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When we were asked by Sandra of Un Tocco di Zenzero and Zorra of Kochtopf to pick our favorite recipe of 2007 I knew exactly the recipe to pick.
The Snickerdoodle Muffins which eventually became to be known in the food blogging community as the Refund Muffin(which you can also see here, here and here). Who knew a muffin would cause controversy?:)
I still love these muffins for how moist they are with a hint of tang and the sweetness of the crunchy outside. It’s still the muffin I make the most. It’s still the recipe I get the most emails about how people tried it and loved it…well minus that one person. :P
So there you have it. What I feel was my best recipe of the year. If you are a regular reader, would you agree with my pick?


  1. Love those refund muffins. Making them this weekend, in fact!

    You’ve made about a million other gorgeous things, I’m sure it was a hard choice. I’m also trying jam cake this week :)

  2. I think you chose wisely. I am with Nemmie – I ooh and ahhh so often here, its difficult to choose! I do recall myself saying (quite often) that I am going to try your Pumpkin Butterscotch Cake. Hmmmm…:)

  3. Oh yes… I agree! I made those muffins too and LOVED them.

  4. I have made them so many times I know the recipe by heart! I made 4 times from December 21 through December 26. Everyone loved them!

  5. I agree 100%! I have made these muffins many times since you first posted the recipe. Everyone that tries them adores them! My thighs definitely love them! :( Maybe you can send me a check for my gm membership! :)

  6. We’ve made these muffins several times, and I have to say that they are one of my favorites of the year (or, at least, since we’ve come across your blog and bookmarked it!). I also LOVED the pear upside-down cake–my sister-in-law is gluten-intolerant, so I substituted gluten free baking mix for the flour and she was thrilled that it turned out so much like cake. Of course, since we gave that one to her, I had to make the normal cake, too, just for my wife and myself.

    At any rate, the Snickerdoodle muffins were delicious, and serve as a great dessert and an even better breakfast. Funny that a simple muffin is the best of the year! Thanks for your heard work keeping this place going!

  7. I have to try that recipe. I love snickerdoodles, and I’m pretty sure I’ll love the muffins too. I wasn’t aware of the refund controversy, but I just had a hoot of a time laughing my head off reading about it! Hi-larious. You handled it so well, Mr. Peabody… I mean, Peabody :) You have teh best name ever, I love it.

  8. Pick just one? Are you nuts? How is it possible to pick just one out of the amazing amount of incredible baked goods that come out of your kitchen?

  9. That’s a hilarious email! I can’t believe someone sent that to you. I did enjoy these muffins but I think I liked the Andes chocolate mint cookies better. And then there are all the recipes I’ve saved from your blog but haven’t made yet…

  10. I have a list as long as my arm…maybe more of recipes to try from other peoples blogs. I will have to add these to my list for sure.

  11. Yeah I’m with Lynn. No way to pick one. But I do have to say these have a permanent place!

  12. I’m stuck in bed with a back injury and tried real hard not to laugh (cause that really ‘insert expletive’ hurts!) Alas thanks for the giggle anyway! I shall not be sending you my physio bill as I figure it hurt anyway and laughter though painful is great therapy!

  13. I admit I haven’t made them yet, but as you’ve chosen this for your favorite recipe of the year, they’re now moving to the top of my muffin list!

  14. you KNOW that I am a regular reader, Peabody, and even though I think that ALL of your astounding baked goods deserve to be your pick for the best recipe of 2007 (and believe me, I wouldn’t say that if I didn’t mean it), I think that you made a great choice with these Snickerdoodle muffins – I mean, come on, a classic cookie turned into a muffin?? sounds like a winner to me!! that one person who didn’t like them can just… I’ll leave it at that ;0)

  15. Yes! Excellent choice. And the reminder of the “refund muffin” story was just too funny.

    People are so odd. :)

    Happy New Year!

  16. Double happiness in a muffin that doubles as a snickerdoodle!

  17. I’m sorry I wasn’t a blog reader when you got that email. Several months later, that still made my day. Too funny! You truly know you’ve made it when he strange emails start showing up.

  18. Great choice—thanks for all your recipes in 2007!

  19. I love the snickerdoodle/refund story! All I could
    think (between laughing) is “whaaaat??”.
    After reading the incredible, edible refund muffin
    story, I ran out to get cream of tartar, which before
    then I knew nothing about (I’m kind of a newbie baker)…
    that led me to a cool family-run shop near me called
    The Spice House, which
    I never stepped in before. Now I can’t wait to make
    those tasty-looking muffins. Thanks for your great
    recipes and photos!

  20. Yes I do remember that controversy. Unbelievable! I have yet to try this. Thanks for the reminder!

  21. Ooh, yes, I remember both the controversy AND the fabulous taste of those muffins. I think I need to make them again. :)

  22. Though I STILL haven’t made these, I think I must agree with this choice. They have made their way all over the blog world and stirred up some of their own controversy!!!

  23. I am going to make these for my friend who is coming to visit from Seattle~I know they will be perfect for breakfast…….Happy New Year!

  24. ohyeas a snickerdoodle muffin puhlease, go easy on me!!

  25. I have to say, I have only recently become a lurker, and have tried a few of your recipes (and loved everyone). But after reading and laughing out loud about the refund muffins, then having to re-read out loud to my husband, still laughing out loud, I am going to make these muffins tomorrow. I cannot wait to try them, neither can hubby. Happy New Year!

  26. You have so many great recipes, but I have to agree…this is the highlight of 2007, especially because of the bizarre request for a refund…plus it is different and delish.Happy New Year!

