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So on our “camping” trip to Portland we ate a place that I found on Chowhound. It had lots of positive comments and it was only about 3 blocks from our hotel, um I mean campsite. I wont go into a review of the restaurant as I will have that up on my other blog in about a month. Other blog? Yep, crazy Peabody will have yet another food blog starting June 1st. Now I will give you many more details in an upcoming post(I’m having a giveaway) but it is called Northwest Noshings. It is all things Northwest food. From restaurant reviews to Northwest cooking…and there will be no baking on it. Enough of that for now.
So the restaurant specializes in comfort food and the minute I saw the menu I spied the word Key Lime Pie and was a happy girl. For key lime(as long time readers know) is one of my all time favorites. It was completely old school, graham cracker crust with tangy key lime filling and whipped cream pilled sky high. It was heavenly. I craved it the rest of the weekend. That craving never went away and so I decided the best thing to do would be to make it. I needed to see if the bad ju-ju was gone anyway.
For my version though I did not go old school. My crust has coconut and pecans in it and my key lime filling has mascarpone cheese in it which produces a lighter texture. It has made for a wonderful breakfast, lunch and mid-afternoon snack so far today. :P
You will all be happy to know that my ju-ju has swung back towards the good end. I had no problems with this concoction as it did cooperate all around. :)

Peabody’s Camping Key Lime Pie with Coconut-Pecan Graham Cracker Crust

1/2 cup key lime juice, fresh if possible
1/4 cup heavy whipping cream
1/3 cup Mascarpone cheese, room temperature
1 can (14 ounces) sweetened condensed milk
1 to 2 teaspoons finely grated lime or key lime zest, divided
5 egg yolks
whipped cream, for garnish
1 coconut-pecan graham cracker pie shell(recipe follows)

Whisk sweetened condensed milk with the egg yolks. Whisk in Mascarpone cheese. Stir in whipping cream and lime juice. Stir in 1 to 1 1/2 teaspoons lime zest. Pour into a prepared graham cracker crust and bake at 325° for 15 to 20 minutes.

Coconut-Pecan Graham Cracker Crust

1 ¾ cups crushed graham cracker crumbs
1/3 cup sweetened coconut flakes
1/3 cup sugar
1/3 cup pecans
7-8 TBSP melted butter

In a food processor, blend together graham cracker crumbs, coconut, sugar and pecans. You want to make sure that none of the coconut is visible. Add about 7 TBSP melted butter. Pulse a few times. If it seems like it needs more butter add the remaining TBSP. Pour contents into a pie pan and press to form a shell. I used 4 mini pie shells.
Bake crust for 10 minutes at 400F. If you are using the mini pie pans, prebaking is not necessary.

I served my pie with whipped cream, a little leftover lime zest and plated with some of Fran’s Raspberry Sauce.



  1. While cherries are my all-time favorite of the fruits, I must admit my favorite pie of all time is key lime (thanks to my mother: we used to sneak out by ourselves once a month, and have a slice of key lime pie at our favorite diner in town).

    Beautiful pie, Pea. Glad the curse is gone!

  2. i love key lime! coconut-pecan crust sounds most excellent. looking forward to your other blog…i’m always looking for places to check out when i visit my parents (who live in the seattle area as well)!

  3. It’s one year since I’ve had any key lime baked goodies. I think it time to end that streak! The filling looks great! :)

  4. Very nice! I am really looking forward to the new blog. As an old NW gal myself I take an active interest in the food around there. (Please check out all the bakeries for me too! I have a thing for bakeries, whether I can eat there or not!)

  5. OMG, that pie looks extremely delicious! I love citrusy desserts… With the mascarpone and the coconut-pecan crust, it must taste heavenly!



  6. I love the idea of the coconut-pecan crust, that sounds just delicious! Glad that you got your ju-ju back!

  7. Sounds lovely! I like the addition of coconut too. We also went camping this past weekend to Key Largo and had some key lime pie. of course right? well, it was terrible! i should have brought my own!

  8. Oh my goodness! You have taken pictures of HEAVEN! Ahhhh… key lime pie is seriously a freaking GIFT. And yours looks amazing, as always. YUM!

  9. Welcome back from your trip!! How wonderful that you found Key Lime Pie on the menu at Northwest Noshings!!

    Your Camping Key Lime Pie looks so refreshing – my dad’s favorite pie-variety is Key Lime, so I’m sure he’d DEFINITELY love this pie! :0)

  10. Key lime pie is one of my favorites, yet I rarely have it, go figure! Your version looks like it has an almost cheesecake-like texture, it looks delicious!

  11. Um, can I come camping with you? ;) This key lime pie looks delicious…I love them thick and tangy!

  12. I can’t wait to read your new blog, especially as I have a business trip coming up in the area and will need good suggestions where to go to eat.

    And this pie looks so summer!

  13. I love key lime and this really makes me want to make something tart today. Yum! Oh, and another blog? That is wonderful!

  14. that is a gorgeous slice of key lime! the mascarpone makes it so fluffy looking. glad to hear your er, camping, trip went well!

  15. Key Lime means summers coming. Glad you got your mojo back. Did you rub on someones pans or something ?:-)

  16. I’ve never had key lime anything! I really must get on that! Looking forward to seeing your new site!

  17. These are beautiful! And I can’t wait for the new site since we are going to be moving to that area. Keep us posted.

  18. That’s my kind of camping! I hope you didn’t get too many bug bites.

    The pie looks delicious. Way better than the camping food my parents used to rehydrate over a Coleman stove.

