Traveling Eggs make it to the Pacific Northwest….

A few months ago, Helene at Tartlette received a package from Hannah of Bittersweet. In that package were six little crocheted eggs. Helen decided to send the eggs on a journey to other blogging friends. Their first stop was to Lisa at La Mia Cucina. Then over to Mary at the Sour Dough. And to me, Peabody of Culinary Concoctions by Peabody. At first I had though about baking with the eggs like Mary did. But then I thought it might be cruel to be breaking all those eggs and whisking them in front of them…I would hate for one of the eggs I was using to be a distant cousin of one of the eggs or something tragic like that. So I thought instead the eggs would reveal my exciting(well exciting to me) news. And with that…so begins the eggs journey with Peabody…and family.

Here the eggs are greeted by my dog, Skoshi, neither of them are sure what to think of the other.

Still figuring each other out.

Getting along just great and involved in some deep conversation.

Here the eggs got cozy and settled in to watch Hockey Night in Canada. My beloved Flames were on…and boy were the eggs excited about that. They also watched the Flyers game ealier that day.

Here is Mr. Happy egg because at this point the Flames were winning. I wont show you the faces that the eggs were making at the end of the game when the Flames lost in overtime. Who knew eggs could swear so much?

And here is where my news starts. See this? This is my apartment kitchen. It is the largest apartment kitchen I have had so no real complaints, it has served me well.

The eggs were more than content to be there…until…..

I took them to see my new kitchen! I will have double the space now. I am going from 4 drawers to 13. 13 cabinets to 22. Plus and island and under the stairs storage that is huge! Yes, ladies and gentleman this is what my stress has been over the past few months. Crazy us bought a house the same week the great housing market crash occured….but it all worked out…obviously. This is my first house ever so I am beyond excited! The main reason we bought this house was because of this kitchen…many, many baked goods shall come out of it. Hard to believe that in two weeks I will be a home owner.

It’s so big it wont fit in one picture! :)

Here are the eggs modeling my island for you.

And here they are on my stove. We had a little mix up with the builder last week as they gave me an electric stove. The problem was quickly resolved and my gas range is in place now. I just can’t go back to electric.

And there you have it. The eggs uneventful trip to the Pacific Northwest. I would have loved to have taken them a few places but instead they just watched a lot of hockey and helped me pack. They will be on there way to a new destination in just a couple of days…..who knows where that will be?



  1. Congrats on your new house!

  2. What an adorable post! Your little dog is very adorable too. They both brightened my day.

    Congratulations on your new home. I’m sure you will start many new culinary traditions there!

  3. Oooooh pretty new kitchen! I want one…

  4. VallartaTiffany says:

    Wow! What an amazing kitchen, you are going to have such fun in your new home! Great pics along with your announcement! I’m catching up on your culinary concoctions I’ve missed over the last few months.


  5. In two weeks you’ll be a *kitchen* owner. Yeah!

    And I can tell you from experience that your new island is perfect for pastry and pasta production. Enjoy!

  6. That is a terrific feeling to move from “apartment” kitchen to “real house” kitchen! When we shopped around for houses, all of my friends made fun of me for posting pictures of potential kitchens (a big criterion for picking a house for a cook and baker!). Congratulations! You’ll really dig the fact that you can knock holes in your walls and paint the house at will :) Love it!!

  7. it was a really long day and this post totally just made me smile. :-) oh and congrats on your house! we’re buying our first house right now too (15 days til closing)! its very exciting… although my kitchen sadly is not getting significantly larger. congrats!

  8. Way too adorable! Loved the part where the eggs were watching hockey!Congrats on the house!

  9. OMG I’m beyond jealous ;)
    i LOVE yor new kitchen!!

  10. What a fun post! I especially love the little smiling egg watching hockey…so cute! Your new kitchen is huge and I’m totally jealous.

  11. Congrats on your new house…may you soon make it your HOME!!!
    Best Wishes,

  12. I am beyond freakin’jealous over your kitchen. It is gorgeous. Congratulations! I love the picture of the one egg turning around to smile while watching the game.

  13. Congratulations on your new home! The kitchen looks gorgeous from what I can see.There’s nothing like more counterspace :). And I think it’s a buyer’s market so it’s perfect timing for you. Cute traveling eggs watching hockey!

  14. YEA!!! I was hoping the eggs would make it to your house without a crack or any problems. I love how they watched hockey with you (GO FLAMES!).

    And your new kitchen is gorgeous! Having just moved into a new kitchen (not any where as large as your new kitchen) I know how exciting it is!

    Glad you had fun with the Traveling Eggs!!

    Hugs, Mary

  15. Congrats on the new house!! We just bought our first house about a year and a half ago – it makes me feel so grown up!

  16. Woo hoo! Congrats on the lovely new kitchen. I can’t wait to see how it inspires you.

  17. Your dog is the cutest dog ever!

  18. Congratulations! The kitchen looks awesome – look forward to seeing what you produce there.

  19. Great kitchen..since it’s twice the size of the old one, can we expect twice the yummy treats? I just love all your pictures. My daughters and I still swoon over the homemade pop tarts. Go Flyers!

  20. Looks like the eggs are having a great time- I’m so glad that you enjoyed their company as well! :)

  21. Congratulations on becoming a home owner. Desighing the kitcehn was pretty big on my list and i was happy to have B. agree to so much space and counterspace, but in all fairness the garage space is huge!
    Looks like the eggs had a blast and thanks for making them part of your new exciting life!

