What Lies Beneath….

“Mother fuc#&ing, piece of sh#&!”

My husband peeked his head into the kitchen.

“I thought hockey wasn’t on today?” he said.

“It’s not,” I replied.

“Then why are you swearing like a drunken sailor?”

“Because, I hate these crepes!”

“Are they hurting you?”

“No, but I might soon be hurting them.”

And with that he wisely left, knowing it was best just to leave me and the evil crepes alone to ourselves to battle it out.
And though the crepes won many a battle, they did not win the war, so in the end I was victorious…sort of. I’m not sure it is victory that when you are done you have a chewy round-ish shit brown disc. But that is what I got. That is what several of the Daring Bakers got(not to worry we have already sent our refund letter to Martha…I check the mailbox everyday). My taste testers didn’t even want to finish theirs after the first bite. Most of them just licked out the filling…one thing that everyone can agree on as being tasty.
I can tell you that many an hour was spent discussing how much we hated this crepe batter, which is such a shame because it really is a beautiful cake when you cut into it. Presentation wise it was lovely. I, of course, made mini ones…mostly because I was lazy and after making 20 crepes I decided that I in no way wanted to make more!
The recipe is over at Jumbo Empanadas. Poor Brilynn picked this cake because of it’s beauty. She had no idea what non-beautiful things I would be saying to the cake while I was making it :) I was so annoyed with this cake by the end that I didn’t even bother to take very many pictures of it either…that is why you have so few and not very good ones at that.
Next month I hope we make something really ugly…but really tasty! To see what all the other Daring Bakers did with this cake…visit their sites…all listed on my blog roll under Daring Bakers.






  1. Alright! You made yours the right way! I used too much filling and that’s why I ran out! I agree-the presentation is wonderful. It cuts easily and looks fabulous! Beautiful picture.

  2. Peabody I just love how your ‘enthusiasm’ is shining through this post! Considering how many hours I put into making it, I don’t think the taste is worth it. My family, the lazy bunch who just reaps what I yield, loves it though!

  3. Man, I can understand your ‘pain & frustration’. Well done on sticking it out to the end.

  4. Gracie you crack me up! har!!

    Your’s is the first I’ve read this morning, so I’m sure I’m in for many that mirror your sentiment. lol I look forward to seeing everyone else’s throughout the day.

    As for me.. it’s 7 in the morning and my f*@king mess isn’t finished yet. I’ve quite possibly taken up drinking because of it..

  5. The pictures are great! I suspect mine won’t even look a tenth as good as this! The article made us laugh – only someone who has lived through the crepe cake knows how painful it is!!

  6. *lol*
    although Martha over-done herself, I really like your little stack! I probably just ended up one pancake with a scoope of ice-cream…

  7. I’m laughing before I click off the rss! What a wonderful write up!
    It is a pretty cake and it tastes good.
    I am in Seattle fairly often and we will have lunch one day! Then maybe we can cook together – just not this cake.

  8. That must have been your gentle voice I heard from the other side of the ocean! Beautiful stripy photo.

  9. Hi Pea! When your page first loaded up, I could only see the picture – until I started scrolling… so reading your expletive in bold was about the last thing I was expecting to see… LOL! Great write up – I can totally picture your husband’s reaction!

  10. They WERE chewy round disks of brown S#$% weren’t they!!
    And my taste testers agree…yummy filling crapy crepes. Great hysterical write up though!

  11. That is so funny!

    So funny!

    I think yours turned out beautifully. The layers really came through nicely. Well done!

  12. LOL, oh dear…well, you’re right about the presentation, it totally kicks arse!

  13. I thought the croissants were ambitious for the daring bakers…but this is the pinnacle!! WOW!!! I would have quit halfway through the crepe making. :)

    This make me laugh out loud. Thanks for sharing!

  14. This may have been a stupid recipe, but it was a great source of laughs and swearing both. Great to have others swearing, too. Interesting the different reactions of our husbands. Mine lives dangerously.
    Let’s hope next month’s is a good recipe!

  15. I´m with you on the swearing, Peabody, this one was one of the most excruciating recipes I have ever made.

  16. I’m laughing, and cursing, with you Peabody! And my refund request will be joining yours in the mail!

  17. Hey Pea, not to worry. You made the most gorgeous peanut butter filled chocolate cupcakes I’ve ever seen, so who even cares about the crepe cake! (and I haven’t even done mine yet…)

  18. I am with you, crappy crepes, awesome filling. Wonder what Martha would say if we all sent her an email?

  19. I was defeated by this cake. Your cakes looks beautiful.You just seem to have the magic touch. I couldn’t even get the crepes right. what a shame.I feel like sending martha an email. ; o (

  20. Yup, my sentiments exactly. On a positive note, you can’t tell from your pretty pictures that you hated these crepes.

  21. The filling was the best part for sure…the leftover glaze was a close second.

  22. I should have made a mini one, it would have been less for me to hate.

  23. Brava!

  24. my hat is off to you for even attempting to make this glorious masterpiece!

  25. Well, it still looks so pretty! Your glaze looks almost like caramel it has such a lovely sheen.

  26. ha..haa…it’s funny how similar I also reacted as I was making these crepes. you made them look so decadent though and that’s quite a feat.

  27. This cake does have all the looks. It’s a real bxxxch to make though. I still enjoyed your story and it looks pretty good too!

  28. ha ha. Swearing makes everything easier…..ok, maybe not, but Martha may not have even thought this recipe up— maybe it was her army of professional baking minions!

    (thanks for the compliment. I’ve been hovering for so long, I decided to give blogging a try!)

  29. OH MY GOD! I laughed, literally, out loud when I read that first line. That is so me! And so my husband! One time I was putting together a wedding cake and screaming filth and my husband came into the kitchen (brave boy) and said “What are you doing in here? Cross Stitching?” (my other favorite cuss craft). Well, that made me laugh…

    You guys did well! You should have all started/stopped with the filling and a spoon in front of the TV.

  30. This is great, Peabody! The close ups are so yummy, I love how it shows the layers perfectly.

  31. Those very same words have been murmured in my kitchen as well. If it is any consolation, your photos look gorgeous!

  32. A tremendous baker and a trash mouth, a woman after my own heart. It was such a pain, yet your final results is amazing looking.

  33. I think I had the exact same conversation with MY husband when I was trying to make the crepes.

    If it’s any consolation, it looks beautiful. I like the proportions of filling to crepe in your cake. But what was it about the crepes in this cake. Was it the texture? The flavor? The general consensus among all the DB’s who were successful was that the crepes suck, but the filling was awesome.

  34. I didn’t mean to laugh, but your swearing is so similiar to what one would hear in my kitchen!

  35. I shudder to think what would have happened if you made this when there was a hockey game on! :) Sorry to hear it wasn’t quite all that Martha made it up to be…it does look really impressive though…

  36. I just feel the need to point this out, the problem with the crepe cake may be that there is no baking. You guys are the daring bakers after all and baking is just soothing compared to other forms of cooking.

  37. It’s so funny to read about all the problems you guys had with that crepe cake. Years ago I had so many problems with a Martha Stewart cookbook that I gave it (or threw it) away! Now I know it wasn’t just me, and I will definitely buy the Dorie Greenspan baking book instead of Martha’s!


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