No doubt you have been saying to yourself, “I wonder how Peabody’s hockey teams are doing?” I’m glad you asked. The Sabres have advanced to the 2nd round of the playoffs, with their opponent yet to be decided. My Flames however, are a different story. They are on their way out if they don’t pull it together. They play in a couple of hours and if they don’t win it is an early exit to the golf course. (They lost so they will be hitting the golf course early…. :( ) My husband has said that I have remained amazingly calm so far this season. I might have to agree. I have actually been watching the whole game(normally I switch channels whenever it goes into our defensive “bad zone”) and that is so not like me.
This is just a short post with no recipe because I still want people to be reading my Livestrong post so that it gathers more attention. I think it is a wonderful blogging event and I don’t want people missing out on it!

I’ll have a recipe(bread) up in a couple of days, if not sooner. Enjoy your upcoming week.
GO FLAMES!!!!!!     GO SABRES!!!!   


  1. Hi Peabody,

    I’m so excited for the Flames game! I think they’re going to come out strong and play a great game after that last one.

    And Buffalo will be playing the Rangers … Go Sabres!

    Around 8:30 I’ll go and get a Timmy’s coffee and I’ll be all ready to go!

  2. Yeah, I figured it would be the Rangers but didn’t know for sure until NJ beat Tampa today.
    I am hoping for a cuss free evening but who knows.

  3. When I saw your opening picture I showed it right to my husband. I said your baking hockey loving girlfriend has posted again. I was very happy for you when I hear the Sabres moved on.

  4. Thanks for the promo Peabody. I know nothing about hockey.

  5. Awesome pics! :)

  6. Hi Pea! I won’t ask if it was a cuss-n-flying-sock-free evening… My condolences on about the Flames…

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