Not baking related….re: 4th of July post

First off if you want to see food, go here to the Raspberry Honey Ice Cream Float post.

Did you know it was your God given right to shoot off fireworks? I got an email letting me know this. Now, I will be the first to admit that I am not up on my bible(I was kicked out of Sunday school after all). So perhaps someone can fill me in where God says go forth my children and shoot off take home fireworks. Make sure to light them by your neighbors house or in a dry, grassy field. Make sure to be drinking large quantities of alcohol while doing so. And lastly, be sure to do this till all hours of the morning to let people know how much you love America. I just must have missed that part. So for those of you well versed in the bible(as I know many of you are) could you please post here where that would be in the bible. Thanks. :)
I received a myriad of comments and email in regards to my 4th of July post. I knew I would. I got some really good ones. And by good ones I don’t mean people agreeing with me, I mean people telling me why they like the 4th of July. The most touching one coming from a woman who’s mother fled Nazi Germany during WWII. They love the 4th of July in her family because it is a reminder to them that they celebrate living in a country that allows them to practice the religion of their choice. This is what I am talking about, a reason, and a good one. It was good to hear. I tried to get her to post it as a comment as this was an email but she never did.
I got a funny(more in an ironic way) email from an ER nurse who worked 4th of July night. One shot off a toe and several others who burnt their appendages. She let me know that everyone of them came in on the sauce.
Then of course there were the negative ones. Not as many as I suspected. I got one anonymous one that I hope they were kidding but they wrote telling me that it was “Anti-American posts like my 4th of July post that help the terrorist. It’s what the terrorist would want.” Wow! Who knew President Bush read my blog. I am touched.
I had Mr. God Given Fireworks Right guy. Thank goodness I don’t live next to him…or do I?
I had a couple call me anti-American. Because I don’t celebrate the 4th. I have a friend who goes to church every week. He hates Christmas(what it has become). Am I too assume he hates Jesus because he hates Christmas? I am thinking no.
And then we have Mr. Melodramatic. He felt the need to let me know he was embarrassed for me. Come to find out I am embarrassed for him. See I deleted his message from moderation. I copied it and wrote to the email he provided but got no response. He of course wrote another message upset that I had deleted his comment. That he read Rose Colored Glasses post and wanted to know why I don’t allow negative comments? Um, I do if they are about how a recipe turned out. Go through the blog Mr. Melodramatic and you will see there are  comments about how something didn’t turn out. I email those people and we try and figure out when wrong. But if people leave a comment that says, gee that looks disgusting, there is no need to put that up. My readers learn nothing from it. Back to why I am embarrassed for him. He told me that he copied his last post and was going to repost it if I deleted him again. Really? Certainly he could be doing something more constructive with his time. He was especially pissed off about the fact that I said I didn’t like the 4th of July because it was close to my birthday. First off, those who actually read this blog know that I tend to be a TAD sarcastic from time to time. That would be one of them. But there is some truth in humor I will admit. I mean, have any of you ever spent not one, not two, but three birthdays completely alone because everyone is out of town? Not one family member and not one friend. It kind of sucks, big time.
But since Mr. Melodramatic is insistent in getting on my blog, I will oblige.
Mr. Melodramatic(aka chris.k.stevenson) wrote:
“Fireworks can be annoying. Drunkards can be annoying. The two together are dangerous. People who don’t understand the incredible significance of the celebration are extremely annoying. And that leads me to the meat of my comment:
I love the 4th because I understand what it’s about, and it is one of the many days throughout the year I am proud to have the freedoms and liberties so many have sacrificed for. It’s an amazing day where we should all personally thank the veterans around us (something that was weird for me at first, but I’ve grown to appreciate).
Some of us keep our flags up for more than a day or week of the year because we actually are thankful. Some of us remember Veteran’s Day, Armistice Day, V-E Day, President’s Day, MLK Jr Day, Memorial Day, Armed Forces Day. And there are other days as well.
To somehow “blame” the 4th for being near your birthday? I apologize for being blunt, but grow the “f” (your word) up. Being selfish around or on the 4th? WOW. “Dear Men and Women of the US who have sacrificed your lives. I guess thanks, but yeah, it’s really inconvenient for me that the 4th is 2 days after my birthday.” Wow. At least be less self-centered to realize it’s worse for your husband on the day after. Or aghast, for those whose birthdays are ON the day (or even the day before).
Your whole post makes it clear that your disdain for others has left you confused. If you truly understood the meaning of the day, you’d put aside those annoyances to celebrate the event and the sacrifices that it stands for in spite of those who are less aware. Maybe you can get a 10 out of 10 on a quiz, but you’ve lost the meaning of those facts and dates.
You may be half American, but I’m fully embarrassed for you.”
I wrote back:
Thanks for stopping by my blog. Which you apparently do not read all that often since I tend to write sarcastically. Feel free not to read it as you obviously don’t get it. Have a lovely day.
Then he left a second comment:
“I recently provided a comment on this thread that you deleted. I found a previous post of yours stating you find no point in people posting negative comments. Why is this? If people can’t provide dissenting opinions on your recipes (ie. “this didn’t work” or “this tasted poorly”) then how do your readers learn? If people can’t express their opposing views to your non-food related posts, why present your opinion? If nothing else, make it clear you will not allow (ie, you will DELETE) all opposing opinions?
PS: I’ve copied this post, I will re-post if necessary.”
I wrote back:
You can copy and repost all you would like if you feel that is a good use of your time. I leave all comments about how recipes turned out, good or bad. My readers learn nothing from you calling me selfish, that doesn’t help them bake.
Again, feel free to stop reading my blog since it bothers you so much.
So there is your moment in the sun Mr. Melodramatic. I am sure all of my readers are much better people for reading that. I know I am.


