Easy as pie(well, crisp actually)…

I can’t say easy as pie, as I am a huge hater of making pie crust(cream cheese pie crust aside), but crisps…those are for real easy. Just like my parents marriage…or so they make it seem.
Today is my parents(pictured above in the swanky 70’s wear*) wedding anniversary. 37 years of successfully not killing each other and I am pretty sure successfully not wanting to kill each other either. :P
My parents are still very much in love to this day. They still hold hands everywhere they go. They still go and do things together(though they can do separate things just as easily). They are kind and considerate to each other. I never really saw/heard them fight, the exception being when my grandmother lived with us(and that can cause even Gandhi to get cranky). Like me, my parents courtship was quick and so I think to this day that is why my mother never pressured me to get married, she knew I would just find someone and I would be hit hard…just like she was.
When I was in college I broke up with my first real serious boyfriend( I even had a promise ring…and btw, how stupid are those?). I was 18 and very devastated(everything is devastating at that age), sure that I was never to love again(vomit). My father wrote me a letter telling me how sorry he was that I was having to go through this pain but that it would pass. And that all he could hope for was that “I could find someone who loved me as much as he loved my mom.” I wish I still had that letter, I thought I did. I had planned to read it at my wedding to let my dad know that I had found someone who loved me as much as my dad loved my mom. It’s probably best I didn’t as my dad and I are criers and were already bawling through a lot of it(and I had already eloped…we are such saps)
We still have some good local strawberries right now and before the go away I thought it best to use them in something. It’s great way to represent my parents marriage, sweet and easy(though I know they have had their rough spots from time to time, everyone does)…and a little nutty on top. :P
Happy Anniversary parental unit, keep on keeping on(70’s flashback…had to be done with that clothing they were wearing).

* I am sure my father would like for me to point out that my mother not only had a beehive hair-do(with hat) AND was also wearing heels and therefore looks taller than my dad which she is not.

Strawberry Crisp

1 cup uncooked oatmeal
1 cup all-purpose flour
1 cup brown sugar
¼  cup chopped walnuts
½  cup unsalted butter, cold
1/3 – ½   cup granulated sugar(depending on how sweet your berries are)
3 cups sliced fresh strawberries
1 ½ TBSP all-purpose flour


Mix together oatmeal, flour and brown sugar. Add nuts. Cut in butter until crumbly. In another bowl, mix strawberries, sugar and flour together.
Grease an 8-in. square pan. Place strawberry mixture into pan. Spread crumb mixture over top. Bake in 350ºF. oven for 45 minutes.

Makes about 6 servings.


  1. Happy anniversary to your parents! Wow, that’s a long time!

    That Strawberry Crisp looks wonderful!



  2. Gosh, your father wrote you a letter?! Yeah, that is really sweet of him :) Happy anniversary to your parents! Does the crisp also represent their marriage in that it is juicy? Hee hee :)

  3. How do those ole folks do it? my parents have been married for 42 years!!!
    Anyway the crisp looks wonderful and a great way to use up maybe the season’s laast strawberries!

  4. Okay, I don’t know if it’s just because I haven’t had my morning coffee yet, but I am all teary at this post. Holding hands? Letters? Oh my gah! Pass the tissues, please…

    Happy Anniversary to your parents!!

    (Oh, and the crisp looks so good!)

  5. This is so nice, everyone seems to be reminiscing in the blog world at the moment, and your parents looks so happy in that picture.

    Also this looks gorgeous, crumble/crisp is one of my favourite desserts!!!

  6. The crisp looks delicious and sweet, but the story is sweeter! (Corny, I know) The fact that your Dad wrote you a letter to comfort you through your breakup choked this girl up. From what I am reading, you have a great family.

  7. Love it! My parents have also been together 34 years and they’re an inspiration to little ol’jaded divorcée me. ;-)

    p.s. you forgot to the word strawberries in your recipe…

  8. That last sentence had me howling, how did you know I was thinking just that?

  9. What a tasty and beautiful way to celebrate your parents’ anniversary! Thanks to them we wouldn’t be enjoy your fabulous culinary concoctions so Happy Anniversary to them! :)

  10. What a beautiful story. Congratulations to your parents – 37 years is quite the accomplishment!

  11. Oh, yum, and love the photo. Your mom’s hat is amazing. I just realised that my parents would have recently had their silver wedding anniversary had they not divorced – I kind of wonder if they might not have celebrated it anyway, though. They’re best friends and love each other and spend all their time together. I consider the divorce slightly irrelevant, haha. They just don’t kiss anymore.

  12. biogrrll says:

    First of all, you’re lucky your parents love each other so much…mine are divorced and pretty much hate each other. Anyways, congrats on your folks’ anniversary! Your strawberry crisp looks AMAZING! YUM! : )

  13. HAPPY 37TH ANNIVERSARY TO YOUR PARENTS!! That’s absolutely fabulous – I wish them a lifetime together!!

    The content of your father’s letter sounds like what my dad told me, when MY first serious boyfriend broke my heart :0)

    Love how you connected your parents’ relationship to the crisp :0)

  14. happy anniversary to your parents!

    love the colors in these photos–so red and vibrant! looks delicious as always.