  27. It would be hard for me to choose my favorite that you’ve shared, but everybody I’ve made these muffins for has loved them. And really “the rest of the story” gives this recipe bonus points so clearly it had to be the winner!

  28. Most definately the best pick. So many recipes (with mouth watering pictures) to choose from, but nothing can match the entertainment value of the refund muffins. Happy New Year!

  29. Well, I can’t say anything about this particular recipe since I haven’t made it yet. It’s on my list to try though. I’ve admired it for some time now.

    What I do know is the best of 2007 is your site!!! I love your blog! Would you consider signing up on Kristen’s blog, Dine and Dish and being a veteran blogger and helping out some newbies? I’m a newbie myself and could use all the help I can get!!! I think we could all learn a lot from you!

    So, hurry on over and adopt a blogger…


  30. Great choice – I know I loved them!! This is probably the recipe I’ve seen done on other blogs, as well.

  31. i will make these muffins and then get back to you on it! :)

    i cannot believe the nerve of that person asking for a refund! LOL

  32. Well Peabody, i’ve been reading your blog now ever since Matt introduced us at the rink. And I love to go to your recipe source for a dessert to take somewhere. I am constantly getting complimented, of course I tell them oh! I must compliment the creator, Peabody for her delicious taste! Anyhow, Matt & I agree your ‘Gingerbread Pumpkin Bars’ are hands down soooooooooo yummy! And I passed out your Blog website to more people when I baked the Pumpkin Butterscotch cake. Even some relatives from Norway! Although Snickerdoodle muffins are now my fav. muffin to bake. Kiddos would agree!

  33. Peabody! I have been a long time lurker but have never posted a comment before. I feel compelled! I made these muffins months ago for the office. Guess what? They loved ‘em of course. Thanks for the recipe. Ignore the negative posts. Some people apparently don’t realize that everyone has different tastes. I don’t like pecans or walnuts, I must be crazy right? lol. (oh, except for the finely ground pecans in Cooks Illustrated Coffeecake Muffins, do try these someday, or at least check out the recipe) Thanks for the gorgeous blog.


  34. I missed this posting because that was the week I got married. They sound incredible and I’m going to try them. My favorite of your recipes was your pumpkin cake with the brown sugar frosting and butterscotch filling. My mom and stepdad and sisters all agree. :)
    Thanks for sharing the email too. That was hillarious!

  35. I had a conversation with a friend last week about those Snickerdoodle muffins. I still haven’t made them, and I must. They are simply gorgeous!

  36. i love the flavor of the cookies, and i have to try these in spite of the ‘controversy’!

  37. I made these muffins tonight to take to a New Year’s Eve get-together at some friends. I made them in a mini muffin pan, and they were so cute, and fun to just pop in your mouth all at once! They turned out just fine for me. It would be just my luck that something would go wrong when baking something…especially after that lovely refund story…ha ha. Where do these people come from? Anyway, they were yum-fabli-icious. Thanks for sharing!

  38. just wanted to comment that I made these over the weekend and loved them! they did not turn out quite as pretty as yours, but boy were they delicious! i much prefer them over snickerdoodle cookies. thanks again for sharing this wonderful recipe! :)

  39. I still need to try these. Anyone can go around the web being a snarky jerk, but not anyone can make such great looking food week after week!

  40. I don’t remember if I wrote you a comment about trying these but if I haven’t here it is: They’re incredible! My husband calls them “donut muffins”, because of the nutmeg I guess! I made them as mini-muffins for a brunch at my daughter’s school last year and they were gone in no time. So thanks so much for this recipe, it’s definitely a keeper around here!

  41. i made these last night…they are sooo good! (i ate FOUR!) anyway, i have to tell you, i made a couple substitutions, and thought i might have messed up, (i don’t like being told what to do, even by a recipe! lol!) but they worked anyway! and the leftove ones were so good for breakfast with my coffee!

  42. Those muffins are seriously a Peabody original. I think it might have been my first time reading your blog and I fell in love with it instantly.

  43. Well now I just have to make these muffins. I LOVE snickerdoodle cookies so I know I’ll love the muffins–unlike the idiot woman who wanted refund. How mean.

  44. I made them (and blogged about them) and they are wonderful. What a great recipe. Quick, easy, moist with a crispy top. Fantastic. :)

  45. I just stumbled upon your blog. I am definitely going to make these muffins! They look fabulous! :)

  46. These muffins are amazing! I made them a couple of weeks back and needless to say .. I’m not asking for my refund back! You are definitely an amazing baker!

  47. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU for this recipe! No refund required here-how ridiculous was THAT mess??? I found your blog, saw these muffins and KNEW I had to try them….took me long enough!!!! They’re SO good-crunchy on the outside, soft and moist on the inside. Hubby loves them too! I think I know what I’ll be baking for the church bake sales from here on out!
    Can’t wait to try more of your recipes, Peabody!!!! :)

  48. I made these and all I can say is WOW! These muffins are AMAZING! It’s the ultimate Snickerdoodle in muffin form! I have some ancient muffin pans that I had to wrestle away from the dinosaurs so some of the muffins stuck…oh gee–more for me and hubby to eat!–so I went and got a new muffin pan-now I’m in business! This is on my favorites list for sure-and I’ll definitely be making them for the church Christmas fair bake sale-I just know they’ll disappear quick.
    God Bless You Peabody!!!! You’re making my bake sale baking list SO much easier!!!!!!! :)

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