Dear Mr. Peabody(first off Peabody is my first name and I am a woman…just want to clear that up),

I recently made your muffins that were so highly recommended. One blog even said they were the best muffins ever. Well mine turned out horrible. I am an excellent baker so I know that I did nothing wrong, it must be your recipe. I wanted to bring these to a pot luck and so I made a double batch. I wasted $7.30 on making these. Enclosed is my address, I would appreciate a refund for the money I spent on the ingredients. I will take a personal check if that would be easier.



At first I thought this person was kidding…but turns out they were not. I told them they would get a refund as soon as every cookbook publisher gave me a refund for every recipe I tried and did not like. I haven’t heard back from them since. I have to say this is by far the strangest email I have ever received in regards to my blog. Keep in mind this is the second email like this from this individual….the first time they only suggested I should give people back their money and did not give a bill and an address.

So after receiving this let me be the first to say that if you try something and don’t like it or it doesn’t turn out…I am very sorry. I will be more than happy to work with you to figure out why it didn’t turn out right. Also realize that some flavors I like and you don’t…so somethings I say I love and I think is the best, you might not like at all. With that in mind I wish you all happy baking and I hope you certainly find something on my blog that you will like!


  1. Kristine says:

    I need to know…what muffins is this person referring to?

  2. That seems very elementary to have to tell somebody we don’t all like the same flavors.

  3. elizabeth says:

    OH my god! dude are you serious!! That is extremely weird, and creepy. What is wrong with some people?! I think someone needs to explain to this person about the real world….

  4. Kristine- I am assuming the Snickerdoodle ones…the email did not say.

  5. Um, wow. Wouldn’t it be nice if we could get reimbursed for all of life’s dissapointments?!

  6. puh! what a moron!

  7. Wow, scary. People are so strange…

  8. I’m SURE they must be an outstanding baker, right?
    No one is responsible for what comes out of someone else’s kitchen. Your recipes are wonderful.

  9. Kristine says:

    Well, now, I must try them. :)

  10. Oh you have GOT to be kidding me?! What planet does this person live on??

  11. How sad….that person apparently has no idea what the real world is like…have they been living in a cave. And secondly, your blog is free so they have their own choice whether or not to read it. What a loser. Anyways, forget about them you have another 200 something readers who love your recipes! I was hoping you might think about adding my blog to your link list. I visit you everyday waiting patiently for the next goody.

  12. HAHAHAHA!!! I thought this was hilarious! You just have to laugh at people like that. I believe my uncle would call him a “mor-oon”.

  13. I blame it on a weird week because I received a similar email, too – and my recipe wasn’t even an original. My post clearly stated where I found the recipe. I’m sorry you didn’t like it but how ’bout whining to Cooking Light next time, sugar.

  14. If the person is referring to the Snikerdoodle muffins, then I hope that he/she is not a pro baker! My teen daughter made them and they came out awesome! We did spend some $ on electricity in the process, when I figure out the actual amount I will send you the bill! :)

  15. That’s extremely odd. Nobody held the reader at gunpoint and forced them to make the recipe – and frankly, if they needed a large amount to take to a pot luck, then they should have tried the recipe beforehand to see whether it was one that they’d like, or gone with a trusty and reliable recipe of their own :/ What a silly little bugger.

  16. I want my two dooolllllllaaarrrrssssss!!!!

  17. I’ve gotten emails similar to this (though no one asked that I reimburse them — that’s a special kind of idiocy). 99.9% of people are very polite and supportive, and then there’s that crazy .1-percent. I’m sure you already have, but brush this person’s rudeness off and keep on baking your wonderful stuff!

    PS: I’m thinking a bunch of us should bake your muffin recipe just to prove how wrong this person is and make them feel very, very small. ;)

  18. Lissete- I can only assume they are talking about the snickerdoodle muffins. Those are the only ones that someone said on their blog were the best muffins ever. I’ll be looking for your electric bill and while you are at it…feel free to send your water bill too!

  19. Wow, I can’t imagine ever having the audacity to write to someone and tell them that. I like your reply, though. I wonder who I should write to first? LOL

  20. Okay, first of all that’s really funny that someone would actually do that. Secondly, it’s ridiculous that they would do that. Why would they expect someone to pay them for something they didn’t even ask them to make? Strange.

  21. I’ve been wanting to try your muffin recipe because Snickerdoodles are the first cookies I ever made myself and love to this day. Now I MUST try them.

  22. Sorry but I LOLed. That’s the most random thing I’ve heard all day. What a nut job!

  23. Thanks for the chuckle, Peabody! I am always amazed….

  24. That’s ridiculous! Send this person a bill for the time you spent reading his/her email.

  25. That’s really ridiculous! Your answer was awesome and far TOO nice: I would send him/her a bill for reading your blog, as it is a free cook book, and sometimes people doesn’t realize they are getting all this for free and nobody pay us: we just do it for the “glory”! ;-)

  26. I’m totally going to make those muffins now…

  27. That is so funny! Bravo for dealing with it so wonderfully. And even offering to help if we can’t get a recipe to turn out right.