  1. WOW, Peabody, I applaud you! First of all, this is America – the country of free speech! If someone doesn’t like what you say, then they don’t have to read it! 2nd of all, whoever this melodramatic guy is – sounds like he has major issues with the fact that people, each and everyone of us, have different opinions! We don’t have to agree, but we can agree to disagree!

    Kudos girl. Your number 1 on top of my list!!

  2. I love you, girl!

  3. Hehe… what Mr. Melodramatic posted is pretty funny… and very melodramatic indeed. I wish I had the time to copy and paste comments and be aware if people has deleted them from their blogs or not.

    *Great answers, Peabody!

  4. It’s your blog and you can say what your want. And we are supposedly free. Sorry for the harassment you got. Just continue to Peabody and true to yourself.

  5. Good grief, people need to get a life. I thought you made it perfectly clear that you weren’t condemning the celebration of throwing off the shackles of British oppression, but rather the way people choose to celebrate it–by getting hammered, shooting off a few superfluous appendages and keeping the entire neighborhood awake until dawn.
    Moderate to your heart’s content, I’d rather not waste time reading dissenting opinions if they’re all as self-important and preachy as Mr. Melodramatic. I’m sure he could earn himself a plum position in what’s left of the Bush administration, enforcing the Patriot Act.
    P.s. Um, also your recipes are awesome–rarely do I have the courage (or ingredients!) to try one, but I love looking at the pictures. ;)

  6. When I was little, everyone in the neighborhood where I lived set off fireworks on the 4th – except my Dad. Maybe it was because he grew up in Europe, but he just didn’t see the attraction. I was glad, because they terrified me!

    When I was about 4 the little girl next door got blown up right before my eyes by fireworks gone awry, set off by her father in their backyard. She lived, but was severely burned all over, including her beautiful face. I’ll never forget the horror of that sight as long as I live! Can you imagine the hell that her father had to live with?

    You don’t have to justify your feelings to me or anyone else. To this day, I refuse to be anywhere where there are fireworks being set off. This has meant walking out of gatherings at the homes of both family and friends, but tough! I would never allow my child to be exposed to such a risk!

    Oh, and BTW, I’d be pissed off if no one was ever around for my birthday too. Mini SGCC’s B’day is on New Years Eve. Try finding parents willing to bring their kids to a B’day party then! We finally had to start doing her parties at the end of January.

  7. WOW! You have Puppet Master Cheney AND his boy/idiot reading your blog!! The only trolls I ever get are the ones that are still looking for Babes Dropping Towel that Sara found were searching her blog first and my blog second…

    Nicely written Peabody. Obviously Mr. Melodramatic sat next to the guy at the pizza place in class and slept through the class about the first amendment and has never read the Federalist Papers or the esteemed Mr. Jefferson or Mr. Adam’s papers on the subject of patriotism.

