Time to Make the Doughnuts….

People really wanted to fry some dough. Helen and I were blown away by the response that our little doughnut event got!
What was even greater is that so many people had never made them before. They dragged out the oil and braved making doughnuts. So glad we could help you push the limits.
The variety was outstanding. Yeast, baked, cake, filled, fried, heart shaped…you name it, we got it. And now we pass the goodness on to you.
If your blog name fell alphabetically between M and Z then you are on my post. If your blog name fell alphabetically between A and L, then you are on Helen’s post. We did see a couple people link to us but we never got an email. If this is you or we some how missed you, PLEASE let us know and we will add you.
You have so many doughnuts to chose from…so without further ado…here are all the wonderful doughy creations!



Marija from Belgrade, Serbia made our first batch of doughnuts. Her blog is Palachinka.

Pumpkin Donuts with Powdered Sugar Glaze and Spiced Sugar Donut Holes

Mary of Shazam in the Kitchen made us these beautiful pumpkin doughnuts. Since they are pumpkin, and pumpkin is a vegetable…they have to be healthy…right?

Estonian curd cheese doughnuts aka kohupiimapont…¡ikud

Pille of Nami-Nami makes us an Estonian treat that she says is the comofort food of all Estonian kids. I can see how. She also said that it is best not to tell you how many calories are in these….my favorite kind!

Red Grapefruit Curd Filled Donuts

I was happy to see the vegan bloggers getting in on this one. Dayna of Vegan Visitor made these gorgeous Red Grapefruit Curd Filled Donuts. She was all about making donuts as she too is not into conforming to the January=diet mode.


Ann from Redacted Recipes made Zeppoli(Italian doughnuts). Even better is she used a recipe from one of my favorite cookbooks, Dessert By The Yard.

World’s Easiest Donuts

Ryley or That’s My Cake…and Dog! shows us that doughnuts don’t need to be hard with her World’s Easiest Doughnuts. Easy sounds good to me.

Italian Donuts

Chris from Mele Cotte tempts us with Italian Doughnuts…that were filled with Nutella(swoon)!

Yeasted Baked Doughnuts

Susan from Wild Yeast broke out the yeast for us with her Yeasted Baked Doughnuts. They are baked…so you can eat twice as many. :)


Kelly is a member of the Daring Bakers…but has no blog. She uses the Official Daring Baker Non-Blogging Member Blog which the group provides for non-bloggers. I think it is great that she participated.

Cider and spice doughnut drops

Janie of the Rustic Kitchen makes some of my all time favorites… cider and spice doughnut drops. These are great because you don’t even need a doughnut cutter!

Beignets Souffles

Judy of Judy’s Gross Eats(I always laugh at that name…since there is nothing gross about her eats) made these glorious Beignets Souffles(they just sound so fancy!)

Cashewnut Doughnut

Vineela from Vineela’s Cuisine made these adorable heart shaped cashew nut doughtnuts. Cashews in doughnuts…now that is a great idea.

Just Doughnuts

Aparna from My Diverse Kitchen offers up a variety of toppings for her doughnuts. Her coffee glaze would go over really well in these parts.

Spiced Potato Doughnuts

Danielle of Sweet and Savory Eats shows us how a potato can be just more than a french fry! I think I like her Spiced Potato Doughnuts over french fries any day.


Baked Sour Cream Doughnuts

Sarah of What Smells So Good? took on a doughnut war(so to speak) to see if she could make a healthier doughnut. And she did with her Baked Sour Cream Doughnuts…which were a good 130 calories less than Krispy Kreme.

Sweet Potato Doughnuts

Lore from Natural Cuisine shows that sweet potatoes are more than just something to have as a side…with her Sweet Potoato Doughnuts. Now that is the way to eat your vegetables.

 Valentine Donuts

Jennifer of Oye Cookie! went above the call of duty and ventured to Sur la Table just to buy heart shaped cutters. The result? Cute heart shaped rose water glazed doughnuts. Fantastic.

Chocolate Cake Doughnuts

 Laurie of Quirky Cupcake(you might know her from Cupcake Hero) departed from cupcakes to bring us these lovely star shaped Chocolate cake doughnuts.

Orange Drop Doughnuts

Mrs. L(my Adopt a Blogger!) of Pages, Pucks and Pantry stepped up and tried her hand at doughnuts….so glad she did. What we got were these yummy Orange Drop doughnuts…that again…don’t have to have a cutter.

Banana Stuffed Doughnuts

Deborah from The “Humble” Housewife was inspired by her fruit bowl to make these Banana stuffed Doughnuts. They are inspiring indeed!

