The Good Side….

Obviously there has to be a good side to teaching, for if there wasn’t, no one would do it. There are many great moments in teaching. Many of those moments you will never know about, and that’s the hard part. So often it is years later after you were that child’s teacher that you realize the impact that you made on that child. And it usually never the kid you would have thought.

Case in point. I had a student when I taught 6th grade. Her older brother was in 8th grade and struggling something horrible in science. At the time the science teacher was what one might call technical(you might know it as dry and boring) and he could just not catch on. A very shy kid, he finally got the nerve to ask me after school one day for help while his sister was hanging out reorganizing my books(slave labor comes cheap when you have goodie-goodie’s in class :P ). I was the type of person who likes to use more real life terms. I tell people the real term but I also translate to real people speak. You know like when I go to a fancy restaurant with my husband and the menu says Potatoes Gaufrette, I turn to my perplexed hubby and say “waffle fries” and he understands.

Apparently I had an impact. So much that his senior year of high school he nominated me for a state award for best teacher through out his years. I was not eligible as I was never his actual teacher but the high school was nice enough to forward me the 4 page essay about how my simple after school lessons shaped the boys life. He is now a science teacher in New Mexico.
But my proudest moment of all came of at all places the State Fair. My parents and I were in the livestock section watching cows be judged. We mostly wanted to just be in the shade as it was a balmy 95F in October in AZ.

My first year of teaching I had a student who was a pain in the ass to put it mildly. I team taught and so he was not actually in my homeroom, but I saw him for two classes. M and his dad lived in their car. I taught in a poor district where 96% the schools students qualified for free lunch. Many teachers coddled him because of his circumstance, which in turn made him be more of an ass. I rode him hard all year and he never rose to the challenge. I chalked M up to one that got away and one that made me drink a lot of beer after work. :)
So imagine my surprise when a voice from the past spoke. “Hello Ms. G, it’s a pleasure to see you again.” In a slight state of shock that he even came over to say hi, I asked what he was doing here. He told me how he had gone to live on a boys ranch for homeless children and how to earn their keep they helped run the farm. He had raised a cow and was showing it and hoping to place so that the cow would sale, as he would get to keep the money. He asked if we would stay and watch his cow. I said sure. He was not up for about an hour. He sat with my parents and I going over all the things they look for in the judging and how things were in general in his life, including the program that he felt changed his life. Then when he got up to go and prepare his cow he said to me, “I want to thank you for never treating me different than any other kid in your classroom. That really meant a lot to me. “ I held back my tears when said that but they minute he left my mother had already pulled the Kleenex from her purse.

I watched M get first place for his cow that day. I pretty much was a ball of tears. So not what I thought my day at the Fair was going to be. So not the student I thought I would ever hear that from.

Speaking of good things….these Marshmallow Crunch Brownie Bars are so very fantastic. I made them for my husband but I am pretty sure I ate more of them then he did. You want to talk about a super after school treat…these are it!!!!


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  1. Words cannot describe how delicious that looks!

  2. This looks so good, I almost cursed when I saw it!

  3. Those. Look. Amazing!

  4. Oh! I want those! Peabody, please bring me some!

  5. Wow, YES, I am finally able to see some of your pictures and those look amazing! Hot dang! I have that cookbook too! Why did I never notice this recipe! I think I just gained ten pounds!

  6. i know these are delicious b/c it’s very similar to this recipe i made last year!

    i am sure you could go on and on w/all the funny and memorable stories from teaching :)

  7. p, for some reasons, your stories make this sweet treat even sweeter!

  8. What a really sweet story, and those treats look yummy!

  9. A nice story…

    Those bars look gorgous and ever so scrumptious!



  10. *slurp*

    Gracie.. you’re killing me. But I’m okay with that. :D


  11. hmm i tried these ones. they are delicious. surely not photogenic like yours though. :-)

  12. Crap, my heart just grew three sizes and killed me :D I love how he kept nominating you even if you weren’t eligible. Did he ever know you weren’t? No matter, you must’ve felt on top of the world when it happened. Wonderful stories. I think I pretty much qualified as a goody-goody (well, until my teenage troubles started), so my stories are a little different, but there’s always a teacher (or five) that sticks out in my mind too :)

    I LOVE that the bars have no whole peanuts in them, and instead have rice krispies! That’s a real treat!

  13. Both stories are really touching, I can just imagine how great both incidents made you feel. I really love your writing!
    Oh, and those bars look sinfully good!

  14. It makes a heart so proud to know that you have touched so many lives.

    Think of all the ones that you have touched and don’t even know about.

    Gold star for Peabody!

    Oh…and these treats……making them today!

  15. SWEET LORD! How do you do it??? Just amazing!

  16. So, so sweet. Thanks for the post.

  17. Grest story…crying into my cup of tea over the last one! :)

    The brownies look delicious! Love that crunchy top layer! Mmmmm!

  18. That was supposed to be “great”, not “grest”! I really need comment spell check! ;)

  19. What a moving story, about M; and wow, I wish that I had a teacher like you!! :-D

    Oh my, those Marshmallow Crunch Brownie Bars are DEFINITELY good things!! Yum!!

  20. What a wonderful story! Sounds like you’re a great teacher! : ) Not to mention a fabulous cook…these bars look delicious!