    Did you offer him a refund? ;-)

  8. Jennifer from NYC says:

    You go girl! :)

  9. I caught the sarcastic tone the first time but then I read your blog regularly and have exchanged emails with you, so I know it is part of you (okay, and me too.)
    I’m Canadian, so maybe some people think I am not entitled to an opinion but we have freedom of speech too up here in the great white north (remember, we wear winter boots all year long…. oh wait, that was more being sarcastic.) Part of my problem with the 4th of July, and this applies to our July 1st as well, is hypocracy. I’ve met plenty of Americans who could care less about their country or patriotism or their armed forces or anything outside of themselves – yet every 4th of July they haul out the flags and put on their patriotic colors and crack open some beers and set off some fireworks. Cause that’s what you do, wave your flag and set off your fireworks. It isn’t quite so bad here in Canada but it does happen. Real patriotism is what you do the rest of the year, not just on the appointed day.
    And if you’d like, I’ll come visit you for your birthday next year. Too late to do it this year. :-)

  10. This has to be the most amusing post you’ve ever written! You could have thrown in a picture of a melon-dramatic dessert or something lol. I think people sometimes are so overly sensitive to certain issues that they completely miss the point and read too much into things. It seems to me that this guy just needed an outlet to express his feelings/dissatisfactions even though it was in reaction to a post that went over his head. Thanks for the evening chuckle!

  11. Peabody, I hope Mr. Melodramatic enjoys his time in the sun… because he obviously must want to get burned. LOL. Nicely written :)

  12. She’s got a live one!!! We should match up your Mr. Melodramatic with my Miss Bible Thumper. I’m sorry for you that this man has wasted even a minute of your life.

  13. You’re awesome.

    I particularly like how that one person didn’t plural the word “terrorist.” Brilliant.

    My favorite line of Chris’s comment is this: “If people can’t express their opposing views to your non-food related posts, why present your opinion?”

    Answer: Because it’s your damned blog. You can do whatever you want.


    Keep up the good writing. I thought your 4th of July post was great, and I totally agree with you about not celebrating. I don’t really either…because I’m not 12 and bright lights & loud noises really do nothing for me.


    Sounding My Barbaric Gulp!

  14. My birthday is July 1 and was regularly ruined by the 4th too. :)

    I screen ALL comments to my blog, particularly because of this type of troll.

    Keep the faith!

  15. Where do these weird commenters get the idea that we (the bloggers) owe them something? Very strange indeed. Love your responses.

  16. I thought I loved you before but now I have a super blog crush on you…meet your newest stalker.

    This highly entertained me. I might read it all again.

  17. My brother nearly got blasted by fireworks, so I hate the stuff. In my country (new year’s eve is the fireworks holiday of the year), it’s usually children that turn up on the ER with missing fingers. The numbers are steadily decreasing (last year I think it was 350 casualties). I don’t know why people don’t understand you’re entitled to spend the day however you want. The terrorists don’t care either way. Hahaha.
    Thankfully only one disgusting person has left a comment on my site– let’s see if my luck holds up :) Keep on writing! :)

  18. You certainly get some looney toon commenters. And is it wrong that I found Mr. Melodramatics commens hillarious? Maybe it’s someone you know just screwing with you. And I love how you added “have a lovely day” at the end of your response.

  19. A long time reader says:

    I just wanted to let you know that you’ve lost a reader. Obviously this won’t bother you and obviously this comment will never be seen by anyone but you, but it’s my only way of voicing my disgust towards the way you’ve reacted on the issue.

    I don’t know Chris, nor am I even American – so I really don’t care about the 4th July or his opinion. You can check my IP, even. I’m in England. I should be all “Hurr, 4th July sucks. WE OWNED YOU FIRST.”, but I really couldn’t give one. Some people like tradition. Some people don’t care.

    I do not care that you didn’t agree with him, nor do I care that you didn’t feel it appropriate to include his comment on the site, nor do I care that he didn’t reply to your original email.

    I am bothered because it’s now an “It’s my blog and I can bitch if you want to” issue. You have established a community around your posts, even if unwillingly. By doing so that community has a right to speak; whether you take nothing from that or completely disagree, or not. To just post a nice little attack on the guy, including his email, so any brainless “fans” can send him a nice “OMG U SUCK pEABODAY ROWKS”… You are guiding your community in a way I find incredibly poor taste and also very impolite.

