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For some reason, perhaps the mirror cake, I have been stuck on wanting to make multi-step desserts. My ankle of course has decided to most definitely veto that idea. So I moved onto my other urge, unusual desserts…and I found me a winner. Tagged awhile ago was a recipe for a goats cheese cake from a local chef here in the Seattle area. I was intrigued as it was a flourless cake(well 3 TBSP) with very little sugar. What was most important to me is that it looked easy(and it was). This cake is absolutely wonderful. It baked up beautifully and is so light and tangy. This cake in my opinion(depending on the topping) could be used as either dessert or an appetizer. I used cherries(the season is coming to an end so I thought I should put them to use) but I think the topping choices are endless. I was thinking about making it next time using some orange blossom water in the cake and then drizzled with honey and pistachios.
If you are a goat cheese lover this is a must for you.

Goats Cheese Cake

10 ounces goat cheese
¼ cup sugar
2 TBSP honey
1 teaspoon vanilla
1 teaspoon lemon zest
1 teaspoon lemon juice
6 eggs, separated
3 Tablespoons flour

Preheat oven to 350°F. Combine cheese, sugar, honey, vanilla, zest and juice. Mix well. Add egg yolks, two at a time, mixing to combine after each addition. Stir in flour. Beat egg whites until soft peaks form. Gently fold whites into cheese batter. Pour into well-greased 9 ¢â¬â€œ inch, round baking pan. Bake 25-30 minutes or until wooden skewer comes out clean. Invert onto large plate and cool. Serve with orange-cherry compote.

Chef Tamara Murphy of Brasa ¢â¬â€œ Seattle, WA

Orange-Cherry Compote

1 cup pitted cherries, chopped
1/3 cup orange juice(no pulp)
1 TBSP honey
1 tsp cornstarch
splashes of Grand Marnier( personally like a lot of splashes :P)

Whisk together orange juice and cornstarch, making sure it dissolves so there are not clumps. Place cherries, juice/cornstarch mixture, and honey in a sauce pan. Turn on medium heat. stir every 30 seconds or so until it has thickened up. If it takes forever to do this, throw a little more cornstarch(your cherries might be juicer than mine). Take off of heat and throw in some splashes of Grand Marnier to taste. Spoon over the goats cheese cake.

You can serve this with a variety of toppings, such as simple berries.


  1. I have a knack for looking at your blog when I’m absolutely starving. I love goat cheese…I love cheesecake…I’m sold.

  2. These photos make me want to come to Seattle and have a piece of this cheese cake and I don’t even like goat cheese. Yummmmy looking Peabody.

  3. swoon…this cake looks absolutely fantastic and is making me salivate! i am definitely going to try this one!

  4. Goat cheese cheesecake is very popular in Israel and a definite delight – and topped with an orange-cherry compote? Fugghetabout it! These photos are gorgeous Peabody!

  5. I don’t think I’ve ever had a goat cheese cheesecake! I’m sending this recipe on to my cousin, who is a big fan of cheesecake, in hopes he will make it and share.

  6. Omg, that looks AMAZING. I used cherries tonight for dinner. I just wish I had that for dessert!

  7. I have a recipe saved for goat cheese cake I’ve been dying to make! I feel even more confident about it now that I’ve seen someone else do it.

  8. This has my name all over it…I just got a big bag of cherries and a pack of goat cheese! Great pics!

  9. Now THIS has me salivating.. after the success of your bleu cheese cheesecake, I’d be a fool not to try this one.. can’t wait! Have I mentioned how much I heart you, Gracie? =)


  10. It sounds very unusual, but it looks so beautiful! I have been very discouraged the past few days with my baking. I made a strawberry swirl cheesecake yesterday that I had such high hopes for, and it turned out just awful. So I am glad to be finding much needed inspiration from posts like this one. :-)

  11. This looks absolutely amazing. Goat cheese AND cherries? What could possibly be bad about that?

  12. This looks really good. The first time I had goat cheese was this past Christmas and I really enjoyed it. I bet the cherry and tang from the cheese went really well together.

