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First off if you want to see food, go here to the Raspberry Honey Ice Cream Float post.

Did you know it was your God given right to shoot off fireworks? I got an email letting me know this. Now, I will be the first to admit that I am not up on my bible(I was kicked out of Sunday school after all). So perhaps someone can fill me in where God says go forth my children and shoot off take home fireworks. Make sure to light them by your neighbors house or in a dry, grassy field. Make sure to be drinking large quantities of alcohol while doing so. And lastly, be sure to do this till all hours of the morning to let people know how much you love America. I just must have missed that part. So for those of you well versed in the bible(as I know many of you are) could you please post here where that would be in the bible. Thanks. :)
I received a myriad of comments and email in regards to my 4th of July post. I knew I would. I got some really good ones. And by good ones I don’t mean people agreeing with me, I mean people telling me why they like the 4th of July. The most touching one coming from a woman who’s mother fled Nazi Germany during WWII. They love the 4th of July in her family because it is a reminder to them that they celebrate living in a country that allows them to practice the religion of their choice. This is what I am talking about, a reason, and a good one. It was good to hear. I tried to get her to post it as a comment as this was an email but she never did.
I got a funny(more in an ironic way) email from an ER nurse who worked 4th of July night. One shot off a toe and several others who burnt their appendages. She let me know that everyone of them came in on the sauce.
Then of course there were the negative ones. Not as many as I suspected. I got one anonymous one that I hope they were kidding but they wrote telling me that it was “Anti-American posts like my 4th of July post that help the terrorist. It’s what the terrorist would want.” Wow! Who knew President Bush read my blog. I am touched.
I had Mr. God Given Fireworks Right guy. Thank goodness I don’t live next to him…or do I?
I had a couple call me anti-American. Because I don’t celebrate the 4th. I have a friend who goes to church every week. He hates Christmas(what it has become). Am I too assume he hates Jesus because he hates Christmas? I am thinking no.
And then we have Mr. Melodramatic. He felt the need to let me know he was embarrassed for me. Come to find out I am embarrassed for him. See I deleted his message from moderation. I copied it and wrote to the email he provided but got no response. He of course wrote another message upset that I had deleted his comment. That he read Rose Colored Glasses post and wanted to know why I don’t allow negative comments? Um, I do if they are about how a recipe turned out. Go through the blog Mr. Melodramatic and you will see there are  comments about how something didn’t turn out. I email those people and we try and figure out when wrong. But if people leave a comment that says, gee that looks disgusting, there is no need to put that up. My readers learn nothing from it. Back to why I am embarrassed for him. He told me that he copied his last post and was going to repost it if I deleted him again. Really? Certainly he could be doing something more constructive with his time. He was especially pissed off about the fact that I said I didn’t like the 4th of July because it was close to my birthday. First off, those who actually read this blog know that I tend to be a TAD sarcastic from time to time. That would be one of them. But there is some truth in humor I will admit. I mean, have any of you ever spent not one, not two, but three birthdays completely alone because everyone is out of town? Not one family member and not one friend. It kind of sucks, big time.
But since Mr. Melodramatic is insistent in getting on my blog, I will oblige.
Mr. Melodramatic(aka chris.k.stevenson) wrote:
“Fireworks can be annoying. Drunkards can be annoying. The two together are dangerous. People who don’t understand the incredible significance of the celebration are extremely annoying. And that leads me to the meat of my comment:
I love the 4th because I understand what it’s about, and it is one of the many days throughout the year I am proud to have the freedoms and liberties so many have sacrificed for. It’s an amazing day where we should all personally thank the veterans around us (something that was weird for me at first, but I’ve grown to appreciate).
Some of us keep our flags up for more than a day or week of the year because we actually are thankful. Some of us remember Veteran’s Day, Armistice Day, V-E Day, President’s Day, MLK Jr Day, Memorial Day, Armed Forces Day. And there are other days as well.
To somehow “blame” the 4th for being near your birthday? I apologize for being blunt, but grow the “f” (your word) up. Being selfish around or on the 4th? WOW. “Dear Men and Women of the US who have sacrificed your lives. I guess thanks, but yeah, it’s really inconvenient for me that the 4th is 2 days after my birthday.” Wow. At least be less self-centered to realize it’s worse for your husband on the day after. Or aghast, for those whose birthdays are ON the day (or even the day before).
Your whole post makes it clear that your disdain for others has left you confused. If you truly understood the meaning of the day, you’d put aside those annoyances to celebrate the event and the sacrifices that it stands for in spite of those who are less aware. Maybe you can get a 10 out of 10 on a quiz, but you’ve lost the meaning of those facts and dates.
You may be half American, but I’m fully embarrassed for you.”
I wrote back:
Thanks for stopping by my blog. Which you apparently do not read all that often since I tend to write sarcastically. Feel free not to read it as you obviously don’t get it. Have a lovely day.
Then he left a second comment:
“I recently provided a comment on this thread that you deleted. I found a previous post of yours stating you find no point in people posting negative comments. Why is this? If people can’t provide dissenting opinions on your recipes (ie. “this didn’t work” or “this tasted poorly”) then how do your readers learn? If people can’t express their opposing views to your non-food related posts, why present your opinion? If nothing else, make it clear you will not allow (ie, you will DELETE) all opposing opinions?
PS: I’ve copied this post, I will re-post if necessary.”
I wrote back:
You can copy and repost all you would like if you feel that is a good use of your time. I leave all comments about how recipes turned out, good or bad. My readers learn nothing from you calling me selfish, that doesn’t help them bake.
Again, feel free to stop reading my blog since it bothers you so much.
So there is your moment in the sun Mr. Melodramatic. I am sure all of my readers are much better people for reading that. I know I am.