    That’s all. Whether you read this or not, or just laugh and say “Hah. Someone who doesn’t agree with me. Nevermind.”. I do not want a response, so I have not included a valid email address. Think of it as me handing in my resignation. Maybe I wasn’t a valued employee, but you’re down a number nonetheless… and that is the only power I have.

  20. peabody says:

    A long time reader- That was actually the website that he left(which is also what he put for email). It would have been on the original comments had I let them through. So everyone could have seen it. I doubt that is his real name. And his email bounced back and does not exist nor does the website. No one who leaves nasty comments on my blog seems to have a valid email…I wonder why that is?
    I respectfully disagree that I established a community of people that you think would actually take the time to email that person. Granted yes, they will most likely throw their support on here. But I am quite sure that is where it ends. I don’t find people in the food blogging community to be brainless.
    Sorry to lose you as a reader. I don’t think of my readers as employees so I can’t say you were a valued employee. But every reader I have(or lost) is/was valued.

  21. Peabody: I love your blog and I have to say I HATE THE WAY PEOPLE CELEBRATE

  22. Peabody: I love your blog and I have to say I HATE THE WAY PEOPLE CELEBRATE the 4th of July. I love what the 4th of July holiday represents, I love America and the people who fought for our freedom and continue to do so…I hate the drunks, the fireworks in my front yard set off by people who are drunk, the noise until all hours of the morning and the fact that I have a son with autism who screams, cowers, holds his ears when fireworks are going off in his bedroom window. I hate that I have to lay awake all night because people don’t know when to respect their American neighbors and stop. Sadly, most of the people setting off these fireworks don’t have a clue what they are celebrating because they are too young, too drunk or too stoned. Not everyone celebrates this way and after all it is America and we can do what we like (even though here in NY it is against the law to set them off…hmmm is it being a good American to disobey the laws??) but I understand your post, I understand your sarcasm and next year I’m getting some earplugs. Lastly, the people who set off the fireworks for hours didn’t even clean up all the debris from the fallout – God Bless America!

  23. One last thing: I understand the birthday pain. My birthday is Dec. 16 – I get the “here is your birthday and Christmas present” line every year (even when I was a child). Now that even wouldn’t be so bad, if the present wasn’t a wooden Santa, a glitter encrusted reindeer ornament or red and green pot holders…just because I was born around Christmas doesn’t mean you can give me an ornament for my birthday!! :-) — sorry about the duplicate post above (or beginnings thereof) a little four year old came in and banged my keyboard.

  24. I seriously don’t get people like that. Food blogging for me is fun, and people like that take all of the fun out of it. I don’t see any point at all about it. I say keep writing what you want to write – it’s your blog, and you should be able to write what you want to!

  25. I am not American so I dont have any personal feelings about this. But I do understand freedom and the lack of it. And I think the best way to honour the ones who fought for your freedom and liberty is to understand the true meaning of the words, and liberty is for everyone. So each one should do as they please. Celebrate with fireworks? Great. Dont celebrate or even like those events? Great too. Discriminating or verbally atacking someone because they dont do what is our idea of an honourable behaveor doent exactly sound like acts of someone who apreciates freedom…

  26. How special of him.

    Buying fireworks in MA is illegal as is setting them off “at home”. Unfortunately, that doesn’t prevent July from being “the month that boneheads set fireworks off most nights”.

    Anyway, love your blog. I think I found you via my ex-husband. :D

  27. And that’s why I read your blog…FREEDOM.OF.SPEECH You rock!!

  28. While I am not American either, every Western country has their own holidays, on which a great portion of the nation gets smashed and acts like idiots. I’m Australian, and we have Australia Day, which I would say would be a lot like 4th July? I’m not sure. Anyway, I personally have mixed feelings; while I love having an excuse for a good time, it does involve a lot of drinking but in a way that doesn’t involve dangerous explosives nor impact on people for miles around. I hate the whole nationalistic, patriotic stuff and think that it is quite ok to use the public holiday to have a good time. However I can understand the annoyance home fireworks would be, and also dont appreciate drunken masses of yobbos wandering around, yelling at me or spewing in my front yard.

