Death By Chocolate….

So I was nudged to enter a contest over at Culinate by one of their readers…or so their email told me. When I found out that I could enter a past post I was all over it, as time is not my friend as of late(how is it already February 1st!). Needless to say I searched my site for what said Death by Chocolate(the theme) to me. And though there were some worthy candidates, I ended up going with my Hot Chocolate Cake. Because really, is there anything more comforting than hot chocolate? I think not.
Now normally I would not enter something like this. I mean sure I enter food blogging events but we don’t ever really win anything usually…just pride. And I am good with pride as a gift.
However, this contest was a little too good to pass up….The Culinate Death by Chocolate Contest sends one reader, and one food blogger, on a trip for two to Napa Valley to attend the Copia Center¢â¬â„¢s annual Death by Chocolate Festival on Feburary 23, 2008, featuring a day of chocolate and wine tasting, demonstrations by pastry chefs, and other sessions with chocolate aficionados and experts.
Why am I trying to win this? Besides the obvious reason of chocolate being involved, I will now tug on your heart strings to say that my husband and I have not been on a trip together in over 4 years and the last one was for a day and a half to Sea World.
If you are a food blogger, I encourage you to enter, I mean the more the merrier! But if you are not entering, and you are feeling generous, I hope you will throw a vote my way!



  1. 1-i want that mug, and i want it now.
    2-i need to stop coming to your blog so early in the morning…it’s just not natural to crave chocolate cake so soon in the day.

    now if you’ll excuse me, my oven has preheated and i’ve got some hot chocolate that needs baking. :)

  2. My wife would both love and hate you for this beautiful dessert! She would love you because chocolate and peppermint is her favorite combination. She would hate you for putting it in a piggy cup ;)

    Beautiful entry I think you will place well!

  3. Best of luck on that contest- This recipe sure sounds like a winner to me!

  4. Oh my! Lovely! Good Luck!

  5. That little bit about Sea World just tugs at the heart strings, doesn’t it? That coupled with the pig mug just might earn you my vote…

  6. Good luck, Peabody! I hope you and your hubby get to go to Napa — this is a wonderful recipe.

  7. I love that mug! So cute!

  8. This is a winning dessert. Good luck in the contest :)

  9. I wish you good luck ! I have an entry too but all I wish is for a Daring Baker to win this event!

  10. Oh WOW, one glance at this photo and I was instantly craving chocolate cake. It looks amazing!!!! Good luck in the contest!!!

  11. Fantastic – and good luck…!

  12. Best of luck to you! I think you’ve got a great chance.

  13. I just went to register so I can vote for you – this is one of my favorite recipes of yours! I came “thisclose” to making it for everyone I know for Christmas.

  14. The pig is so cute! and the cake looks delicious! Good luck!

  15. I love that mug! And it all looks so yummy.

  16. Peabody, my heart strings were truly plucked! You deserve a vacation!
    I think you have an excellent chance with this recipe as it is original and sounds devilishly delicious!
    Don’t forget to send us all a post card when you are in the Napa Valley!

  17. Death by chocolate…yes! Good luck!

  18. you’ll have to post again next week to remind us all to vote!!!

  19. it’s always refreshing to visit your site and read about the wonderful things you make….in all their full-flavor deliciousness.

  20. mmmm… hot chocolate cake, what could be better? GL w/the contest!

  21. Crossing my fingers and cheering you on! Win, Win, Win!

    Okay – now down to business…the mug? tooo cute!

  22. Oh I do love that Piggy mug. What a great photo. I would’ve entered this myself had I not found out about it YESTERDAY! :)

  23. the pig! is adorable! and full of delicious cake!

    i just found you and am totally charmed by the pig. my vote is yours.

  24. I will one up you Pea – I am still waiting on dear Hubs to make good on our honeymoon trip, a year and a half after our wedding…

    Although I will admit, I’m still voting for ya, because that entry is amazing. Good luck!

  25. Nemmie…never been on a honeymoon either.

  26. oh my goodness. I’d not thought of using hot chocolate in baking, but it makes sooo much sense. V. cute mug…but you know that :)


  27. OMG I love love love that mug!! Where did you get it? I love FUN mugs!
    Death by chocolate sounds great…You have an amazing site!! I wish I could take better pictures of my foods!! NICE JOB

  28. Ooooh, Pea. Okay then, I feel ya. You totally earned that Napa Valley vacation then!

  29. That looks heavenly! I love the way you presented it in that mug! I hope you get the vacation!

  30. Wouldn’t a trip to this event be just what February needs.Good luck in the contest!!!! This looks like a winner!!!!

  31. Great entry! When you win, tell me and I’ll meet you at Copia. If you and your sweetie have extra time, you could come stay at our place a day or two and tour the Sonoma wine country.
    BTW, that pig is still the cutest in the blogosphere.

  32. I remember that one sending me in a hot chocolate cake craving! Great choice!

  33. In a way it is almost a good thing that I am not elibible to submit an entry or vote, as it would be so hard to choose among the wonderful entries from all my wonderful online friends! Just thought thought of it is stressful!
    I had this recipe bookmarked at some point, but lost it, so I am so glad you brought it back out again! It looks divine!

  34. Yes, that one is good!!

  35. Looks totally decadent! Good luck!

  36. Good luck, Gracie! I signed up just so I could vote for my beautiful and talented DB’ing sweethearts!


  37. I do hope you win! This looks delicious!

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