The neighborly thing to do…

One of the only disadvantages I see of not having children is when you move into a new neighborhood. We moved into our house in October 07 and we had only met one neighbor, who was looking for a play date for her child. Other than that nothing. Now why not bake something and go over and give it to the neighbors you ask? I have done that at previous places with HORRID results. HORRID I tell you.
The first time I made a Bundt cake for my downstairs neighbors. They opened the door, said nothing to me, took the cake, slammed the door. That was it, and I never got my cake plate back(a lesson learned to give things on disposable dishes) nor did I ever really see them again, except when they asked me to watch their children(but that is a story for another time) for “awhile” while they got away.
The second time I gave a little basket of mini loafs to my neighbors downstairs and across the hall. There was a lemon poppy seed, banana nut, and orange cranberry. How did that one go you ask? They smeared the banana nut bread  on my door with a note saying they are allergic to nuts. I would have liked a simple no thanks. Needless to say I was a bitch to them and got even with them when they were breaking an apartment rule(normally I could care less, but they squashed bread on my door). I did however get the basket back. Plus one for me.
And the worst one of all was my third and final attempt. Late 20 something girls who seemed to be home when I was and directly across the way from me. So again I tried with the little basket of mini loaves, this time making sure that there were no nuts to be found. But what I did get was the whole basket returned to me with a note(visible to everyone) saying please don’t leave them food as they did not want to get “fat like you(me)”.
Three strikes and I was out…or done with it in this case.
Lucky for me my neighbor across the way, who I have now met decided to throw a BBQ in our cul-de-sac. It was originally last week and I was deeply saddened because we were to be in Idaho with the In laws visiting my parents. But God was looking out for me by dumping A TON of rain that day and so it was rescheduled to this last Sunday. And I could go…yay! My neighbors across the way were kind enough to organize it with another neighbor and provide the burgers and hot dogs. We were asked to bring a chair, something to drink and either a salad or dessert. Well, as you can guess, I brought dessert…and a lot of it. I couldn’t decide. I made Rice Krispy Treats because everyone loves those. I made Chocolate Fudge Cookies(I left out the nuts), Oatmeal Toffee Cookies, Orange Cranberry Cake and the TWD pick for this week, Black and White Banana Loaf. I know, enough to feed an army. Luckily much of it went in other people’s tummy.
And speaking of lucky, I sure do have some nice neighbors. It was great to finally meet some of them and now I have someone to say hello to, feeling a little less isolated. :)

The Black and White Banana Loaf is nice and moist as the bananas and sour cream(never mind there is not sour cream…I was making something else with sour cream at the same time) help with that. I did change a couple of things in the recipe. I used semisweet chocolate instead of bittersweet and I used banana liqueur instead of rum. I also omitted the lemon juice. Other than that I stuck to the recipe. Many a TWDer had issues with the cake not baking all the way through. I made mini loaves and did not have a problem at all. If you go with the mini loaves they took about 45 minutes to bake.
Thanks to Ashlee of A Year In The Kitchen (you can get the recipe there)for this weeks Tuesdays with Dorie pick, it was a good one.


  1. I am shocked at your horrible neighbours can people be so rude. let’s concentrate on great recipes: this beautiful banana loaf. i love bananas in baking goods. the fragrance is quite magic.

  2. Great neighbor stories! I wish I lived next door, I would love your treats!! The bread looks great!

  3. Your loaves look gorgeous. So glad you finally have nice neighbors. My favorite meet the neighbor story was when we took a plate of Christmas cookies over to the new neighbors and he answered the door in the nude. Honestly.

  4. Well HOLY COW-you had SOME nervy neighbors along the way Peabody-but here’s the thing-it was THEIR LOSS! Because they chose to act like fools, they missed out on some AMAZING food! And this bread looks SO good! Boy it takes all kinds doesn’t it? I’m off to leave a note to you on your Snickerdoodle Muffin post….thanks for this wonderful blog. I so enjoy your stories…….


  5. I’m so glad you moved! I can’t believe your old neighbors, you are such a gem to keep trying. It sounds like you are finally home!

    btw your black and white banana loaf is exactly what I’ve been saving those ripe bananas for in my fruit basket.

  6. It is nice to have good neighbors. I have several, most of which have gotten something baked from me at some point.

  7. Oh My. I think I would have given up on the whole human race. I can’t believe people would react like that…especially to baked goods. You can be my neighbor anytime.

  8. I love Dorie, so I am sure I will love this banana loaf. I read your story in horror though because I cannot imagine that you lived next door or in the same building as people who would be so unkind and ungrateful. The only negative experience I had was my downstair’s neighbors moved in I made a cheesecake for them. They were too busy to take it in and left it on the hallway table and when I went out the next day it was still sitting there! A total waste of 8 packages of cream cheese and white chocolate but I never baked for them again!!!

  9. how fun! i’m glad you finally got to meet your neighbors… we’re bad and still haven’t really met ours – just one of them and all we ever do is say hello when we pass by each other.

    your marbling turned out so wonderfully! i tried to do the ‘less if more’ w/the pound cake the first time and didn’t think it looked good but i obviously over-did it this time w/this loaf. oh well, there’s always next time :)

  10. I’d be more than happy to be your neighbor (and I’d let you put in nuts).

  11. Are you kidding? Where in the world did you live when these people were so awful? Remind me not to move there!

    Glad you have nice new neighbors now :)

  12. woooooow! I got really shocked reading that! It’s beyond my comprehension how someone can respond to a kind action with extreme rudeness!! what on earth is happening to people these days? sheesh…

  13. Your new neighbors are lucky to have you! And sometimes it’s hard to break the ice, but once broken, you’ll find that you probably have very lovely neighbors.

  14. Geez that’s some bad luck with neighbors in the past. I can’t believe people can be that rude and downright mean! I’m so glad you found some nice neighbors. :)

  15. i was totally shocked when i read this. it would never even cross my mind to do the things these people did, much less actually do them. what the f**k? well, i am glad you have some decent neighbors now.

  16. I’m completely stunned at your previous neighbours. Who the hell are these psychos?

    The banana loaf looks terrific, too. By the way, you’ve got a great blog here — the food is top notch and the writing is better than most blogs around, even non-food blogs :)

  17. Woah…I am shocked at your neighbours’ behaviours. Whatever happened to saying thank you and keeping your mouth shut? If they really didn’t like it (or want to eat it), they should have just kept their mouths shut about it and worst comes to worst, throw it out.

    The very nice marbling on your loaf.

  18. Oh my godness! What a story of horrible neighbours! Glad you have finally found some that like to share food! that loaf looks DELICIOUS!!!

  19. Wow. I’m so sorry to hear that. Scary. No good deed goes unpunished right? I wanted to cry for you about all of them–especially the fat thing. What a cruel thing to say. I’d rather weigh a ton than act like those people did to you.

    Keep on keepin’ on.

  20. I like how the shape turns out when the loaf is sliced!

    Ignore those nasty neighbours, I’m sure there are more friendly ones out there!

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