    On the subject of the dramatics, I think he’s hilarious and way out of line. Of course, he’s entitled to a conflicting opinion, and yes, I think he has the right to express that in a comment to you – it’s a discussion, and is interesting. When it turns more abusive, and he is actually making a comment on YOU as a person and insulting you, that’s overstepping the line.
    Bloggers don’t owe the public anything – and the whole purpose of a blog is to be an avenue for expression; a place where you can put up whatever you want to. An exchange and debate of opinions is great, but abuse doesn’t belong on a blog.

  29. You’ve already given this guy far more air time than he deserves. I always say, “it’s your blog, and you can publish or not publish whatever you wish.” No apologies necessary. Hope he’ll get tired of wasting his time and find something more meaningful to do with his life.

  30. You tell ‘em!!! Let’s face it, this country, and certainly the online community, has its share of douchebags. Don’t let them get to you.

    You think Mr. Melodramatic wears a flag pin??? If not, that surely must mean he’s not patriotic. (Hey Mr. Melodramatic, that’s what we call sarcasm! Get it? Probably not.) Is it possible that Mr. Melodramatic is actuall Bill O’Reilly?

    And, did you ask him how he celebrates Canada Day?

    Keep it up, Peabody. Once again, good stuff.


  31. Oh boy, haha – don’t worry about those negative commenters, Peabody!! You have FAR more loyal readers than haters, for sure.

  32. Well I looked up what the Bible had to say about rights, and here is a list of rights that are discussed in scripture:
    rights of:
    the poor
    the oppressed
    the needy
    the destitute
    the afflicted
    the widows and orphans
    the firstborn
    a son
    a daughter
    a spouse
    those who cannot speak for themselves

    Though this is probably not an exhaustive list, I would say that for the most part it has to do with being just and fair. Most certainly improper use of fireworks is in the area of unfair treatment of others, which is nobody’s right.

  33. Man, P., you really know how to rile up a nation!! See how popular you are. Keep this up and you may get your own tv show!! Seriously (ha) these people are needing some attention and you have been selected to give it to them. Just keep your lovely recipes and pictures coming and your opionions, of course. That’s what we want. Jancd

  34. I love you Peabody, I really do. This whole post cracks me up. Classic example of someone that takes life and food blogs just a little too serious.

  35. It seems to me your friend needs to learn the difference between insult from hyperbole.

  36. insult *and* hyperbole. Dang typing.

  37. Good for you! You know, I must just be a fairly uncontroversial person, because my only thoughts on your original post the other day was, “yeah, I love the 4th, but it would suck to always have your birthday alone.” and “alcohol+fireworks= not a good thing” and “yeah, so what’s with the fireworks for the 4th anyway?”

    I think the real problem in the good ole US of A is that people tend to focus so hard on the party party portion of festivities the true message is missed – try to bring that in focus and get slapped for it.

    I for one applaud you for just telling it like it is for you. There’s nothing selfish about that. As for Mr. Melodramatic – you want to help the Veteran’s? Stop monitoring random blogs to get your fame and go do something to help the cause – put your time and money where your mouth is. (My brother is about to deploy for his second term in Iraq and I’m pretty sure that he would have thought Mr. Melodramatic is a complete idiot for wasting everyone’s time.)


  38. i can’t believe what people waste their time or thoughts on. isn’t it possible to celebrate a holiday without alcohol and fireworks anyway? i guess maybe i should go read the previous post, as i am catching up right now and reading them from newest to older so i haven’t read the original post…but mr. melodramatic just seems a bit ridiculous to me

  39. I was so glad you posted something about negative comments. I just started reading your blog and so far love it! In fact, I recently started my own little project blog just to share my cooking adventures and good recipe finds with friends and family (and whoever they pass it on to). On day two – someone anonymously posted “this sounds disgusting…” in reference to a recipe. Being a new blogger and all, I went through all sorts of emotions – hurt, mad, and mad some more! I didn’t delete the comment but what you said is true – how do comments like that help? This person did not try the recipe – simply made a rude remark. Why put forth the effort? Anyway, I applaud you for this post and hope that guy feels like a jack ass.

