Breakfast of Champions….


So people are making a big deal over how much Olympic phenomenon Michael Phelps eats in a day. All over the news they have been showing what he typically eats for breakfast everyday:
3 Fried-Egg Sandwiches (complete with cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, fried onions and mayo)
5-Egg Omelet
Coffee (2-3 cups)
Bowl of Grits
3 Slices French Toast topped with Powdered Sugar
3 Chocolate Chip Pancakes
I think with proper training, I could work up to that. Though I think I would have to have my eggs scrambled for the fried egg sandwiches and I would substitute the tomatoes and fried onions with bacon. How can he not eat bacon? Why I could be half way to being an Olympic athlete.
Apparently though he works that all off by working out 8 hours a day. Heres where my Olympic dreams might be dashed. Eight hours in a day? I can get that in a week…surely that counts, eh? After looking at all of the Summer athletes I am thinking I could still hold out for Discus, Archery or one of the Shooting events. No offense to some of the competitors but they don’t seemed to be in quite tip top shape as some of the other athletes there at the games. And of course for the Winter Olympics I could always do curling. I’m not bad…unless you have me keep score. Somehow I can’t do that. But I do throw me a good stone I tell ya.
So many people when watching the Olympics get inspired to get in shape. Me, I got inspired to make Michael a meal he could get his 4000 calories in without having to eat so much. I’m here to help you Michael, let me help you. Let me help you. My only request(husband don’t read this part) is that you have your shirt off while while you eat my French toast in front of me. :P

Mascarpone Maple Syrup Stuffed Brown Sugar Pecan Oatmeal Buttermilk Bread French Toast with Maple Syrup Cinnamon Honey Sauce

1 loaf Brown Sugar Pecan Oatmeal Buttermilk Bread(recipe follows)
1 batch custard(for dipping french toast in)(recipe follows)
1 batch Mascarpone Maple Syrup Filling(recipe follows)
1 batch Maple Syrup Cinnamon Honey Sauce)recipe follows)

Brown Sugar Pecan Oatmeal Buttermilk Bread

1 ½ cups rolled oats
1 cup boiling water
¼ cup water
2 tsp dried yeast
1 ½ cups buttermilk
½ cup canola oil
½ cup lightly packed brown sugar(I use dark)
1 cup whole wheat flour
3 ½ cups all-purpose flour
2 tsp salt
1 spray bottle of water

bread filling:
1 TBSP melted unsalted butter
1/3 cup chopped pecans
1 tsp cinnamon
1/3 cup brown sugar

Set aside ¼ cup rolled oats. Place the remaining oats into a medium bowl. Cover with boiling water. Mix with spoon to moisten all oats. Let bowl sit, uncovered, for 10 minutes, stirring frequently.
Place ¼ cup of warm water in the bowl of your stand mixer and sprinkle yeast on top. Mix with a whisk to dissolve yeast. Let rest for 5 minutes. Add soaked oats, buttermilk, canola oil, brown sugar, both flours, and salt. Using the hook attachment, mix on low speed for 1 or 2 minutes to combine ingredients. Increase speed to medium and mix for about 10 minutes. Dough will be wet at first, but will eventually from a ball. Ball will have a satiny finish and will bounce back quickly when poked with finger.
Place dough in an oiled, medium bowl and over with plastic wrap. Proof in a warm room, 70-75F, for about an hour. Dough will almost double in size.

Pull dough from bowl onto a floured surface and flatten it with your hands, releasing excess air bubbles. Form dough into a 12 x 6-inch rectangle and position it so that a long side is facing you. Spread melted butter evenly(as best you can) onto the rectangular dough. Sprinkle the brown sugar, followed by the cinnamon and then pecans. Fold the 2 short ends of the dough onto the top so they meet in the middle. Starting with the closest end, roll dough away from you into a log. Let loaf rest on its seam for a few minutes.

Transfer dough to an oiled 9 x 5 x 4-inch loaf pan, seam side down. Using your hands, push down on the dough to make sure it extends to all corners of the pan. Cover with plastic wrap and let proof in a warm room for 35-45 minutes. Loaf will rise to slightly above the top of the pan.

While loaf is proofing, preheat oven to 385F.

Remove plastic wrap and mist top of loaf with spray bottle of water. Sprinkle with remaining oats(I skipped this part this time around). Place pan on center rack of oven an bake for approximately 1 hour(I put a pan under the loaf pan since there was brown sugar and butter in the bread filling, good thing as I did get some dripping). Top and sides of finished loaf will be deep golden brown. Let cool in the pan on a wire rack for at least 30 minutes, then run a sharp knife around the sides of the loaf to release from the pan. Invert to remove loaf.