  13. I LOVE goat cheese. This is very unique and your version looks great! I think with carmelized onions and pancetta or with fresh herbs it would be a great appetizer, but this looks great as a dessert too.


  14. I tasted quite a marvellous goat’s cheese the other day, and I think it would serve quite well in this dish!

  15. Wow thats really unusall. I love goats cheese but would never have thought of putting it in a cake. I have seen it used in biscuits before though. I bet it would be great with some sweet sticky figs too.

  16. This is such a great idea. I’ve always used goat cheese in salads and appetizers, but I love the idea of a dessert, and it would take people by surprise.

  17. Simply beautiful. Sometimes I think the more simple, the more beautiful, actually. I will definitely be trying this recipe. Thanks for sharing it!


  18. Hi Peabody,
    I just had to let you know I had a dinner party last week and I made your blue cheese, spiced walnut, poached pear salad….my guests could not stop raving about it and I must say I was truly please with the results. I did sub. pecans instead of walnuts as my hubby is not a walnut fan. I used an outstanding blue cheese from France and a pinot gris from Niagara, Ontario….thanks so much for the recipe and I gave you the credit when asked where oh where did I find that recipe. Please keep blogging and you know I will be making this goat cheese cheesecake for sure!
    I really enjoy your blog and look forward to all your new entries.

  19. I absolutley hate goats cheese! but this just looks so good I think I’d have to try it :) your compote looks fab too, have copied it.

    I was telling my hubby about your last post, and said I was going to try and limit myself to 4 books a month. Thinking he’d say that’s really good. He said “you mean you buy more than 4 cook books a month?” and looked so shocked. Well erm, yeah I do… hee hee.

  20. Wow, this looks really tasty. And it’s simple too! And I think I might replace the cherry’s with blueberry ;D

    Thanks for the recipe!

  21. That’s beautiful! And I can imagine how delicious it would taste with the goat cheese and the fruit. Thank you for that.

  22. You’ll get fat, with all these cakes ;)

    Still, we wouldn’t want you any other way – it’s delicious cakes like this that keep us coming back!

  23. I’ve never baked with goat cheese before but now I know I must try it!

  24. Oh my…this is most fabulous! I love, love, love goat cheese! This has Chris written all over it.

  25. This looks amazing. A goats cheese cheese cake sounds really nice.

  26. This sounds like just the cake I’d love to eat! I’ve used goat cheese in creme caramel before and the taste is phenomenal.

  27. Never had goat cheese before. But I would definitely try this.

    The pictures are gorgeous.

  28. Oh my, I’ve wanted to make a goat cheese cake forever. I think there’s one in Claudia Fleming’s book, but this one looks even better!

  29. Wow Pea, that cake looks so luscious and moist. It’s so versatile too. Thanks for the recipe and the ideas.

  30. I’ve never baked with goat’s cheese, Peabody! That looks delicious!

  31. I love goat cheese and this sounds fabulous. I was thinking grilled peaches with lime and basil…

  32. Fabuloso! That looks just divine.

  33. This just might fill the cheesecake void that I’ve encountered since moving from Canada to France!

    BTW, your collection of recipes is nothing short of mouth-watering. =)

  34. I am a huge fan of your blog and been lurking here for some time now. Just loves all your baking. I am going to try out thise cheese cake. Thanks for posting the recipe.

  35. The pictures are wonderful! I’m not going to be able at peace now until I have this dessert!

  36. I do like goat’s cheese and this cake looks marvellous! Your comment about using it as an appetizer sounds interesting…I would love to try a savory version of this :)

  37. What a great recipe. I’ll definitely have to give it a try!

  38. Yes, I’d love it with the cherries but like Joey, I’m really intrigued with the idea of a savory version. Thinking what sage.

  39. Wow, does that ever sound good. I’m adding this to my list!

  40. Tasty, beautiful and delicious looking cake!

  41. This looks absolutely delicious… and I have never tried a goat cheesecake. I saved the recipe and will try it soon.

  42. i have goats and fresh goat cheese that i made . when you say goat cheese in your recipe that is open to interpretation. what did you us?.

  43. what did you use?

  44. I want this cheesecake inside of me right now. Im maaaaaking it now… it’s soooo good i assume.

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