  15. Hi Peabody, I love your site but often have problems with the photos uploading. Does anyone else have this issue?

  16. Happy Anniversary Mr and Mrs Peabody. :-)

    Great crisp, looks yummy.

  17. Happy Anniversary Peabody’s parents!
    Love the hat, and those yellow daisies…soooo 70’s, love them!
    I just bought strawberries yesterday and looks like they are destined for this yummy recipe. Thanks!

  18. I have parents like yours….I was beginning to think they are odd, but I am truly blessed to have that example. As for the crumble….that is sinful!!!!

  19. My parents are the same – my dad is always reminding us kids how much he loves my mom. I always loved that. And a gorgeous crisp to honor your parent’s anniversary.

  20. Your parents picture is SO much classier than mine. In 1975 in NY the “cool” thing to do was to wear a velvet bow tie, or a blue dress.

  21. What a great way to celebrate your parents! The crisp looks delicious, especially that topping! It’s so nice to have parents who have such a great marriage. My parents celebrated 33 years in May and I feel lucky to have parents who love each other so much.

  22. A very happy anniversary to your parents!

    The crisp is wonderful. You have written a very very nice post!

  23. The crisp looks wonderful! I just wanted to comment that your mom looks remarkably like mine. See has the same hair color and style and the same white skin. My parents will be married 40 years this year so the coloring of the film even looks similar!

  24. Fabulous outfits and the crisp too. Happy Anniversary to your folks, they are an inspiration!

  25. Horray for stawberry crisps and horray for happy marriages!

  26. These crisps look incredible- So fresh and vibrant!

    Happy anniversary to your parents! :)

  27. What a lovely story, and a truly delicious looking dessert to go with it!

  28. Happy Anniversary to your Parents!Yummy cherry crisps. I love crisps!

  29. Very nice looking crisp and wonderful story about your parents.

  30. wow never heard of strawberry crisp. If i find any strawberries i ll try it. Its a nice thing to hear that your parents are still together after all those years. Seems nowadays you only hear of broken marriages. well happy anniversayr to your parents :-)

  31. Your parents sound like wonderful people…
    Lovely looking crisp.

  32. i’ve had many many crisps before, but never a strawberry one! not sure if i have ever had cooked/baked strawberries, actually… this looks delicious though :)

    happy anniv to your parents!

  33. Aw, very sweet. Happy Anniversary to your folks. You are so fortunate to have such great parents and they are blessed to have such a wonderful daughter (who incidentally makes fabulous desserts)!

  34. i love seeing older couples still holding hands as they walk down the street–it warms my heart. coincidentally, strawberry crisp also warms my heart–it looks fantastic! :)
    happy anniversary to your folks. here’s hoping we all find a love that true.

  35. WOW! Congrats to your parents. Hubs n I just celebrated 30 years beginning July :) That strawberry crisp looks yummos

  36. This looks like a super great comfort food! I wish I could have one! :)

  37. Marianne Larsen says:

    Hi Jen! Your Dad sent me this blog and it was so good to see the photo of your Mom and Dad and read about your memories. You have a talent as does your Dad for writing. By-the-way, Bob and I still hold hands (and things)..LOL but then we have only been married 20 years. Isn’t it great to find the love of your life (even after 50 years? Take care and our best to both of you. Bob and Marianne PS….please send me just the picture e-mail ok? Thanks

  38. That looks so pretty and so yummy. I want to eat it up. I love the photo of your parents and their sweet story. It is good to know that love lasts

  39. I’m not much of a fan of making pie crust either, but crisps, I could go for that!

  40. Happy anniversary to your parents! If only everyone was as lucky in love :)

  41. Oh Peabody! You always make me smile. I love your writing. I also love that your mother had a beehive AND hat. Awesome. Thanks or sharing this easy crisp! It looks beautiful. Happy Anniversary to the rents.

  42. what amazingly bright and beautiful those strawberries are! looks rich and warm and comforting!

  43. How sweet! What a wonderful post!

  44. First off, huge congrats to the parents, good role models that they are. Glad to hear you DID find love again- and I am glad to have seen this sultry summer crisp. mmm.

  45. I’ve never really associated crisps with summer, but this strawberry one looks good enough to want to turn the oven on. :)

  46. I made this today and it is wonderful! I don’t know why I’d never thought of strawberries for a crisp before. Thank you! By the way, it’s also great cold, right out of the refrigerator ;)

  47. Happy Anniversary to ur folks!!This is one of the ways I prefer to enjoy my fruits….Mouthwatering…totally!!!

  48. What a beautiful story – happy anniversary to your parents! They’re an inspiration!

    And so are you with that gorgeous crisp – nothing better than a yummy fruit crisp or crumble when the fruit is at its best! Who needs pie crust?

  49. hahaha
    Love the fact that your Dad would want to clarify that he is taller than your Mom! :D

  50. Made this with some fresh Georgia peaches down here in Atlanta, and it was delicious. I may or may not have had some for breakfast this morning. I can neither confirm nor deny the rumor.


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