Source: Bread recipe is adapted from Macrina Bakery and Cafe Cookbook by Leslie Mackie with Andrew Cleary, 2003



Dipping Custard

4 eggs
½ cup heavy whipping cream
¼ cup maple syrup
½  tsp vanilla
½  tsp cinnamon

Combine all the ingredients with a whisk in a medium bowl until fully incorporated. Place mixture into a 9-x-13 inch pan to make dipping easy.

Mascarpone Maple Syrup Filling

½ cup Mascarpone cheese, at room temperature
½ cup cream cheese, at room temperature
1/3 cup brown sugar
¼ cup maple syrup

Combine all ingredients in a mixer with a paddle attachment. Beat until fully incorporated.
Making the French Toast
Spread about 1 ½  TBSP of  the mixture on a slice of bread. Top with a second piece of bread (like a sandwich). Repeat this process 10-12 times until the mixture is all used.
Dip the “sandwiches” into the custard mixture. Cook on a lightly greased(with butter) griddle until golden brown, turn to cook the other side. Keep the cooked “sandwiches” warm by placing them on a baking sheet in a warm oven(200F) Top with Maple Syrup Cinnamon Honey Sauce.

Maple Syrup Cinnamon Honey Sauce

¼  cup unsalted butter (½  stick)
¼  cup brown sugar
¼ cup creamed cinnamon honey(or just regular honey with 1 tsp cinnamon)
¼  cup maple syrup
¼ cup heavy whipping cream

Combine the butter, brown sugar, honey and maple syrup in a medium saucepan and bring to a boil. Add heavy whipping cream and whisk until fully incorporated. Remove from heat and pour over French toast.


  1. Yuuuuuuuuuuuuuum! That looks loaded with calories-delicious! The perfect way for atlets to start their day off… and the perfect way for lazy people too!

  2. WOW!!! Calories be damned, that looks fantastic!!!

  3. That looks great! Makes me want something made mushy by syrup! I’ve enjoyed watching the Olympics but just thinking about being required to eat that much makes me queasy. I think that I might grow tired of food by that point. :-)

  4. Those pancakes are DEFINITELY perfect for an athlete; oh and I just have to say that Michael Phelps is amazing (and hot).

  5. Now that’s a French Toast!!! YUM

  6. All I have to say is WOW. It looks yummy.

  7. Wow, through in a roasted wood cock and a a slab of bacon and he could rival King Edward!

    Nice looking recipe – there’s no doubt you are a champ.

  8. One word….GULP! How can French Toast get any better? THIS WAY! What a breakfast this would be……my oh my…………….

  9. LOL! I was already laughing about the “husband don’t read this part” part and then I got to the title of the recipe! I LOVE it! :)

  10. WoW…just wow! The bread alone sounds delish, but to combine it will the mascarpone filling and the syrup and that makes one heck of a breakfast. Thanks for sharing!

  11. That looks delicious. I guess I could swim for a half an hour, if that was waiting for me. That’s quite a recipe. I wish I could find cinnamon cream honey but I haven’t seen it in years. I used to eat it in college and I told my kids about it so we’ve been on a quest to find some, but with no luck. I’m definitely going to try your buttery syrup, with the honey cinnamon substitute.

  12. This looks delicious! It has so many wonderful components and when you put them together it looks amazing! I loved your remark about watching him eat it with his shirt off :) This would be a great way to get all those calories!

  13. Hello,

    That name is quite a mouthful. Can you say that three times fast? :-)
    I’ve been reading you blog for a couple of months or so…your desserts sound yummy, your photos are great, and your posts are hilarious.


  14. Ha ha, you are funny.

    but, I gotta say….. “Mascarpone Maple Syrup Stuffed Brown Sugar Pecan Oatmeal Buttermilk Bread French Toast with Maple Syrup Cinnamon Honey Sauce”

    Are you serious? My heart stopped just reading the title…..

    And I SO want some….lol

    Good job, as always…..

  15. Yumm maybe Michael needs to have you cook for him;)
    This sounds delish. Perfect for Olympic champs…and those of us the perfer to sit on the couch and watch them:)

  16. That’s so funny, I love how he apparently HAS to eat chocolate-chip pancakes for breakfast. God forbid they are just regular buttermilk ones.

