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I grew up not really liking chocolate pudding. The only kind I ever had was instant and the texture just always seemed weird to me. Then I went on a diet(one of many in my life before realizing that extra cushing for the pushing was better than starving). I was introduced to the world of fat free pudding cups. Not terribly exciting but in those days it was that or diet Jello. So I just got used to it. At  no point in my life would I ever call it good. What I would have called it was tolerable. And when I gave up sugar for a year the sugar free kind was a God send I will not lie. But again, I wouldn’t call it good.
Not until I was in a pastry class and I had to make a cake with a chocolate pudding filling did I come to realize what all the fuss over chocolate pudding was. Thick and chocolate velvety goodness, this was like no pudding I had ever put in my mouth.

When I saw the recipe and saw that it called for using a food processor I decided to pretty much stay the course and not do something out of the ordinary this week. I like the use of the food processor, all be it a little odd, since it produces such a smooth pudding. I saw some people discussing that they were going to use skim milk. Just don’t. Seriously. If you are going to use skim milk just save the time and buy the Jello fat free kind. Same thing. Yes, I had to go buy whole milk, we drink skim. But whole milk has many other uses in the baking world and you can surely use it up!(jumps off of milk soap box)

The changes I did make to the recipe were the following:
I used no vanilla extract, I added 4 TBSP of Bailey’s Irish Cream instead.
I used 65% cocoa Madagascar chocolate.
I used ¼ cup more sugar due to the type of chocolate I used.
I added Bailey’s Irish Cream Caramel(recipe can be found here), this was either layered or placed at the bottom of each dish so that you got a surprise at the end.
It’s an easy recipe and I was more than happy not to have to turn on my oven this week. So thanks to Melissa of It’s Melissa’s Kitchen for picking it. If you want the recipe for it you can go to her site or go to Dorie’s own website and get it.


  1. I’m not sure why, but lately I haven’t been able to view your photos at all. Nevermind, I copied the properties and was able to put them into my browser and see them that way! Fabulous looking pudding! I love the little jars. I agree with you about using skim milk too. Full fat is the only way to go!

  2. It looks delicious and rich! I’d love to dig my spoon in it…



  3. Chocolate pudding . . . it’s the simple things in life that can really catch us.
    I guess it would be polite to use a real shovel but a big soup spoon would work well with this . . . yes.

  4. pudding yay!!! makes me happy!!

  5. I’ve never had good pudding either.. I can’t wait for the day I can try this. I’ve eyed it in the book since I first received it.

    Love the addition of the Baileys and the caramel.. YUM!


  6. Your additions and changes sound so, so good. Great pictures.

  7. Your pudding looks nice and thick! I guess the extra bit of fat from whole milk is worth it.

  8. Looks fantastic – the caramel especially!

  9. I am with you Peabody, no interest in using skim milk or lowfat milk or fake sugar etc. The real deal or skip it all together. This is something I will have to make for the husband.

  10. I ended up using half and half.

  11. This sounds fabulous with the Bailey’s and the caramel. Beautiful photos, and I love those little pudding pots!

  12. I’m sure I have never tasted anything like this either. Oh, my friend, you always come up with such luscious ideas!

  13. Aaahhh – fat free and sugar free should not be counted as stages of your life! There’re reasons why food tastes good, and some of them are named chocolate, fat, and sugar. Oh, and Bailey’s Irish Cream sounds like it was made for this.

  14. Your substitutions sound fabulous… Irish Cream Caramel Chocolate Pudding? Did I capture all the fab flavors? That’s a mouthful I’d definitely would like to try… and the serving dish is adorable. It reminds me of a butter warmer I have – lol!

  15. You’re spot on about the Jello pudding cups and using whole milk in a pudding recipe. The pudding looks fantastic.

  16. I am so in search of the perfect chocolate pudding. And how could you have given up sugar for a year?! Yeah…if I’m going to make something like this, I’m just going to go whole milk full-fat everything!!!

  17. As God is my witness, I will never eat fat-free pudding again.

  18. it’s delicious !

