Totally Awesome, Fer Sure Dude….

In the words of Hannibal from the A Team…”I love it when a plan comes together.”
Yes, I am a product of the 80’s. I wore scrunchies in my hair, big sweaters, neon colors, stir-up pants and my Sony Disc man was the coolest thing ever! Or should I say it was totally bitchin’. My bangs were super high and sprayed with so much hairspray that I must have killed at least a dozen brain cells a day inhaling all that Aquanet. My hair was badly permed and my goal was to dress like Jeanie, Ferris Bueller’s sister. Watching the movie now makes me cringe…her pants were pretty much up to her boobs. Very attractive.
The 80’s was the first time I ever had Bailey’s Irish Cream. Now before you envision some teenager doing shots of Bailey’s(yuck could you imagine?), it was simply a sip of my mom’s coffee that was spiked with Bailey’s. But I remember it being good. Not like any of the other “yucky” alcohol I had tasted thus far. The flavor stuck with me and whenever my mom would make them(which was usually only around the Holidays) I would beg for a sip. I was an annoyingly squeaky clean kid so it never dawned on me just to make one of my own when the parental unit was not around. I’m still a squeaky clean nerd now too. Bailey’s to this day is still my favorite liquor. So when they came out with new flavors I had to buy them. I have one mint and one caramel.
I had baked something else(will be on blog later) that involved making a chocolate-caramel ganache. I had some leftover and it got my head spinning as to what I could make with it. Caramel, caramel, caramel just kept going through my head and there in the refrigerator door was the answer(yes, I have booze and not healthy things like milk or orange juice in the fridge door :P) Bailey’s Original is still my favorite but both the mint and the caramel versions are something that should be in everyone’s home bar.
I keep this cake in the fridge because the frosting can start to slide a bit as it warms up. But you could serve it at room temperature just fine. If you don’t have any caramel sauce don’t worry, that was just a last minute addition on my part to add some contrast for the camera.
If you are a Bailey’s lover too, you should try this cake.




  1. Oh Yum! I kinda like Baileys too although not as much as I like my scotch and beer and all other things alcoholic!! :) I was quite the opposite of the squeaky clean kid and yes, was an 80’s teenager too. This cake looks sinfully divine….! Wish I could have some. And you’re invited the next time I make stuffed mushrooms my dear!

  2. Yum, that looks good. I love the caramel. I doubt anyone that lived through the 80s escaped unscathed. We all have fashion skeletons rattling around in our closets.

  3. Saved and printed. I’m going to try this! love the creamy taste of baileys. =)

  4. This really looks “totaly awesome fer sure”! I think even my husband (who does not like cake) would love this! mmmmmm.

  5. P.S. Great idea to add the caramel for the camera. All that white can be tricky!

  6. That looks very good. I, however, do not like any form of Baley’s (heck, I don’t like most alcohol, so this is nothing new) so will just enjoy looking at this and imagining the caramel and chocolate flavors.

  7. This cake looks intense! I love the flavor of Bailey’s as well, so this is delicious, I’m sure. I just wanted to take a minute to thank you though for updating as much as you do. Many bloggers lose their fizz at some point, and leave all of their readers hanging and wanting more. You always satiate my blogging appetite! (As well as my regular appetite too haha) So…thanks.

  8. Yeh, I love Bailey’s. I usually have mine on ice so the taste is diluted since I am a lightweight in the drink department. Have you ever tried a Bailey’s milk shake? That cake is so drool-worthy!

  9. You know I’ve been thinking about something like this for a while now. Ever since I tasted the Caramel flavoured Baileys I’ve been wondering how it would work in a cake. Now I shall find out! :-D

  10. 80s how I miss you. I was the Desperately Seeking Susan type of girl in the 80s. Bad!! What is totally bitchin is this cake. You are a devil for tempting me so badly.!

  11. Beautiful photos of the cake. Looks amazing.

  12. Great cake,I’d love to try it. But… could anybody explain me how on earth do I measure butter in TBSP???? It seems too complicated for me , I’m used to weigh all the ingredients!

  13. It all sounds so good – especially the frosting and chocolate caramel ganache (I can’t wait to see what the ganache was made for!)

  14. How mouth-watering! Bailey’s buttercream–I love it!

  15. The scrunchies are now nothing more than cat toys… I’m glad Baileys survived the 80’s, the cake looks awesome.

  16. I loooooooove Bailey! I usually drink it with coffee, or add a few tablespoon in my chocolate ganache. Now I have another recipe to play with it. :D

  17. 80’s indeed. Did you hang on to anything long enough to see what happens to those shoulder pads? This looks great, of course. Is the Kahluah version coming next? Hmmmm?