Cinnamon Cake Donuts

Madam Chow of Madam Chow’s Kitchen who made her doughnuts with bread flour when she realized she was out of all-purpose. All was good though as they tasted…well tasty.


Deborah from Taste and Tell send fried doughnut love in the shape of a heart. She too used the Sherry Yard recipe so you know they were fabulous!

Blackberry & White Chocolate Long Johns

Emiline of Sugar Plum made these gorgeous Blackberry & White Chocolate Long Johns. I have never had a Blackberry Long John but I want one really bad now.

Saffron doughnuts with rose icing and pistachio nuts

Linda from Make Life Sweeter! tried, tried and tried again she got her doughnuts right. Now that is dedication. What she got were these beautiful Saffron Doughnuts with rose icing and pistachio nuts.

Apple Fritters

Cara from the Picky Apple makes, what else, Apple Fritters. If I am at the doughnut store chances are that I am going for a apple fitter…so I was glad to see another recipe for them.

Dunkin Doughnuts

Miri of Room for Dessert recreates one of Americas favorite doughnuts…Dunkin Doughnuts. The vanilla glazed ones especially catching my eye.

Homemade Doughnuts with Powdered Sugar & Raspberry Jam

Kelly from Sass & Veracity had these Homemade Doughnuts with Powdered Sugar & Raspberry Jam calling her name…and if you listen carefully they are calling your name too!


Raspberry Filled No-Knead Doughnuts

Susan of Sticky, Gooey, Creamy, Chewy made some sticky and gooey(well more like oozing) Raspberry Filled No-Knead Doughnuts. She stepped out of her comfort zone and made doughnuts for the first time.


Orange Drop Doughnuts

Eliza of Notes from My Food Diary makes some homemade goodness with these tasty looking Orange Drop Doughnuts…homemade goodenss indeed.

Yeast Doughnuts with Chocolate and Maple Glaze

Holly from PheMOMenon squeezed in time these gorgeous Yeast Doughnuts with Chocolate and Maple Glaze. Oh how excited I was when I saw maple glazed. Put a Canadian near a doughnut and cover it with maple…you best take cover.



Emma of The Chef and The Photographer made a dish that is dear to my heart, Sopaipillas. It is one of the things that I do miss from Arizona…a good sopaipilla.

Bomboloni all’Arancia with Orange-Rum Custard

Bomboloni all’Arancia with Orange-Rum Custard is what Michelle of Us vs. Food made. I can’t pronounce it but I sure want to eat them!!! This is the best batch of doughnuts she has ever made…and I can see why.

The Great Doughnut Adventure(aka Apple Cider Doughnuts)

Emiglia of Tomato_Kumato pulled out one of the recipes from my archives to make The Great Doughnut Adventure(aka Apple Cider Doughnuts). After a bit of a trying start she got into a rhythm and ended up with some great doughnuts…and even great tasting “rejects’.

Kala Jamun

Judith from Shortcut to Mushrooms makes a doughnut called Kala Jamun which uses pancake mix….I will never look at pancake mix the same way knowing that they could be a doughnut!

Chocolate Cake Doughnuts and Filled Doughnuts

Jen Yu of Use Real Butter was a super over-achiever and made not one, but two types of doughnuts….Filled Doughnuts
 and Chocolate Cake Doughnuts. I am especially in love with the chocolate ones because they look so much like Dunkin Donut Munchkins that I loved as a kid(and well, adult!).

Long Johns

Julie of The Persnickety Palate made doughnuts that would have my mother beating down her door. Gorgeous cream filled, chocolate glazed Long Johns whose yeasted dougnut recipe I am dying to try because hers looks fantastic.!


  1. Peabody this turned out to be an out of sight event! It’s great fun to see so many different doughnuts and recipes!
    Great job here!!

  2. Wow! So many donuts! There goes my diet! :) Thanks for hosting this event and rounding up all the tasty treats – even if it says 3:15AM! my my my. :)

  3. Whoah – that’s a lot of doughnuts!!! Impressive!

  4. Amazing number of doughnuts! It’s going to take me all day, but I intend to go and read each and every post. Thanks so much for hosting…! I wonder how much hot oil you and Helen were responsible for? :-)

  5. I was also impressed to read how many people had never made donuts. I thought I would be one of a few who fried sweets for the first time. Great idea and thanks for pushing so many of us beyond our own limits. Beautiful round up!

  6. This is a totally drool worthy display of donuts! Thanks for hosting such a fun event that stretched so many of our comfort limits.

