooootal lurker. In fact, I think this is the first time I’ve ever commented on ANY blog! I’ve been reading for about 6 months and have made a few of the recipes. (and learned so much about the importance of well rotated leavening agents!!!) And yes I also made the snickerdoodle muffins. They were delicious.

  9. Dena, Toronto says:

    Love your blog. Love your writing. Love your pictures.

    I’ve never actually made anything, but I bake vicariously!

    Thanks for all you do.

  10. Lurker keri here. :) I love your blog. The recipes and pictures are amazing. I’m sure you have well over 100 readers Peabody. :p

  11. I’m from Russia
    I read your blog every day
    I love your blog? Thank you!!!

  12. adrianna says:

    another lurker here! i really like your site, recipes and photos.

  13. VallartaTiffany says:

    I read your blog Peabody and just adore you! You are our NW Martha and continue to inspire and challenge me personally in the bake outside of my comfort box! Baking/cooking has always been something I’ve loved and found so therapeutic and find that reading your blog and your favorite food blogs really calms my nerves and gets me back in the kitchen. Wishing you all the best with “your internet food site” and beyond! Hi Peabody’s mom! :) VT

  14. *waves*

  15. Hi, lurker, here from Austin, Tx! Been a slave to reading your blog posts for awhile now, well before the snickerdoodle muffins. Love the recipes and the large, detailed pictures almost make me feel I have the food right in front of me. Now if they could just invent smell-o-vision…

  16. I’m a lurker! love your blog. your food always looks delicious!

  17. Hi, I’m Sara, I’ve never commented, but I voted for your soufllè in the Donna Hay “competition”!!!
    I like your super details of food and I would love to have a macro that would allow me to go nearer my subjects!
    The icing on these pancakes has a wonderful colour!

  18. I think I’ve commented once or twice, but in general it’s not something I’m very good at (I go through my feeds and open dozens of posts in new tabs to comment and then get overwhelmed and decide to forget about it). But I’ve been here for a while, drooling. :)

  19. rusvaplauke says:

    Lurker lurker lurker here}. I heart your blog. Absolutely adorable!

  20. I’m a lurker and proud of it! Your pics of food keep me coming back for more.

  21. These look awesome, and since this is an experiment for Mom (I have a soft spot for those), here I am! I’m a new reader, but a faithful one :)

  22. I lurk, and I drool!

  23. I’m a relatively new lurker of your blog. It’s a constant source of inspiration for me!

  24. Don’t tell me you don’t have a statistics counter? Time to get one!

  25. I’m reading!

  26. Peabody, Your on my favorites,I check your blog out a couple of times a day. Hope hubby is feeling better. Our family is just on the mend from that nasty little miserable flu. Thank you for your beautiful,creative works. You bloggers amaze me!

  27. Love your site! Great recipes and wonderful photos!

  28. Hi, I read your blog too, with my google reader so I don’t miss anny of your posts!

  29. I normally lurk and drooling at your blog regularly but never make any comment. I just love your blog and all the pictures are so beautifully taken. Wish I can sink my teeth into one of your muffin.

  30. Another lurker! Your desserts always look amazing!

  31. I am a big fan! I have been “lurking” for a few months now, and I love all of the pictures and recipes!

  32. Elizabeth says:

    I check it daily!

  33. Hi!

    I’m from Quebec and I read your blog almost every day. Your cheesecakes look so yummy. In fact, everything looks delicious! I’m gonna have to try one of those this week-end for my Easter party.

  34. I’ve been lurking for a few months. Your pictures are incredible!

  35. Charlie says:

    I’m a regular reader, though I don’t comment. Your photography is beautiful and the recipes are simply mouthwatering!

  36. Hi! I’ve never commented but I’ve been to your site a few times over the last month or so. I’ve made the snickerdoodle muffins (much to my husband’s delight!) and they reminded me of homemade doughnuts, with the nutmeg and cinnamon, mmmm! I live in Quebec and I certainly will continue to come over and have a look at your “Culinary Concoctions”!

  37. Jennifer says:

    I am a lurker who has never posted a comment. I love your blog. I read it every day and drool over the pictures and recipes. Have added a number of them to my pile of ‘to try’ recipes.

  38. I came across your blog for the first time yesterday…It is by far the best food blog I have read! Your photos make my mouth water! Keep up the wonderful work and count me as one of your newest fans!!!

  39. You have a faithful reader in Aberfoyle, Ont. Cda.
    I love the cheesecake recipes and will def. have to try the snickerdoodles!
    Keep blogging.
    Best wishes.

  40. I am another of the lurkers that hasn’t left a comment before, although I should have because your blog is one of my favorite sites. Everything is so beautiful and well done. Thanks all you do.

  41. christina says:

    i do! i really want to bake those snickerdoodle muffins …

  42. stephanie says:

    So many comments and readers, you should be proud! I think I have commented once or twice, so I don’t know if you’d consider me a lurker, but your site is one in my rotation of yummy blogs to check!

  43. superbride says:

    I’m Liz, and I’m a lurker (that sounds like something you’d say at Lurkers Anonymous, the new support group us lurkers should form) I’m fairly new to food blogs, but yours is definitely one of the best!

  44. Proud non-lurker here!
    I’m sorry to hear about your husband’s illness – sounds like what we’ve been going through… and if it’s anything like what we had, his sense of taste is quite deadened – so more almond/blood orange deliciousness for you!

    (You know – if there has to be an upside)

  45. I am a daily reader and I comment when I am drooling over your concotions that attract my tastes! These muffins look divine, I love anything almond and that blood orange icing, oh my I can taste it now!

  46. I read you almost everyday and have made a few things off your site. and whether I make the recipes or just dream, I enjoy your site always.

  47. Hi there,

    I love your site not only for your wonderful recipes but b/c you take such awesome photographs of your creations too. I look forward to your site regularly to see what you’ve been “concocting” lately. Keep up the fantastic work!

  48. Hi,

    greetings from Sweden!! I read your blog daily and I just loooooove it!!!

  49. I read your site almost daily…great recipes and photos :)

  50. Gracie fan from way back!

    Hope the husband feels better soon! Cupcakes look wonderful as always!



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