  18. This looks devine! I recently purchased myself 4 inch cake pans and am wondering how you went about cutting down the recipe, in half? or do you just make several mini cakes?

    Thanks so much!

  19. I have so many friends who would kill for this cake ^__^ I might give it a try when I next need a favour, heh.

  20. That is one yummy looking cake!!

  21. This is just sooo adorable!! I would love to have a slice of this cake.

  22. This looks and sounds amazing! Bailey’s buttercream frosting… mmm…

  23. Well, shoot! Here’s another recipe for my ever-growing to-try stack. Looks delicious!

  24. That’s narley dude! This Bailey’s cake is almost too good to be true in my books. I can just imagine all the luscious layers!!!I have saved and printed so it may be on the table soon!!!

  25. I was born in the 80’s and I still wore scrunchies. :)

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE Bailey’s! When I was on a (short lived and ill advised) low carb diet a few years ago, I even made my own low-carb Bailey’s I missed it so much.

    This cake is SOOOOOO perfect. A must-try.

  26. That cake is totally rad…party on!

  27. OMG Peabody, this looks wicked! I have a bit bottle of Bailey’s at home that I need to do something about and you’ve just given me a great idea!

  28. It’s so not fair of you to post something so delicious looking! I’d eat that for breakfast if it were here.

    The 80’s are coming back, you know. I hope you saved your leggings and big sweaters….

  29. Those photos are fabulous and totally drool-worthy! I used to wear my hair sprayed to the nines as well. My family still recalls those times and teases me about it often!

  30. honestly, I can’t get over how beautiful each and every one of your photographs are, of your culinary masterpieces – such decadent desserts and other baked goods!! do you own a pastry shop?? you really should!! :0)

  31. I agree, totally awesome! By the way, I had no idea they made caramel Baileys and I’m seriously considering buying some, if only to use in baking!

  32. 3 cups of butter in that frosting…that is mind blowing! The cake looks wonderful and I can taste the Bailey’s from here!

  33. mmm That looks so delicious! It’s making me very hungry for dessert.

  34. This is a super bomb!!! Damn my never ending diet !!!

  35. So I’ll be tippin’ the Baileys bottle tonight… =)



  36. Oh my Gawd, tubular! I, like, LOVE caramel, and, totally, like, love, Baileys!

    Nerds rule!


  37. Well, the cake looks fabulous! and it’s got Bailey’s in it too, oh yum! I’ve got a Bailey’s tiramisu marked in Nigella Express, that one of my friends has made and said is fab, can’t wait.

  38. A Bailey’s cake… that’s like, so bitchen’, dude. Party on!

  39. I’m a bit embarrassed to admit this but I actually don’t like Bailey’s. But you know what, I’ll gladly put my dislike aside to dive right into this cake!

  40. That first picture is killing me! I need to start figuring out dinner (and dessert) very soon if I want to avoid snacking on a huge piece of chocolate right this second.

  41. Your cakes always looks so good.Great post I´m a product of the 80’s too, but I loved the Madonna`s ballet tutu (oh my gosh!! Shame on me)and love her hair too.

  42. I was a super innocent kid a few decades earlier, but had sips of wine instead of Bailey’s…maybe that’s why I ended up in Wine Country ?
    Gorgeous cake. I had gotten over the obsession with caramel caused by the last DB challenge, but now you’ve done it…obsession started again by those photos. Ah, there are worse things, are there not? Have I been at the Bailey’s me darlin’? There is no tellin’, now is there? Heeheee. All your fault.

  43. Wow – I’m about to head to the liquor cabinet for a nightcap. All that caramel says Autumn!

  44. Oh my goodness! That looks SO yummy! I adore Bailey’s!


  45. Did you do the tight ski pants/riding boots thing combined with shoulderpadded sweaters as well? I’m afraid I did…
    This is totally awesome (what? Do they have Baileys Caramel?)

  46. I am totally a Bailey’s lover and total a product of the 80’s. I will be making this cake! YUM!

  47. Ms. Peabody,
    Why must you always out do us?! Looks awesome. I love Bailey’s on the rocks. This is a defiant must, and it will be staying away from the boyfriend!

  48. Ahhhh, wow. Your photos are mind blowing! That is a perfect picture . . . well I mean that is the best ever!
    Certainly this is a true Peabody. Love it.

  49. kawabunga! oh dear that looks freakin gooooooood!!!

    ay dios mio!

  50. Okay this looks even better than the mars pie. I’ve been really wanting to try the Bailey’s caramel which we didn’t have in Canada before. Now I have an excellent excuse to buy it! ;)


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