  28. those muffins are just so appetizing!

  29. Too good to be true! Maybe we should be grateful that there are people who makes us laugh like that, natural comedians!

  30. Sooooooooooo funny.. I wonder how many letters this person writes?

    “Dear Mr. Whipple,
    I am writing to you to express my unhappiness after finding out that your Charmin toilet paper is indeed, NOT squeezably soft, in my humble opinion. My delicate cheeks soon took on the chaffe and now I have to apply Jergen’s lotion after each “depository”. In turn the Jergen’s lotion leaves a small pimple like rash on the affected area. Please send me my money. Enclosed is my grocery receipt. I must go now – I need to write a letter to Jergen’s.


    Mr/Mrs Waytoomuchtimeonmyhands”

  31. ive made these muffins like 7 times since you put the recipe on the blog. and they have always turned out great! maybe (like my grandma suggested..) they tried to use fat free sour cream. she tried it like that and it changed the consistency a little bit. i told her thats what she gets for trying to be healthy. ha!

  32. At least they’re not trying to gun down your Mom ;)

  33. Sil (Bs As) says:

    This post made my day…SO funny…thanks!

  34. And when I think people have stopped being weird they go into a whole new level of creepy.

  35. Thank you for sharing this and hopefully the reader is suitably shamed for his/her actions. When I read “I am an excellent baker so I know that I did nothing wrong, it must be your recipe.” I let out a squawk and when I got to “I will take a personal check if that would be easier.” I was doubled over in laughter.

    My eldest (10) said, “Mom? Are you okay? How can a *food blog* be *that* funny??”

    You are one of the most gracious people I have ever encountered to give such a civil reply.

  36. I’m sad to say that nothing much surprises me anymore. It’s also sad how many people actually think that they are the center of the universe. Like those people who try to return groceries because they went bad after their power went out. Of course, maybe to offsest your reimbursement expenses, we could all send you a check for entertaining us with Letters from Idiots.

  37. No worries on me finding something on this site that I like, Pea!

  38. Just be sure to send him the bill as well, for the time and accounting that went into dealing with his issue. Don’t forget things like the cost per use of pen, the envelope, stamp, your time and labor fees. Oooh, don’t forget to charge for the ink! Oh and the electricity fo the light you had on when you wrote a cheque, plus the amount used to read the email…..
    Well if someone is going to make ridiculous demands of you, shouldn’t you be allowed to make ridiculous demands back?
    Now, where did I put my copy of that recipe?

  39. Oh my…some people!
    I believe I am the blog that said they were the “best muffins ever” because THEY ARE! You should be making us pay you for the use of your recipes (only kidding…please don’t!).

    You just have to laugh sometimes…seriously!

  40. You know you’re doing well when the strangoids come slinking out of their closets. Which cookie recipe?

  41. Well there you have it! It is official, we have become a world of dolts… I wonder if Martha, Ina, Julia, Emeril, and the entire staff of Cooks Illustrated will reimburse me if I send them a bill? I think not… Did I say “dolt”?

  42. winkies6 says:

    Hmmm. That’s what I would have said (hmm). Did you check your account, Peabody? Did you get the money he put into your website, paying for the use of your time and research on these recipes? I’m sure he could get money back from you IF he gave you any to begin with!

    It goes back to that whole thing… You have choices in this world. HE chose to make the muffins. You didn’t force him.

    *sigh* some people are so strange!

    On his whole “not my fault-it’s your recipe” thing. I’m sure that being the great baker that he is, he knows that sometimes when you double things, the leavening doesn’t necessarily need to be doubled? And of course he took the whole recipe and put it into pounds/ounces, because that is how the bakeries do it and doubling tends to work out better…… OF course he did that, RIGHT??

  43. Wow, that’s surprising, to say the least! I liked your comeback, about getting refunds from cookbook publishers — too funny.

  44. That is the funniest thing ever….and I made the Snickerdoodle Muffins and they turned out fantastic. My daughter loved them too. Tell the creep to get a life or start buying ready made junk.

  45. If I got money back for everything I’ve done that did not turn out the way I hoped it would, I would be the wealthiest woman in the world.

    What a scam!

  46. I just made your muffins this morning, and even though I don’t consider myself an “excellent baker” I still think they turned out wonderful! Thanks for the recipe – I will make these again and again!

  47. The muffins are wonderful. Can I still have my money back?

  48. almost a librarian says:

    You should tell that whinny imbecile that the recipe was free … and worth every penny.

  49. that is hilarious! bizarre, but hilarious. i’m sure your muffins are terrific.

  50. I really should have been reading your blog a long time ago. I’ve just had a very good laugh for free. I was just thinking what nice and hilarious blogging friends you have that would defend you so!
    I want to try these offending muffins now. If they fail, can you please send an international order to refund my expenditures? (Sales tax applies where valid.)
    What a hoot.


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