    Maybe if you swapped his french toast with your luscious version he’ll have to specify that they always be mascarpone-stuffed too! :)

  17. Hehe. Haven’t heard that in the news, but I don’t think it would surprise me as I’ve seen my brother scarf down 10000 calories a day…he says he gets tired of eating, can you imagine?!

    This looks amazing. I wouldn’t burn off all those calories in a year. :)

  18. Well, he SHOULD take off his shirt for a dish like this one. Amazing! All those flavors sound so perfect together.

  19. That recipe title is a mouthful in itself.
    That and a swimmer’s body. Yum yum.

  20. Haha, I love it! I actually misread that as what he eats in a single DAY and was ill just thinking about it, and then realised it was just one meal. Oy.

  21. Ok, that looks totally amazing. Radio today said he takes in 12,000 calories a day – I can’t even imagine, but this recipe is surely a good start!

  22. How delicious and decadent! Yummy! :)

  23. Wow! What a mouthful – both the name and the food!
    French toast is one of my most favorite things and this looks utterly fabulous! I’ll be dreaming about this one tonight! ;)

  24. i drool just with the name of it!

  25. OH MY GOD this sounds amazing and to my weight watchers brain is making me weak from all the sugar!!! This would be heaven and might just become my goal meal!!!

  26. the Phelp phenomenon! I am probably getting 8 hours a month right now! I also prefer your diet with fried onions and bacon – yeah how can he NOT eat bacon.
    On another note – I think by the time I am done saying “we’re having Mascarpone Maple Syrup Stuffed Brown Sugar Pecan Oatmeal Buttermilk Bread French Toast with Maple Syrup Cinnamon Honey Sauce for breakfast!” it might be lunch time. It look awesome though!

  27. I think I would rather eat your french toast than share Michael “the dolphin” Phelps’ breakfast anyday. Heck, the title alone of your dish gave me a delicious workout that’s left me hungry! :)

  28. Wow, you have raised the bar for decadent breakfasts!

  29. That’s some title. ;-) I agree, let’s worry about the food, and not so much getting in shape. Ha. That french toast looks divine.

  30. Looks absolutely amazing!

  31. Good lord almighty, I’d like to wake up to that in the morning!

  32. My only request(husband don’t read this part) is that you have your shirt off while while you eat

    Best. Line. EVER!

    And such a lovely mental image that is. ;)

  33. you totally had me at the name! Mann this look so good!!!

  34. Just the name itself is a mouthful! Looks great! This is now on my ‘to make’ list, lol.. Great job Peabody!

  35. Hell, I’LL take my shirt off for you if it meant I’d get to eat this french toast…

  36. That is a mouthful Peabody, but what a glorious mouthful!

  37. Oh yummy! I can just feel my arteries lining themselves with all that sugary goodness.

  38. I’m sitting at my desk at work and seriously just laughed out loud at the last part. Too funny! This does look like the breakfast of champions!

  39. YUM! If you can get him to eat this with his shirt off… can I come and wipe up any syrup dribbles he may get on his chest? I’m here for you!

  40. I’d be willing to join the swim team if it means I could have this for breakfast every morning (and can we get the guys in Beach Volleyball to go shirtless too??)

  41. When I heard he has to eat 10,000 calories a day..I was sooooo completly jealous! I fell like I cant eat more then 500 without gaining weight! However I would have NO problem eating all of this french toast!

  42. I think I’m the only person in the entire country (possibly the world) who does not like Michael Phelps. It’s gotten really bad, to the point when I’ve been asked to leave the room during his races because of my running commentary.

  43. Holy. Moly.

  44. I so want a plate of that for breakfast tomorrow!

  45. Though my arteries are closing as I read this recipe, I can’t help but want it — just a sinfully delicious bite of it — and then I’d be happy to have Michael Phelps down the rest!

  46. wowza, that’s quite the recipe title!
    eh, let the other goobers get fit. i’d be completely satisfied just watching mr phelps eating a plate of this…as long as i had a plate for myself too. :)

  47. Wow, just the name makes me swoon. This looks outrageously good!

  48. this looks so sinfully delicious. michael phelps really is a machine in the water but sure makes me feel angry when he can eat all that for breakfast and still look like he does! :( off my soap box, i just discovered what to make for breakfast tomorrow, thanks for sharing this :)

  49. Yummy! As in Phelps is so very. :) The French toast doesn’t look bad either.

  50. LOL, that looks awesome Peabody. I’d come to that breakfast, too. :)

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