  7. Thanks so much to you and Helen for putting this fat fest together! The round up is great and once I lose these extra few pounds I’ve found over the past couple of weeks, I’ll be sure to try some more.

  8. Its just cruel to look at this before I have eaten this morning. They all look so fantastically good. I was one of the newbs to making doughnuts, so thank you for giving me a reason to do it! Delicious round-up!

  9. You guys did an excellent job with the round up, Gracie! I haven’t made it over to Helene’s yet, but if her list is as extensive as this one then I don’t see myself ever leaving my kitchen until I’ve made each variety of doughnut! Who knew I would be so enamored of so many different doughnuts.. wow.

    Well done everyone.. WELL! DONE! :)


  10. I’m sorry I missed out on this event, but I’ll happily drool over everyone’s entries! Good going Peabody!

  11. What a great round up!! Now I want some more doughnuts!

  12. Hmphhh…Thanks! I’ve now drooled all over my keyboard… Its really not good to see fabulous donuts first thing in the morning…

    :::putting down oatmeal and running out the door to the closest Dunkin Donuts::: :)

    Nive event turn out!

  13. Thanks for a great event and putting the round up together. I love seeing all of the different types of donuts and regional specialties. Yum!!!

  14. Mmmm, so much deep fried goodness. Thanks for the round up!

  15. And I absolutely loved drooling at the photos. Great event!

  16. Hubba Hubba Hubba! I’ll take one of each, please!

  17. mmmm doughnuts (homer simpson voice)

  18. Hi Peabody,
    Thanks for a doing a delicious roundup.

  19. Yummy..these look great too…where to begin??

  20. wowza – it really *was* time to make the donuts! what we need now is a donut exchange. who’s in?

  21. My dear…what a fantastic round up! I am going to miss chatting with you in the middle of the night! So many recipes to try now!

  22. I’m amazed at all of these doughnuts!
    I kind of want to make some more, now. Usually I end up throwing away the last of my baked goods, but the doughnuts were eaten in 2 days.

  23. wow, this page is like a sugar rush! you guys could offer serious competition to Dunkin and Krispy Kreeme!!:D

  24. Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy. See, the problem is now I will have to try so many of these recipes that the doughnut-ty love is going to continue for months! As for putting maple near a canadian, my mom was raised in Quebec, so what’s a girl to do? Thanks for an awesome event and beautiful round-up. I am so glad I got to join in.

  25. I’m amazed at the variety of fried treats! Skinny jeans, be damned, it’s time to eat the donuts!

  26. Man, I think I’m hungry now!

  27. Now which one shall I try first?

  28. What a fantastic round-up! So many dough-nuts…I saw one kind missing though…crullers! They’re my fave.

  29. what a great round up! thanks for hosting this event and pushing me to try one more new thing in the kitchen :)

  30. Thanks for hosting this event with Tartelette – I have enjoyed reading the posts, and never knew that there were so many types of donuts!

  31. thank you for the great round-up! what a feast to the eyes, i have to make sure i try some of these recipes :)

  32. Great event and wonderful round-up! Even though we just got the doughnuts out of the house, I’m drooling looking at all these beauties.

  33. ahh!! I just posted (well, in my previous post) about jelly-donut cupcakes… I should have entered, no? :0(

  34. Wow what an incredible response…they would put Tim Horton’s out of business :D

  35. Who knew there were so many kinds of doughnuts? Although mine were baked, I’m definitely up for breaking out the hot oil sometime very soon. Thanks to you and Tartelette for hosting this mouth-watering event!

  36. Oh, wow, I’m sorry to have missed this.
    I don’t eat doughnuts much these days, but now I want one. What a great collection – better than Krispy Kremes any day of the week.

  37. Great roundup! Too bad I couldn’t take part this time. Now which one should i try first?

  38. great round-up you and tartelette have put together! thanks for hosting….this was a lot of fun!!

  39. Peabody, thank you so much for co-hosting this event! My guess is everyone had a bunch of fun, I know I did.

  40. You two did such a fabulous job with this–thanks so much!


  41. Yum what a delicious roundup. :D I hope you guys have this doughnut event again at some point.

  42. What a marvelous event! I’m sorry I couldn’t take part ( I would have made cake donuts). All of the participants made such fabulous donuts. Brava to all of you!

  43. i’m so sad i missed this event! all these treats look so delicious, what a great round-up!

  44. This was SO much fun, and having never made doughnuts before, thanks to you and Helene for the idea. I’m drooling over all these luscious doughnuts. Jeez. Unbelievable!


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