  19. You always crack me up! Hey, are those mini pie dishes? That is so cute, I love it. I’m a huge fan of lime or lemon desserts – something about the combo of creamy and tangy and sweet… Your idea of camping is a riot ;)

  20. Key lime pie is my absolute favorite and my dad’s, too. In fact I might steal this and make it for him this weekend when we visit.

  21. I think I need to adopt your style of camping… The pie looks great!

  22. Coincidence! I was just thinking about key lime pie yesterday b/c I saw them at the grocery store (I guess we do have a few nifty things available here in FL), and we just booked a hotel in Key West for memorial day weekend. I’m going to find out where to get the best pie down there…I’ve never been. But now, I think I should just make one myself in anticipation of the trip.

  23. yep, that looks like an any-or-all-meal type of food to me…

    …preferably all. :)

  24. I’m a huge key lime fan too. Your version looks fabulous and I love your additions to the crust!

  25. I’m glad your ju-ju is finally gone!

  26. From a fellow key lime lover, this sounds deliciuos! And I can’t wait to see your new blog – I’ve always wondered what kinds of foods get cooked in your kitchen!

  27. Peabody…if you baked this in a single pie plate, would you use a 9 inch? and would you adjust the baking times? I’ve made key lime pie many times but never with mascarpone and whipping cream, but this sounds heavenly which is why I am wondering about increasing the baking time. Thanks!

  28. I have been a Key Lime Pie addict since I moved to the US, can’t get enough!! This one would totally make the camping trip worthwhile!! Good luck with the new site, I am excited to check the area through your writing for when I (hopefully) make it that way one day!

  29. I love the way you go camping! And I’m a sucker for a good key lime pie, too. Your pie looks luscious, as always.

  30. I’d love to try an actual key lime pie, I make lime pie and love it, but sometimes I wonder what the real key limes are like, yum!

    Looking forward to your new blog as well – two blogs crazy woman! :) :)

  31. yum! I love key lime pie! Will have to try this!

  32. Oh my GAWD! Another wonderful Key Lime Pie recipe to add to my collection.

    The BEST dessert on the planet . . . Key Lime Pie.

    By the way, Trader Joe’s (if one is in your area) has a small mesh bag of key limes for a very reasonable price.

    My wife and I will be trying you method this weekend. Thanks!

  33. love key lime pie. wat a classic. a generous portion, a bottle of good beer, out in the sun with the smell of the bbq. that’s the life! x

    p/s i totally have dessert before the main course

  34. Your pie looks amazing! You are such a wonderful chef and photographer. It seems photographing food is just as hard as baking the food.
    I look forward to your new blog. My grandparents live on Magnolia Blvd, in Seattle; many fond memories over there. And yes, Seattle has so many wonderful places to eat and explore. I miss those Frango Mints (are they still around?)

  35. I think you have me beat. My camping staples are usually hot dogs, smores and beer. I mix it up with some foil pockets of grilled veggies and grilled filet now and again because I can’t entirely let go of my high-maintenance self even in the wilderness. Good luck with your new blog; I’m sure it will be another success.

  36. Anything lime is a hit with me. They look so delicious. I’m looking forward to reading your new blog, too, since I grew up in the Seattle area and lived in Portland for several years. I’m a Pacific Northwest gal and always will be!

  37. This is so fitting. A spot my coworkers and I frequent on Thursdays for Happy Hour has a To Die For Martini called “Key Lime Pie” and it is what I imagine this pie would taste like pureed in a blender.
    I am adding this to my “to make” list immediately.

  38. yum. fitting for me right now cause i just made an amazing key lime cheesecake with coconut crust. the flavor of key limes, creamy mascarpone and i used greek yogurt as well was heavenly!

  39. oh, i love me some key lime pie! this recipe looks great and i will have to try it.

    have you ever had frozen key lime pie? i fell in love with it at the “lime inn” a fabulous little restaurant on the island of st. john in the usvi (where we were married!). i’ve almost got it replicated, and it’s very similar to this :-) try it frozen! so yummy!

  40. Oh, goodness, I’m drooling and having such a key lime craving right now! *saves in the ‘to try’ folder* :D

  41. oooh…yum! This looks yummy! Glad you got your juju back!

  42. I’ve never liked key lime pie but it is my dad’s favorite ever…I think I’ll send this to him to tempt him and make it for him…It looks beautiful!

  43. Recipe sounds really good, and you got pictures to prove it!!! Looks sooooo delicious… :)

  44. I used to call my ex “keylime pie” cuz he’s soo lightskinned with a slight touch of brown around the edges.. he was yummy too! :)

    but your cake! girl your cake looks amazing!! glad i found you!

  45. Peabody – sometimes i think we were separated at birth… our mothers’ sound similar, i’m a huge hockey fan and now it has been revealed that key lime pie makes your heart sing, as it does to mine. well, maybe not separated at birth, but at least i can pretend :) i can’t wait to try this recipe out!

  46. Hi Peabody-I just found your blog, and I love all of the fabulous things you make! It looks like we are neighbors…I live in Mill Creek. I look forward to your new blog, my husband and I are always looking for fun new places to try.

  47. MrsDocChuck says:

    Shhhhhhh…… I’m about to make this pie right NOW while my husband is at his Pilates class.

    He’s been depressed lately and I know this will cheer him up — key lime pie is one of his favorite things (and one of the only things he can still eat).

  48. Pea, I’d love having this for breakfast, lunch and dinner too. It looks and sounds heavenly. I’m a sucker for limes.

  49. Breakfast lunch snack and dinner – now that sounds like a class A++ plan to me! There’d be no chance of it getting stale that way. Looks beautiful Peabody!

  50. I see a lot of decadent baking going on here. Thanks to the bad ju-ju ;)


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