Clothing optional…

Pick up and rock and throw it around the Seattle area and you will either hit a Tanning Salon or a Coffee Shack/Stand/Cafe. With all that competition it appears that some owners have taken on a new marketing strategy. Sex sells.
You no longer need to head to the beach to see an itsy, bisty, teeny, weeny yellow polka dot bikini….you just need to get a double shot espresso. Or a mocha. Or a vanilla latte. Or anything else they sell at your local coffee shack. Yes, Bikini Baristas are all the rage here in the Pacific Northwest(gosh, I’m so proud). And even better, who needs a bikini when you can just wear pasties? Hot Chicka Latte in Bonney Lake, WA features “Pasties Tuesday.” Make your travel plans now out of towners, shockingly enough, some people are trying to get those girls covered up!
Giving new meaning to “perking up” your day,  the ladies are not without support. I have seen many a fine looking gentleman(cough, cough) throwing his support towards these women on the local news. In fact they even formed Supporters of Bikini Baristas of America to combat all the negative protest that have been going on. Power to the people.
In all seriousness, I could really care less about the bikini girls. They advertise it quite predominately outside of the shack so I know to stay clear so that I can get a nipple free latte some where else. If girls want to shake their goodies while they make your goodies, I suppose that is what it means to be a free country.
So in honour of our recent controversy I made this lovely chocolate chip espresso shortbread. It is simple and more importantly has no eggs(I was out). Oh and you will be happy to know, I made these while being fully clothed. :P

P.S. If anyone knows why Tastespotting had to go down, please let me know. I am bummed, I loved that site. :(

P.P.S. Enjoy this after a lovely dinner of Crab Macaroni and Cheese.

 Chocolate Chip Espresso Shortbread

1 ½ sticks butter, at room temperature
½  cup sugar
½  teaspoon pure vanilla extract
1 ½  cups all-purpose flour
1 TBSP espresso powder
1 ½ TBSP dark unsweetened cocoa powder
½ cup semi sweet chocolate chips

Special Equipment: 9 by 9 inch baking pan
Preheat the oven to 350 degrees F.
Cream the butter and sugar together until light and fluffy. Add the vanilla extract and mix for 30 seconds. Next add the flour, espresso powder and cocoa powder and mix until the dough is smooth, about 1 minute.

Spray the shortbread pan with cooking spray and scatter the chocolate chips across the bottom of the pan. Gently press the dough evenly into the espresso covered pan. Place the pan into the top half of the oven and bake until the shortbread is set, about 18 to 20 minutes. Remove from the oven and let cool 15 minutes.

Using a sharp paring knife score the top of the still warm but cooling short bread. Cut in any size you prefer, we like 2 inch squares. Run a butter knife around the edge of the pan and invert onto a cutting board. Give 1 sharp rap and the shortbread will release from the pan. Let cool an additional 10 minutes.

Source: Adapted from the Food Network



  1. I can see that shortbread isn’t ever going to be the same again…

    A piece of that, and an industrial-strength cup of coffee – bliss!

  2. These cookies look amazing.
    The bikini controversy made the national news recently. I thought it was funny.

  3. Wow those look and sound great. They will be perfect for a brunch I am hosting next week. How perfect with a cup of espresso or coffee. Thanks for the great recipe!

  4. Now this is my kind of shortbread!! Exceptional Pea!

    I noticed that Tastespotting was down too which put me in a bit of a bad mood because I loved it. If you find out more. Keep me informed!

  5. Hi Peabody – I lovelovelove your blog. I have never commented, but have been admiring your site a very long time indeed! Tastespotting is no longer accessible through Notcot (who was operating it) and sadly it is no longer. What a loss; it was an amazing site.
    As usual, your brownies look amazing!

  6. Good morning,
    Tastespotting note this am., reads due to legal complicatons it will no longer be operating, boo hoo. I guess issues with unauthorized photos etc.,
    too bad, was one of my many stops through the day, your blog being first pea…

  7. Seriously? Ridiculous.

    And yeah, what’s the deal with tastespotting? I was addicted to that site.

  8. All I keep thinking is the heat… my god the heat!!! (for you Seinfeld fans)

    I worked in a Diedrich coffee years ago, and can’t imagine wearing a bikini doing so. Wayyyy too much steam going on there. Also, I would vote for Pastries Tuesday, not Pasties… but that’s just me…

  9. Wow that shorbread looks delicious

  10. This bikini trend wouldn’t seem so weird in Honalulu or Miami but Seattle? How many bikini weather days do you really get a year? And, what do the male baristas where?

    Who knew that Hooters and Starbucks could forge such an awkward offspring?

  11. Ha good call on the Hooters and Starbucks combo.

    The shortbread looks awesome. I think you may have converted me.

  12. Okay that was hilarious! Just hilarious. Glad you were clothed while making these.

    Okay you just informed me about Tastespotting, what an absolute bummer. I wonder what the legal problems were. God I loved the food porn on there, not to mention finding new sites that way. Now I really need a latte.

  13. I’m drooling… That shortbread is soooooo scrumptious looking!



  14. The shortbreads look divine Peabody.
    The bikini story is wonderful but your “nipple free latte” is the very best!

  15. I’m scared of the bikini-clad baristas–makes me a little nervous to go to Seattle. These shortbreads, however, could make me change my mind.

