You look like a monkey and you smell like one too….

Ah, yes. It is that time of year again, my birthday. Being one who has gone to pastry school leaves friends far too intimidated to make me a cake(I¢â¬â„¢ll eat anything people). But this year, one brave friend, was wonderful and stepped up to the challenge¢â¬¦.and did an amazing job I might add. Now I have to laugh because she did do trial runs(2 actually), so it made me feel extra special because she tried so hard. She made me a wonderful key lime cake(you know how I love me the key lime) and for a filling she made the lemon-lime curd from my tarts and then covered it with buttercream! YUM. YUM. YUM. Not only did I get it at my birthday party(Saturday) but I snagged pieces for my actual birthday(today…Monday if you are reading this late)….so that I can eat it for breakfast :P !
Bye for now, I am off to celebrate my mom being in large amounts of pain for 36 hours :) (love you Mom).
P.S. For those who celebrate it, I hope you had a lovely Canada Day.



  1. I am sorry about your Mom, that must be hard for you to see her in pain.

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you!

    Enjoy your day! What a nice friend you have!!!

  2. 36hours to have you…it was 19hours with my daughter and felt like a week!!!
    Happy to hear that your friend spoiled you.
    Happy birthday Peabody.

  3. Sil (Bs As) says:

    Happy Birthday!!!!
    Enjoy it!

  4. Ohhhh 36 hours? Yikes! Your mom does deserve to celebrate! She still should be getting sympathy for that one.
    Happy birthday to you :) Have a great week!

  5. Happy Birthday! Sounds like an amazing cake!

  6. Happy Birthday Peabody!! You have some sweet friends.

  7. Happy B day cool kid!

  8. I was going to make your raspberry crumb cake…By the way, I love your blog, it gives me great pleasure and I can’t wait to see what you have made, but it doesn’t say how many eggs in the cake. Can you help me, oh great baker? Thank you

  9. Fantastic . . . I know it was soooo good for a birthday breakfast!!

  10. Happy Birthday Peabody!!!

  11. Happy birthday , Peabody! Have fun!

  12. Happy Birthday! I hope your day is fabulous in every way!

  13. Happy Birthday! I hope your birthday was fantastic!


  14. Happy Birthday, Peabody!
    Two of our nieces (they’re sisters) are celebrating their birthdays today, too.

    I wish you all the best!

  15. Happy Birthday! :)

  16. Happy Birthday! What a sweet friend you have!

  17. Happy birthday to you! Have a wonderful day, and great comfort to your mum, hoping she feels better!

  18. Happy Birthday Peabody. Looks like a fantastic cake your friend made you. Wow, 36 hours. Your Mom deserves(d) a special cake for that.

  19. VallartaTiffany says:

    Oh yum! Enjoy every last bite of that beautiful cake!

    Happy Birthday Peabody!


  20. Happy Birthday! What fun to have friends cook for you. Glad to hear you had a good day.

  21. Happiest, happiest birthday dear Peabody!!!

    It is supposed to be 116 on the 4th, and I am making (or attempting) mini tarts with vanilla pastry cream and strawberries and blueberries (r, w & b of course), so I cannot imagine what my electric bill will be to keep my house cool enough for pastry. EEK!

    Have a great week for your birthday and the 4th of July!!!

  22. What a great friend you have-not intimidated by the least! Love that attitude! Have a wonderful birthday and many more~

  23. Happy happy birthday Peabody!!!

  24. Happy birthday, my dear dear friend!

  25. Happy Birthday!!!!!

  26. Colleen says:

    Happiest Birthday to you Peabody. Hope your day was really great. I feel for your poor mum, I was also in labour for a similar length of time with my second baby and it seemed like FOREVER!!!! :) But the end result was gooooood!!!! My son is very special and I am sure your mom will be in agreement!

  27. Happy birthday, hon! Hope you had a marvellous one :D

  28. yikes! but happy happy birthday!

  29. We’re birthday buddies! :D I knew I had a good reason for liking you (the delicious food porn having *absolutely* nothing to do with my dedication to your site…)
    Hope yours was as excellent as mine, even though I _forgot_ it was my birthday until reminded of it! I blame it on the fresh mountain air :)

  30. Happy Birthday sweetie!

    I’m so happy for you that a friend baked a cake for you. We have friends who absolutely will not ask us back for dinner, they take us out – and I say the same I’ll eat anything (well apart from offal etc!). It’s supposed to be a compliment apparently, but it doesn’t feel so great somehow…

    Lovely cake :)

  31. Happy belated birthday!

  32. Happy (very) belated birthday, Peabody!!!

  33. Happy belated Birthday, Peabody! I know what you mean. Nobody ever has made me a cake, and I will eat anything too. I’ve been thrilled to bits when someone actually purchased a cake for me.

  34. I discover your blog, and your pictures are really beautiful !
    This cake reminds me my travel in the USA a few years ago, deliciously creamy, soft…

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