You’re Such a Peach…

So since I have once again hurt my ankle I thought it might be best to try and find a way to strengthen it without re-injuring it. My PT suggested that I find a arthritis water walking class. As luck would have it, my gym offers this 6 times a week. I like that it is offered frequently, I don’t like however that 4 of those 6 days are at 9am. I am not a morning person and it shows when I show up in the morning. Anyway, I’m probably 30 years younger than the next person in the class but they are a lot of fun and I think I have somehow become the mascot of sorts. I feel bad that I move quicker than them and I sometimes drowned the poor lady next to me(I’m working on not doing that). Half of them are not there to really exercise at all. You see them gather and chat about whatever gossip they can round up…I guess at any age, it’s fun to gossip. :P. Yesterday when I was handing one of them a pool noodle she said to me “you are such a peach.” I’m hoping this is a good thing but of course, like a non-normal person, all I could think of was peaches and how I had not made anything with peaches in quite some time. Now, this is with good reason, it hasn’t been peach season. It still isn’t fully but it didn’t keep me from experimenting. These are pretty sweet, but I like sugar. You can use less sugar if you don’t like your muffins as sweet as Pea the sugar addict.
I had originally thought I would just stay in the class for a month and then move on but I have come to enjoy it and so I think I will keep the afternoon classes as part of my routine…you know, so I can stay up on the gossip. :)





  1. Those muffins look absolutely delicious! And yes, you should stay in any class that adopts you as a mascot — sounds like such fun.

  2. Those look incredible. You know how sometimes you look at a food picture and for a minute you can smell the food? Then you realize you’re cracking up? I got that for a second when I looked at the second pic of the inside of the muffin YUM… P.S. My turn to moan about hockey… have tickets to games 3,4 and 6 in Ottawa, but I’m starting to feel like we might have wasted our money :(

  3. I hope your ankle is doing better! Those muffins are making me long for fresh peaches…but very hard to come by here. I may just try it with mangoes though :)

  4. I love the muffins and the story. You know what they say, Old friends are the best friends!

  5. Peabody, what a funny post – love the muffins, too!

  6. I was doing aquafit for a while when I was having foot and back problems, I was definitely the youngest one by a few decades…

  7. You just never know where you are going to get the inspiration for your next creation, huh? I hope your ankle gets better soon.

    Your muffins are gorgeous, moist, and peachy. (sorry couldn’t help myself)

  8. So what’s the big gossip this week? :D

    Glad you are doing something about the ankle and you picked a great way to strengthen it!

    The muffins look heavenly.. I haven’t had peaches since last summer – I’m due!


  9. I love muffins with any kind of fruit in them – these look delish!

  10. Man, those look so incredibly good! I love peaches and pecans. Great story!

  11. Can…never….resist…a…muffin!!

  12. Yummy peaches and nuts! Go for the gossip – why not?

  13. Colleen says:

    Fabulous post, gorgeous muffins. Keep up the good work in the pool; best way to fix something thats outta order. Those old folk know a good thing or two. Enjoy them! Share the gossip some times…..:)

  14. Glad you’ve found that you enjoy the class. My mom has bad knees and discovered that she really liked a water class the local gym had. She has since moved and not found anywhere to do that…I need to remind her about that! YES, being a peach is a very good thing. These look different and yummy. I’ll have to try these when our peaches get good. Right now they’re still a little bland…not quite sweet enough.

  15. Hey Pea! Wow – I can’t WAIT until it’s fresh peach season here! These sound so good – and moist with the sour cream! I always love how you aren’t afraid to put big chunks of fruit into things like this…

  16. The ladies at my gym in the morning are the same way, it’s like their social hour(s) and I have come to look forward to it…on top of it they give me great old school recipe.
    These muffins would make any pain go away!

  17. What a funny post! This reminds me of the time that I was on vacation from work and decided to go swimming at the community pool in the morning. I too was about 30 years younger than anyone there and all they did was huddle in corners of the pool and gossip and flirt.

    Love the muffins!

  18. I don’t think I have ever had a peach muffin, but I would really love to taste one after seeing your photos. =)

  19. Oh too cute re: the old ladies in water walking!!

    These muffins look delicious…and peach I am sure adds such good moisture and flavor. Wish I had one for tomorrow morning with my coffee. I MUST get better at baking. :)

  20. sweet Pea-ch! I’m sorry you hurt your ankle again. Those muffins need to get into my belly quick, they look utterly moist and delicious.

  21. Your classes sound like fun :) hope you ankle heals soon, and your peachy muffins, gorgeous! I like sweet as well – you’d never find me down scaling sugar!!

  22. These are definitely drool-inducing! Wow! I’m heading to the farmer’s market tomorrow…maybe I’ll find some peaches!!! I hope I hope I hope :-)

  23. I am sorry to hear about your ankle! But, your post made me giggle. Young wopper-snapper came to mind! :)

    Oh! The muffins, as with all you muffins, look amazing.

  24. Hope you feel better soon! Love the muffins. It made me realize that I’ve never made anything with peaches. Hmm… I better work on that. :)

  25. Hi again! How many eggs do you use? I saw that you add eggs in the procedure but can’t find it in the ingredients list…

  26. That’s so cute how you want to stay in the class to keep up on the gossip. :)

    These muffins sound great, peaches are one of my favorite fruits. Just the smell of a fresh peach is heaven to me, and the taste? Fugghetaboutit.

  27. hi! just wanted to let you know that i tried these muffins yesterday, replacing the almond meal with oat flour (i hate almonds…i know, i’m weird!!) and they turned out absolutely perfectly! thanks so much for the recipe.


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