  16. Tastespotting down?? Gah! So sad…I loved that site, and loved discovering new blogs that way.

    This shortbread looks scrumptious. :)

  17. I am in mourning for tastespotting. I am not even sure this gorgeous shortbread will help. But dammnit I will pull myself up by my apronstraps and try!!

  18. As a consumer, I approve of clothing optional. As a person in the kitchen where lots of hot stuff could spatter on all the wrong places, I am all for clothing, lol. These look really delicious and I’m a fan of the espresso. Also, R.I.P. tastespotting :-(

  19. Haha, sex DEFINITELY sells; and that Chocolate-Chip-Espresso Shortbread is quite appealing, if you ask me ;0D

    Tastespotting is down?? Noooo!! :0(

  20. I’m bummed about Tastespotting too. I wish there was something we could do to get it back up!

  21. it says legal reasons… copyright violations perhaps? but bikini baristas? i hadn’t heard of that… oh my… i’m afraid i would never get a job there…

  22. I can’t believe you have bikini baristas in Seattle and we don’t have them in California. Talk about backwards ;-)

    I made shortbread chocolate chip cookies last week so I must have been channeling you!

  23. It is so awesome that I get my cultural news from food blogs. I’ve got to get out more. Oh well, the shortbread looks perky enough for me, I’ll take my coffee in a cookie any day.

  24. The shortbread is comforting me after the bad news of Tastespotting being gone. It’s like a death. Just suddenly gone. :(

  25. courtney says:

    The shortbread sounds really good. But it seems like there would be a health issue, or a saftey issue (hot coffee being spilled on barley clothed naughty bits = lawsuit) you have to wonder what kind of workers comp insurance they carry.

  26. Sniff. Goodbye to Tastespotting, one site which never failed to make my tummy rumble. We need a replacement, fast!

  27. I am bummed about TS too :(

    Great looking shortbread!

  28. I was giggling at your post.
    I would think a bikini barista would be sort of a hazardous career path. Imagine spilling your frothed milk…OUCH!

    This shortbread looks so wonderful!

  29. I couldn’t ever work there because I’m a klutz, I’d have burn marks on top of my stretch marks.

  30. Haha! I have never heard of anything like coffee in bikinis…interesting! Shortbread looks amazingly delicious!

  31. MMM, they look so good!

    I seem to remember many years ago hearing about a topless donut shop near Fort Collins, CO. I never stopped in, though, lol.

  32. Wow. I love this shortbread recipe. It looks so good!

  33. I am so bummed about Tastespotting. Where will I get my food porn from?? :(

    Nipple-free latte made me spit-giggle all over my desk!
    These look amazing, and I will have to try them…maybe this weekend. Happy Friday!

  34. I don’t know if this is me or you, but I am getting no (and I mean none!) photo’s on your blog. Good heavens, I hope they aren’t shutting you down too! Oh no!

    The bikini coffee thing was interpreted differently in my head. I thought the buyer had to wear the bikini or pasties. I thought…well, I could strap a couple of Cornish pasties on to my chest, to get a latte and a laugh. But don’t worry, I get it now! I guess the massage parlor or Hooters had to diversify in Seattle!
    So…where are your pictures?

  35. Not sure if this is the reason, but the company that used to run tastespotting was just bought. Maybe they’re revamping it? (fingers crossed…)

  36. I was giggling from the get-go. You’re a trip! Love these shortbreads.

    I am bummed about TS too….kept going back thinking I was typing it in wrong and it was a some other/adifferent TS site that was down…wishful thinking. :(

  37. for some weird reason your pics are not lading, so i cant see any of them, but i read about bikini coffee…hmm, lol … i guess not we cant even take our men out for a decent cupaa coffee :p

  38. Oh dear, **hanging head in shame** As someone who does, in deed, live in Bonney Lake, I feel like I need to apologize to everyone out there for our, um, entrepreneurial taste here. It’s embarrassing.

    But, on a brighter note, that shortbread looks amazing and I must try it!

  39. I love the sketchy coffay shacks with the naughtay girls ;) None of that out here in Mass *grin*

  40. Wow, that’s slightly horrifying… Your story about bikini baristas, that is. Your shortbread on the other hand sounds heavenly!

  41. It’s horrible about Tastespotting. But these shortbread do cheer me up a little.

  42. first of all, YUM! That looks so good! Second of all, I hadn’t heard about TS until I saw your post – such a bummer – I loved it too. Maybe they’ll find a way to work it out.

  43. What a funny idea…bikini baristas??? Who knew! Your shortbread looks delicious though! And yes, my heart sunk too when I found out about tastespotting!

  44. Chocolate, coffee, AND shortbread? Sounds like a new addiction. These could definitely be dangerous!

  45. Ahaha, Sex DOES defiantly sell xD

    Ooooh, and I too am extremely bummed about Tastespotting. I was so addicted to it. I keep checking in hope that it might be back :[

    (I really love your shortbread. Has two of my favorite things!!)

  46. Guess – what – it probably wasn’t copyright violations since these guys appear to have started the exact same thing:!

  47. Wonderful looking shortbread!

  48. Wow I can’t believe they have bikini baristas!

    Espresso shortbread with lots of chocolates chips – yum!

  49. I’ll gladly support the bikini baristas when we have all those men baristas shirtless! Lets hear it for the shirtless baristas!
    For now I’ll just have to explain to my husband why I’m asking for a nipple free latte the next time I get coffee.

  50. Oh that is just so classy! lol

    I have no idea about tastespotting… I was shocked when I went there yesterday and saw the note. is trying to take up the slack!


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