Smile for the camera…

“Like Peanuts”….and with that my 15 minutes of fame had come and gone…at the age of 3.

This just as easily could have been one of my random facts, but since I knew I was making peanut butter cookies for my hubby, I thought I would wait it out. Yes, many moons ago, my mother and I starred in a hidden camera commercial for Jif peanut butter. A routine trip to the grocery store and answering the question, “what kind of peanut butter do you use?” lead us to be seen almost daily during the soap opera time for 3 months. My mother correctly picked out Jif in a blind taste test, and we amazingly said all the right things. When I took a taste and they said what does it taste like, I said “like peanuts”(cue the salivating advertising guys). My mother thought nothing of it at the time and took her free jar of peanut butter. They never told her it was for a commercial of course until months later when they contacted her.

There are few brands I am loyal to, Jif is one of those brands. I will never switch and neither will my ex-husband. In a way, Jif peanut butter brought my ex-husband and I together, so much so that we gave away Jif peanut butter cookies(this recipe) in the shape of the pi symbol as one of our wedding favors. You see, my ex-hubby and I met online(you know, the old fashioned way :P). And on his profile it said he loved Jif peanut butter. He had sent me a note saying he was interested in me(and why wouldn’t he be?  :) ) and so when I saw he liked Jif, I simply wrote back, “I was in a Jif peanut butter commercial when I was 3.” He wrote back 3 pages. And the rest, as they say,  is history.

Every now and then I will use natural peanut butter(like in dog treats) if I feel the recipe would be better with it, but for the most part it is Jif. Mostly I think I like it because it is sweeter than the other brands there was growing up. And well, the more sugar the better. In fact, that is why I like this recipe so much, 2 cups of sugar…music to my ears. This is not the recipe I grew up on, but it is the one that I have converted everyone to. I usually under bake mine about a minute because I like them to be extra soft.

Mom’s(not my mom’s) Peanut Butter Cookies

Preheat oven to 350F.

1 cup cold unsalted butter, diced
1 cup granulated sugar
1 cup firmly packed brown sugar
1 cup peanut butter
2 eggs
1 tsp vanilla
3 cups flour
2 tsp baking soda
½ tsp salt

Cream butter and sugars in a mixer on high speed, scraping down the sides of the bowl often. Beat for about 3 minutes, until light and fluffy. With the mixer on low, add the eggs and vanilla, then add the peanut butter and mix well. Add the flour, baking soda, and salt and mix on low speed until all the ingredients are incorporated. Increase the speed to medium and mix just until the dough is smooth.
Using a small ice cream scoop(or a tablespoon) form the dough into ½ inch balls and place on greased cookie sheet. Flatten cookies with a fork. Bake just until golden brown, about 10 minutes. Let cookies cool about 5 minutes and transfer to a rack to cool completely.

Adapted from: Caprial’s Desserts by Caprial Pence and Melissa Carey, 2001

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  1. How much peanut butter did you use? I don’t see it in the list.

  2. peabody says:

    1 cup, I fixed it now.

  3. Mmm. Not fair to make me crave peanut butter cookies this late at night! I’m not a huge fan of peanut butter by itself but I LOVE pb cookies and pb & chocolate in almost any form . . . makes me want to make pb cookies and make sandwiches with chocolate cream. :-P

    How cute that you were in a Jif commercial. My mom always bought Peter Pan when I was little but I started buying Jif a while ago (must be the sugar!) and it’s what they sell at our Sam’s Club. When we went on vacation eastward a few weeks ago we stopped in a Sam’s to pick up peanut butter (and $250 of other stuff) and they had ‘Skippy’ and I stood in the aisle saying, “Skippy? *Skippy?* I don’t know if I want to buy this.” and The Husband said, ‘What on earth are you talking about? It’s peanut butter, put it in the cart and let’s get the next thing on your list.’ And I looked at him and said, ‘but it’s *Skippy*.’ He wasn’t sympathetic.

  4. Beautiful cookies.
    I just want my peanut butter to taste like peanuts. Grew up with peter pan but now I get the no hydrogenated.
    Could I have six cookies please.

  5. I could live on Jif. It’s the only peanut butter I think I’ve ever tasted. Well I might have tried that crap Reeses pb when it came out but it doesn’t hold a candle to Jif. I also heart peanut butter cookies – thick, soft and chewy or thin and crispy, either way I love ‘em!

    Will try these, thanks =)

    How’s your ankle?

  6. That is such a cute story!!! I actually love Jif as well and usually buy it when I’m making peanut butter cookies.

  7. I remember that commercial. It also aired heavily during Saturday morning cartoons and the weekday 4-6 PM “Brady Hour” in the San Francisco Bay Area. (I’m convinced the latter was created so that moms could get dinner on the table in peace).

    Thanks for sharing your story and yet another recipe to add to my to-try list.

  8. I’m a skippy girl myself… really no logical reason. Just Because!
    The cookies look perfect, but then I would expect no less from Peabody! =D

  9. Such a cute kid! Bet your Mom never got more payment than that jar of PB. Jif really is a great peanut butter. Beth over at West of Taos, in her meme, says she eats it right out of the jar, although she has converted to Reduced Fat.
    These cookies look too, too good. I like the lots of sugar part, too. I mean, they are cookies! They are meant to be sweet.

