On the move….

That’s right it is finally happening….the move is on. As you can see, our beloved puppy is more the ready to get her new home.

I will be internet-less for about a week so I hope to be back in time for the Daring Bakers Challenge. Don’t worry, I already did it and time stamped it just in case(gosh I am such a nerd).


  1. Good luck with the move! And don’t worry about blogging. We’ll all be here waiting for you! :)

  2. Good luck with it. What a lovely dog!

  3. Good luck with the move. We will all be waiting for your new home and recipes.

    BTW, my new puppy, BOOMER, would love to meet your beautiful pup. He is a 6 month old chocolate lab.

  4. Good luck with the move!! I hate moving, so I feel for you – but you have a wonderful new house to move into!!

  5. Happy Days are on the way!! Yes, puppy will love it too!
    Seems like it will never happen and then there you are. . .

  6. ahhh, the move is on!! how exciting!! I wish you the best of luck with the moving process, and I look forward to your return to the blogging world!! :0)

  7. Congratulations and good luck!

  8. Hey, such a cute pup! Hope you guys get moved in and online soon :) Don’t forget to commemorate your inaugural use of the nice big new kitchen.

  9. You have such an adorable dog!

  10. Hope your move goes smoothly! Your dog is so cute!

  11. I am trying to catch up on my reading and just caught on your move is happening…now! Congrats and good luck! One box at a time.

    Gingerbread Pumpkin Bars, Warm Pear Ginger Upside-Down Cake, Dried Fruit Bread? Yum cubed!

  12. Good luck getting settled!
    I love your dog!! I had a dog that looked just like her growing up named Cinnamon.

  13. Good luck with your move and everything that goes along with it!

  14. I feel your pain; we moved just 6 weeks ago! I was internet less, too. It added a whole extra layer of hilarity to the kitchen experience:).

    Happy moving!

  15. Thinking of you during the move. Hope the pupp settles in allright…I know you are already planning wonderful things in your new kitchen!

  16. Good luck with the move, and hope you settle in well =) Beautiful pic of your puppy!

  17. Hi Peabody…I just wanted to peek in and let you know I was thinking about you and all of that unpacking…hope you are in the winding down stages of the worst of it now. :-) And I’ve no doubt you are thrilled to finally be in your new home…and new kitchen!

  18. good luck w/the move, cannot wait to see what you bake up in your new kitchen!

  19. Hi Peabody,
    Hope the move is going well and that your puppy loves the new digs. Think of all the room you will have for kitchen gadgets, cookbooks, linens, cookbooks, condiments, cookbooks :)

  20. Good luck!

  21. Hope the move is going well! And aww your puppy is so cute with the boxes.

  22. Please may we share your adorable puppy as I still haven’t persuaded my husband to let us have one?!

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