  21. I always love your photos. Isn’t it fun to experiment with toppings for brownies?

  22. I start my first year of teaching on Tuesday. I am so nervous and stressed it is beyond words… thank you for your story, it made me remember why I got into this whole thing to start with.

  23. Those look very yummy and will be the perfect treat for my household next week! I think you’ve managed to combine my boys’ three favorite things into a single bar – they are going to go nuts (in a good way :D ).

  24. Love your story Peabody….and love the looks of these bars too………hhmmmm….Rice Krispies….cereal………..breakfast bar? I WISH!!!!!!!! :)

  25. Loved the school stories. I guess every good teacher has some of those to remember when you’re having a horrible day and the kids just won’t behave! I hope you had your camera so you could take a picture of him!

  26. I think I might have broken a tooth from trying to bite into my screen…

    Lovely story about your ex students!

  27. Aw wow what stories. =) And that bar looks seriously amazing.

  28. What a great story! It’s always nice to know that you helped someone. And these look wonderful. I’m definitely going to make these!

  29. Those look like rice krispies on crack!

  30. *sigh* I totally understand. I understand the calls from kids on their way to their first deployment, and the ones from kids who have chosen to go into the Peace Corps after getting their college degree. But there are also kids I know I’ll never hear from, some of whom are no longer here…Good stories, peabody, and great afternoon snacks. I suspect that if I made these for my teen, they’d disappear and I’d find out he passed them out at school during lunch. YUM!

  31. You are so right about teaching — it’s the one student you have an impact on that makes all of teaching worthwhile. And you never know who that one student will be — and sometimes you don’t find out about the impact until much later in life.

  32. It’s a shame that you didn’t want to continue teaching.
    But I certainly understand about low pay and getting burned out with all the hassles. (Nursing in The UK = same thing! I love it and loathe it but mostly love it)
    How wonderful to be complimented in front of your parents! Mucho kudos!

    This after school brownies look delightful! Mmmm.

  33. My grandma would make these ALL the time!! I LOVED them, thanks for reminding me how great they are!!

  34. You are so incredibly lucky to have found out the difference you made to those two – that is really priceless.
    These cookies are absolutely on the good and right side!

  35. These look amazing! I can’t wait to try them!

  36. After school snack is right! I’ll be making these for Aidan soon. How do you think they would hold up in the heat at his evening soccer game (probably in the 80s at least)? I am on snack detail this week.

    Your story about both students made me cry. I am so glad you were able to find out about both instances – which I’m sure are only a drop in the bucket compared to the effect you have had!

  37. Wow. I love the story and those bars look really delicious!

  38. What a lovely and touching story! Hopefully one of these days I get to inspire people too like you!

    This recipe is on my regular stand by list. My family loves it. I fist made this November last year and has ever since been one of my favorite.

  39. Recipe, smeshicipe. You had me teary-eyed at the story. Thanks for sharing and way to go. I will read the recipe later however, as chocolate also gets me teary eyed, but in a different way ;)

  40. These look FANTASTIC!! Wow. Chocolate and peanut butter and some chewyness. Delicious.

  41. I had one of those moments. I taught seventh grade for eight years. I quit seven years ago when my daughter was born. Last year I was forwarded an e-mail. It was a student from my second year of teaching. She had just graduated with a master’s degree and wanted to say thank you. It absolutely floored me. And I cried as well.

  42. Just wanted to say I ventured over to your blog from TWD and was not disappointed. Your photos are great, but especially loving your teaching bits in the most recent posts. My husband and most of my family are teachers. After resisting it a bit, looks like I’m headed that way too (I’ve been teaching for the last year or so part time). You’re right about it being a good 2nd income, unfortunately it’s had to be our main one for the past 7 years— but I have to say, my husband loves his job and the impact he makes on the kids he works with.

  43. I think all of us teachers have these kind of stories, but I had fetch some Kleenex for this story, because it made me realize just how big an impact we have on these children that we teach.
    I am definitely making these chocolatey bars!!!!

  44. Amazing and touching story!!! Thanks for sharing and the dessert looks delicious!

  45. Awww, Peabody, thanks for sharing your teaching stories. You definitely made this teacher cry! I currently teach in a district in Phoenix with nearly 100% free or reduced lunch, so I know exactly what you’re talking about. No matter how infuriated I get at school board politics or the atrocious situations in which my students live, I have the privilege of waking up every day and knowing I MAKE A DIFFERENCE!

    I especially love your line about how many people will never know the small joys of teaching or the moments that make us drink a lot of beer and eat a lot of chocolate!

  46. Sweet story! That dessert looks fabulous too!

  47. I am drooling over these. They look so good.

  48. Love those stories. My sister starts her teaching job tomorrow so I hope she has as wonderful of an impact as you have. The dessert looks great as well. You always have the most tantalizing recipes. I’m looking forward to trying your recipe for Peach Sangria Madeleines. I have been waiting to try that recipe for awhile and now that I have a ton of peaches on hand I feel that I have the perfect excuse.

  49. Those marshmallow crunch brownie bars look really good. I like the distinct layers.

  50. Wow-this looks SO SO good – marshmallow my favorite – will definitely be trying this recipe soon!


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