  10. peabody says:

    Lis- the ankle has it’s decent days and it’s bad days. This whole weekend was a bad day. It is still swollen, but luckily the swelling has gone down.

  11. peabody says:

    Elle- Actually my mom and I both recieved compensation for the commercials…for each time they aired.

  12. Ugh Gracie.. am sorry to hear it was a bad weekend. =(

    I am glad to hear, though, that you are at least having a few good days with it. Do you think this is going to effect hockey season? *shudder*


  13. Oh my gosh…that cute little girl! No wonder they insisted on having you in a Jif commercial! :-)

    I love the story of how you sealed the romantic deal with your husband with the simple line “I was in a Jif peanut butter commercial when I was 3″!

    I am loyal to Jif too…its the best!

  14. I love the story of what brought you and your husband together. You should write Jif and tell them that.

    I love peanut butter cookies, so classic.

  15. Oi, is the first time that I am passing for its blog, and already liked very! Until soon

  16. Over here, Jif is concentrated lemon juice, oft found on pancakes (not the thick, American ones… the thinner, English ones, with sugar!). Also Jif used to be bathroom cleaner, but it changed to “Cif” because the Europeans couldn’t pronounce the J ~ the Spanish would be going “hjif”! et cetera!

    It’s a lovely story, I think I’d be too contrary to be used in a television advert! I do like peanut butter, the Whole Earth variety with lots of nuts, a bit of salt and sugar – nothing else, yum! Oh dear, that’s the healthy bit out of the window!

  17. Interesting story. You were a star at 3 years cool is that. I have a love-hate relationship with peanut butter cookies. In my mind I think I wouldn’t like them , and then I take a bite out of one and then I eat the whole thing!

  18. VallartaTiffany says:

    YUM! We are a Jif house too – I grew up on know the one with like the inch of oil at the top that you had to stir in, gack! What a great love story too, thanks for sharing :)


  19. Your girls have me craving something so bad, I should have baked with peanut butter already!

  20. Next to oatmeal scotchies, peanut butter cookies are my favourite cookie and I use Jif too! How much fun that you were the little girl in the commercial!

  21. That’s such a cute story! Your cookies look delish!

  22. What a great post :) And I totally love that little picture too!

  23. I, too, love Jif, and I am very stingy with the 2 jars I brought back from my last trip home to the States. I’ve seen one place in Sydney that sells it, and it’s $14 a jar!! You are so lucky to have been in a Jif commercial BTW…so cute!

  24. Your cookies look absolutely perfect. I, too, can’t bear to part from Jif. I buy the Costco 2-pack because I use it so much in baking. Your picture from the commercial is so cute!

  25. You like JIF? I like skippy! Hehe!

    Oh, and I love your cookies too! XD

  26. Love that celeb smile you’ve got! Probably right before you started playing hockey, right?

  27. Ha! That is so cool! But I can totally see you as a television starlet, so I guess it all makes sense. :)

    And now I must leave… those cookie photos are torturing me…by which I mean, I want one.

  28. I don’t know if they sell Jif here. I usually buy the store brand light variety. Great story! Have you searched You Tube for your commercial? You should, and post it here for our viewing pleasure.

  29. My favorite cookie in the whole world! Sob! Love Jif. Want those cookies. So. Bad.

  30. How exciting to be in a PB commercial when you were younger. I bet you were the talk of the town!

    I love Jiff too…but I also love sugar and cake recipes that take 5 sticks of butter.

    You are my kind of cook :)

  31. I love really rich flakey peanut butter cookies, so I like your recipe. However, I HAVE to dip mine into sugar before baking them. It gives them a really sweet crunch that is a nice complement to the creamy smooth pb. Yum. My grandma always flattened them with the carved bottom of a glass, but Mom always used forks.

  32. I’m late with the comment here, but that was such a cute story. Weren’t you tempted to become a child star after your first taste of fame??? It is all Jif for me and my husband too. I’m hanging on to this recipe…most PB cookies are crisp, but I like soft better.

  33. Ian's mom says:

    Enjoyed your story, congratulations on a peanutbuttery marriage..LOL My 12 yo son is a top 10 finalist in their current Most Creative Sandwich Contest. Have you heard of this one? If he makes the top 5, he gets a $2,500 scholarship, $25,000 if he wins the whole contest. How crazy is that?! Anyway this part of the contest involves getting the most internet votes before feb 12… can you help us? We too, will always be Jif people… always appreciate a good, happy story,just thought I’d invite you to join ours, we’re glad you shared yours! Kelly from Pennsylvania

  34. How many cookies does that make?

  35. I just made these and they are so good!!! I made around 6 dozen.

  36. Very disappointed in his recipe! The cookies had no flavor and were soooooo not recommend this at all!

  37. I just made these cookies and they turned out great! I baked mine for 8 to 9 (9 for the 2nd batch where the dough had been refrigerated) min because I do like really soft cookies. I used Jif Extra Chunky PB.

  38. @Julie- glad to hear you like them!

  39. I love JIF!!! My choosey mom chose jif and now I do too! I refuse to eat any other kind, even in baked goods! It just doesn’t taste the same. I think it’s the sugar AND molasses combined!!!! Thanks for sharing I’ll be trying this recipe tomorrow!


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