  19. Yummmmm puddin. I’ll admit, I grew up with the instant stuff too… but I can tell you my children (should I decide to have some) won’t! :)

  20. “before realizing that extra cushing for the pushing was better than starving”….

    You CRACK me up, girl and all I can say is AMEN!

    Btw, I love the addition of booze and caramel, leave it to you to make chocolate pudding sinful!

  21. One taste (or even just one glance) of your pudding would cause that instant fat-free variety that’s sold in stores to be discontinued – your pudding is amazing, rich, and luscious-looking – everything that chocolate pudding should be!! :0)

  22. It took me a while, too, to realize the merits of homemade pudding. Well, for me it happened last week. :) Yours looks wonderful and I love your additions. And subtractions.

  23. ooh I love the caramel at the bottom idea.
    I almost used baileys in mine, but opted for the starbucks liquer in mine in the end.

  24. Did you say caramel?? GIMME! I used fat free milk. (Don’t smack me!) Maybe I’ll give it a try with whole milk and see if I can taste a difference. Don’t you love experiments you can eat? Great job on your pudding!
    Clara @ iheartfood4thought

  25. Gotta try that Bailey’s surprise at the bottom! Yum. But why are your pudding cups so very small? Now I’m feeling rather hoggish–I poured the whole batch into three cups!

  26. Your serving dish looks like a special shot glass we use to flambée the liquid, it looks really small ;-)

    Like the Bailey’s surprise at the bottom

  27. Wow your pudding looks thick and delicious! Thanks for the camera tips, I will work on it and now can you tell me all about the macro lens??

  28. Guh, this looks to die for. Particularly love the addition of Baileys irish cream; bet that was delicious!

  29. Your pudding looks so good. I’m planning to make mine tonight. And I love the little serving dish. So cute!

  30. The fact that you made it a year without sugar is exemplary. I can’t even make it past 3pm.

    The Baileys is a great idea. I think I’d like to try it next time – I actually added just a little more sugar to my recipe because I felt like it was too bitter for my taste. But booze livens up any recipe – good call.

  31. Yum! I love the addition of caramel and of Bailey’s Irish Cream!

  32. You are a pudding genius!! Baileys? Caramel?? Can I come over? Now?

  33. Chocolate and caramel, what a nice pairing.

  34. I don’t think I can go back to the instant stuff! I have to make this-as soon as possible!

  35. Looks beautiful! I love your serving dish!

  36. You put Bailey’s in your pudding? I HEART you!

  37. All your changes sound fantastic to me! I’m with you on the boxed pudding – it is nothing to fuss over. This sure is (and yours would cause a riot!)

  38. Can I get up on your soapbox with you? :)

  39. Mmm… it looks thick and delicious.

  40. how cute are those containers!! :) it looks so delicious. i am definitely going to have to try using irish cream :)

  41. Love the Bailey’s Caramel addition! sheer genius!!

  42. Linda (at tender crumb) says:

    Totally agree about your thoughts around whole milk vs. lowfat…if I’m making this, it’s going to be made the way it’s meant to be — rich, creamy, decadent!!!

    BTW, a VERY cute brown/pink towel in your shots!

  43. I will not be showing your post to my mom. Otherwise, I would be back in the kitchen tonight making this pudding with Bailey’s. She loved it plain and would probably weep with joy at your version.

  44. Delicious – anything with Bailey’s in it gets top kudos from me!

  45. oh yum. i have been such a dessert girl lately — this looks AMAZING!

  46. Where’s my spoon???

    I am so-ooo making your Bailey’s Cream Caramel with this… yum!

  47. I love the pudding. But I have to be honest, what caught my eye is that fabulous polka dot fabric underneath it! Oh I would love to make a cute sleeveless summer dress with it, ha ha–us girls love our polka dots. Just a fabulous pic Peabody!!
    Happy Cooking

  48. Yum again. PUdding looks great and your changes sound like they would amp up that chocolate flavor.

  49. oh–i would love a caramel surprise at the end!

  50. Oooh, a caramel surprise at the bottom, how fabulous! This looks delicious.


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