  1. Oh Peabody! He sucks!! RUDE PEOPLE SUCK.

  2. You take these guys way too seriously—press delete and feel no guilt. Only the people who are too lazy or too hated to have a blog of their own are concerned about the fact that their 2 cents are being deleted on a privately run blog. Look mom (says 42 year old male) I have a comment on the internet–Oh wait, I had a comment on the internet.
    One of the most enjoyable aspects of this type of blog is how positive and supportive it is. Go to someplace like chowhound and people are tearing each other apart over inconsequential things. Who needs that? It should be fun, right?

  3. Richinlove says:

    This whole thing is cracking me up. I heart Peabody.

  4. [Sigh…]

    Why do people have to get so nutty about everything?

  5. I don’t get it. Are they just trying to be stupid?

    I’m not a big fan of what the 4th has become, either. It’s too patriotic for me. America isn’t all about red, white, and blue, overdosing in beer, and fireworks. I wouldn’t call myself anti-American; I stay updated with the news, vote, get involved with my community, etc.

    Sorry that you’re birthday has to be 2 days before the 4th. My mom’s birthday is 1 day before Thanksgiving this year, and her husband’s is Nov30.

  6. WOW… I feel sorry for this dude… imagine going through life completely void of humor. Must be a miserable existence. Don’t let it get to you. You have many many fans out there… Lets hope he never comes back :)

  7. I’ve been benefiting the longest time from your blog and all those wonderful recipes but this is the first time I comment. I really cannot get the if you don’t like something American then you are anti-American reasoning. Good grief. And they call people self-centered.


    If I was in the States, we could hate the 4th and go bowling together. As it is, I am in your homeland of yore and so I hate on Canada Day instead. (Back in _my_ homeland, by b’day always fell during mid-year exams. Awesome.) Do what I do: simply FORGET that it’s your birthday (2 years running now)! Sigh.

  9. Oh, God! It´s actually nice to know that not only I put up with this kind of people… What I love about your blog (besides the recipes) is the fact that you speak your mind without fear of retaliation. I like that in a person. I tend to write freely (also sarcastically) on my blog (in portuguese, unfortunately), and I also got this kind of ignorant response sometimes, from people who expect you to be as numb and politctly correct as them. People are so afraid to speak their mind nowadays, it´s annoying…
    Please, keep doing what you´re doing! Your blog is excellent!!!

  10. I love you! I love your style, I love your boldness, and I love your attitude. You rock!
    (oh and I love your recipes and food photos too ;) ).


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