Cheers to life….

I think far too many people don’t celebrate life.
I used to be like that. I used to be the person who never used their good dishes unless it was some super duper special occasion. Never broke open the good bottle of wine I bought. Never wanted my picture taken because I’m too fat. Always thought I would be happier if I had more money, was skinner, had a home, better car, etc….
And then I switched. I still don’t use my good dishes every day but far more than the average person. I mean they are just too pretty to not!
If I buy wine, I drink that wine. I don’t let it sit around for forever….because I might not be around for forever.
I stand and smile in whatever picture I am in. For that is me, and where I am at this point in life. Sure I may be a chunkster but my body is healthy enough for me to play hockey, go to the gym a few times a week and can do what I like to make it do.
More money is always good, though I tend to find the more you make the more you spend, so really it is all relative.
I don’t think any person is truly happy at whatever size you are. You always seem to be in quest for those last 10 pounds. Well, no one is perfect, not even you. And perfection is never going to happen.
I got a home, and on this one I must say that I am happier not to have to listen to my upstairs neighbors and what have you. But saying that there comes much more responsibility and worries.
Gone are my days of drooling over BMW’s and Mercedes. I drive a Ford Focus…that is paid for. It gets me to and from where I need to go. It gets great gas mileage. If something breaks on it(which so far never has…knock on wood) it is fairly inexpensive compared to when I owned a “nice” car. Sure no one is starring at me and saying, gee I wish I had that car. But then again I don’t have a $500 a month car payment and have to give my right arm up if something breaks down on it.
I’m always fascinated by interviews of a lot famous people who are older. Many of them grew up in poverty. In their interviews I find it interesting that they all say how happy their childhood was because they didn’t know they were poor. They didn’t know any different. I often wonder how much happier the world would be today if there was no media to be pushing to see all the “things” they are missing out on.
Now before you think I am some non-materialistic hippie(not that there is anything wrong with that), I am not. I am pretty darn materialistic, I own Louis Vuitton purses for goodness sake! But I strive each day to truly appreciate all that I have and try not to worry about all that I don’t have.
So here is a recipe to help you celebrate all the little things in life. If you are thinking that is a drink, you would be wrong. That is a dessert…a Prosecco Gelatina to be exact. Yep Jello. Nicest looking Jello I have ever had….and the most expensive.
Cheers to all of you!

Blackberry and Prosecco Gelatina

1 ½ cups granulated sugar
1 ¼ cups water
1 750ml bottle prosecco
2(1/4 ounce packages) powder gelatin
1 pint blackberries

In a medium saucepan, stir together the sugar and water until the sugar has dissolved. Add the prosecco. Bring the mixture to a boil over medium heat, lower the heat to a simmer. Continue to simmer for 10 minutes to boil off the alcohol. Remove the pan from the heat and add powder gelatin. Whisk to incorporate. Allow to cool at room temperature for 15 minutes.
Refrigerate gelatina until it is cold and beginning to thicken 1 ½ to 2 hours; it should be wobbly when shaken, not fully set, but strong enough to suspend the fruit.
As soon as gelatina has begun to thicken, add the blackberries(or fruit of your choice) and divide the mixture evenly among 6 dessert or juice glasses(I used champagne flutes). Refrigerate until fully set, 2 hours.

Adapted from Dolce Italiano: Desserts from the Babbo Kitchen by Gina De Palma

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  1. Absolutely agree with you. Enjoy what you have, today.
    You are wise lady…some people never figure this out.

  2. Peabody, I couldn’t have said it better myself – it’s time for ALL of us to just enjoy life while we can!!

    That Blackberry and Prosecco Gelatina? Epitome of elegance. Cheers!

  3. I am so impressed by this post! you’ve summed it up so well:) I myself think I plan ahead a lot..sometimes its just good to live in the moment and enjoy life:) Thanks for reminding all of us about that eternal and elusive truth!!

  4. Lovely post- you are so right!
    I am with you all the way! Suck the marrow out of life and be happy in the small moments!

  5. I’m a big fan of yours, Pea, and have been for quite a while. My admiration for your gets stronger everyday.
    What a beautiful post, you are so damn right!

  6. What a good post for the beginning of a new year. Well done Pea!! I say AMEN to all that you wrote about. Life is just too darn short to sweat all the small stuff. If I can find an easier way of doing something I do it, I use my best dinner service every day cos I believe my hardworking husband and my hardworking self deserve to eat off those lovely white plates, and man to me food takes on a completely different look on a good white plate!!! Now that champagne glass of yours Ms Rudd….that is an item I am now coveting in my old/middle age!!It is the most beautifully elegant glass I have ever seen. The gelatina inside looks seriously good as well and seeing as its summer here I am going to have to give that a try soonest. Oh ya, I still wont go infront of the camera. I am always the one taking the pix so that there arent any of fat me… you are ahead of me there. Hugs from Colleen

  7. Happy new year Peabody! Please stop making me want to eat sweet things, I’m trying to lose weight ;)

  8. Fond of Snape sent me :) Great post..i especially agree with the car part. I stopped buying those expensive cars and get a more practical car since I drive 100 miles a day!

  9. Loved reading this post. We all need to remember these sentiments.

  10. What an amazing, honest and lovely post. Cheers!

  11. How inspirational! I’ll admit – I don’t drink the wine (or I drink one glass and then it goes to vinegar because I’m too busy to drink anymore) and I worry about my weight (though less than I used to). Still, I think I’m moving in a good direction. I’m coming up on 23, so I still have plenty of time to enjoy life later, right?


  12. Cheers to our good lives Peabody!!


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