  40. Great essay of the 4th of July. I can sympathize with the birthday issue — everyone in my family, except the newest one, has a holiday birthday. That’s 8 people and counting. As for patriotism, let the guy put on a uniform and serve his country. Then he can talk about patriotism, if he makes it back.

  41. Just an FYI, we are actually planning on being in your area next July 4th. I’d be more than happy to celebrate your birthday!

  42. Oh, dear. There are days, either at work or online, that I’m absolutely convinced that I’m a genius. LOL

  43. Peabody, YOU GO, GIRL! It’s your blog and you are allowed to write (and delete) whatever you want! :)

    FYI…I love your blog just the way it is!!!

  44. You’re such a hockey player!

    I give Mr. Melodramatic a 10-minute misconduct penalty.


  45. Collywolly says:

    Pea, you rock girl. You really do and I love you and your blog. I think that Mr Melodramatic should take all that bad attitude and negativity and channel it somewhere where it can turn into good. There are so many good causes out there that can use people like him. And he could come away from those experiences an A1 citizen!! He should not spend his time badmouthing bloggers who have the freedom to write and cook whatever pleases them at the moment. The great honour of commenting (or not if preferred) falls on those true foodies who salivate for their beloved blogs to be updated – they do it for the pleasure of reading the recipes, drooling over the photos, laughing at silly or clever posts. Its light hearted and its happy and it keeps many of us sane. So keep making and baking and tapping away at your keyboard. You make many a day more pleasurable for thousands of us out here in cyberspace Peabody. We value you and we love you and your blog. End of epistle……….

  46. Everone is entitled to their opinion…this is your blog, your right to post what you see fit. My birthday isn’t on the 4th it is on the 16th but I HATE that it is right smack dab in the middle of summer. No one is EVER around! My parents became hip to my disappointment around the age of 10 so they gave me “end of the school year/ birthday parties” LOVE THEM for those special times!
    Now I think I qualify on “American Pride” My husband is a Marine & yes he is in Iraq,he joined at the age of 28(oldest you can join)BECAUSE OF 9/11. We were married and had a 2yr old son together, I have for the past 6yrs been a proud wife of a Marine but I can honestly say sometimes not so proud of some so-called “Americans”. I took no offense to your post on those people who allow themselves to get stupid on holiday’s, you spoke your mind & truth. Keep typing & baking, I enjoy your blog wholeheartedly!

  47. Pea,
    Really where do you find this folk!
    Just keep it rocking like this one and we’ll all be a cheering it on coming back for more over and over!

  48. did he not read the part where you said you’re canadian?
    celebrate what you want peabody, and how you want to. write about what’s on your mind, in your pantry, or under your stairs. delete what you want- it’s your blog (you pay for it;)) you have the right to censor any comment you deem inappropriate. i love your blog not only for your great recipies and photos, but also how you write about the world around us and your experiences (love the conversation between the workers on july4th post lmao!).
    so go ahead and delete away… or not

  49. Hi Peabody!
    You’re free to express your opinions any way you wish, because its your blog! And you’re free to omit any posts you dont like, because its your blog! I know it’s probably dissapointing to lose a reader here and there, but – just as I stumbled upon your blog one day – you also add on to your online family just as quickly.
    I can sympathize with your feelings on many levels, whole-heartedly. 1. I just spent a weekend camping, where the drunken fools who were camping all around us were setting off fireworks until 4 in the morning, some of which came shooting towards our campsite. It’s really, really scary, and loud, and not at all fun. I dont see how it equates at all with the love or pride that one may feel towards this country. and 2. Not only is my birthday on Cinco de Mayo, but my wedding anniversay is 2 days later. So, while I LOVE me some burritos and margaritas, and the fact that it’s definitely always a party on my birthday, I hate having to fight for reservations at the good Mexican restaurants in town and I hate the fact that people always manage to only mention EITHER my birthday or my wedding anniversary, and forget that the other one exists. I know – it’s a tad self-centered, but its my special day and I can cry about it if I want to!!!
    And so can you!

  50. i read your blog all the time, its one of my faves, and i know many more feel the same way. so all i can really say is oh, dang…so lame and surely frustrating.
    i mean really, wtf?


  1. […] did leave a comment in the post, so you can go see that if you are curious. 4th of July and Mr. Melodramatic: It appears that our troll Mr. Melodramatic has left the building, or the blog in this case. No […]

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