  22. Great new kitchen! I’m sure it will be a welcoming place for all who pass through.

  23. Your puppy is adorable!

    Congrats on the new place. The kitchen looks fabulous! More cabinet space = more cooking and baking stuff :)

  24. 1) Good thingthat wasn’t my dog..He woud have eaten those cute eggs instead of sniffing.
    2) I am so jealous of your huge kitchen. My kitchen is only slightly larger than your apartment one and, boo, no lovely granite counters either. So happy for you!
    3) I could never go back to electric, either. I love the control that gas gives you.
    4) Congrats on becoming a home owner. Mostly it is really, really lovely. Hope you have many happy times there!

  25. Oh!!! I’m so happy for you, Peabody! Your new kitchen looks lovely and I can’t wait to see how you christen it!

    Those are some lucky little eggs!

  26. Woot! Congrats on the new space!
    You do know that in a very short time you are going to run out of all that extra space and be looking for more, though, right?
    Sure looks like the eggs had a great time!

  27. aaahh, how lucky you are to have received the traveling eggs!! such a wonderful photo-essay of your time with them!!

    and your new kitchen looks stunning! no doubt you’ll put it to good use, with your culinary expertise :0)

  28. MrsPresley says:

    how cute, love the eggs :)

    let me just say that i am soooooo jealous of your new kitchen!! i am in a tiny apartment kitchen right now and think i have even less storage and counter space than you do right now (10 cabinets and 2 drawers!) enjoy your new kitchen, i know lots of goodies will come out of there :)

  29. I envy your great kitchen. It looks like you made some eggs very happy.

  30. First of all, your dog is adorable. I just want to rub on those cute floppy ears!! Second, your new kitchen is amazingly awesome. Congratulations!!

  31. So pretty! My parents are re-doing their kitchen right now…putting in the gas stove! :-) Congrats on your new home.

  32. Lovely kitchen, Peabody. I wish I had a kitchen like that. Finger crossed, you’ll do more cooking/baking soon! Congrats!

  33. Your little dog is such a cutie! and your new kitchen looks fab, and all that extra space to fill :) Well done on getting your first house!

    What will you bake first in your new kitchen? Decisions, decisions!! Really happy for you :)

  34. Oh my goodness, Peabody! What a fun post…the eggs were closet hockey enthusiasts all along I bet! And a huge congratulations on your gorgeous new kitchen…its stunning! I love the bright, airy feeling from the light coming through those windows, I love your countertops…love everything about it, and especially love knowing that you will be baking up a storm and sharing the goodies here on your blog. :-) And Skoshi is just the cutest dog!

  35. Oh how funny and cool is that!

  36. Beautiful kitchen! I know you can’t wait to get cooking in there. The traveling eggs bit was hilarious:)

  37. Those eggs look soooo cute… and congrats on being the proud owners of a new home with that beautiful kitchen.

  38. Hooray for Homeowner/Kitchenowner Peabody!!!
    Hooray for the Eggs!!
    The kitchen looks soooo good! Gas and granite are made for each other.
    It will be so good to see you in the new kitchen. I know you’ll have so much fun there! Terrific for the eggs to be visiting now.

  39. Congrats on the new digs! :)

  40. A real cute post….beautiful doggie and fab kitchen.I can see you cooking up a storm in this new place-Congrats to you and the whole family…..and little eggies!

  41. Congrats on the new kitchen, er, the whole house too! ;-) It’s a lovely space and I can’t wait to see all the yummy things you’ll be inspired to make in it.

  42. I feel the eggs pain with the Flames. Your new kitchen looks awesome! Congrats on the new house.

  43. YAY!!!!!!! First, the little eggs are darling and their journey through the post was too cute.

    Your new kitchen is AMAZING!!

    Can’t wait to hear of the adventures that are to come…

  44. Congrats! We just bought our first home in March! I have a question for you…..who made those cabinets? Those are the cabinets I have, and we want to add more….but I can’t find a manufacturer’s name on them!

  45. Congratulations on your new home. I bet you and your husband are so eggcited ;) Those are the same color cabinets and countertops that I have in a much smaller kitchen. Looking forward to your new kitchen recipes.

  46. Aww your doggie is sooo cute! I love the pic of the happy egg turning to the camera, that’s such an adorable picture! Your apt kitchen looks very roomy but omg your new kitchen looks amazing! I want to rub those purdy countertops.

  47. AWESOME Gracie!!!! I am so happy and excited for you! I still remember (well it’s only been 5 years sheesh) how giddy I was when we bought our first house.. coming from renting – the biggest kick is doing WHATEVER YOU WANT to the walls! to the floors! to the counters & cabinets! WHAT EVER YOU WANT! WOOT!

    I hope you show us more pictures.. I’m loving that kitchen!



  48. {{{Sigh}}} your new kitchen is BEAUTIFUL!!! I can not wait to get a non-teeny-apartment kitchen someday :) Looks great~

  49. What a wonderful post! So many things to get excited about. But, the news about the house is terrific. The kitchen is marvelous. Just think of the things you will create there. Congratulations! And I’m so glad you introduced the eggs to hockey! So funny. And your dog is adorable!

  50. How wonderful! Congrats Congrats! It must be such a great feeling to be in your own space. That oven was the bomb! And, I love the commraderie between the dog and the eggs…so great to see..:) Can’t wait to see the new delicious dishes you’ll be whipping up in the new digs…Enjoy!


  1. […] These little sweethearts travelled far and wide and made their way to my home last fall thanks to Peabody. Now the idea is to spend some quality time with the eggs and then send them back out into the world, to find a new home and to grace another family with their presence. […]

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