Rice, Rice, Baby….

There isn’t much in the food world that I haven’t at least tried, unless of course I am allergic (which rules out quite a few things). Yet there was one food item I had seen time and time again on people’s blogs that I had never tried but always wanted to….rice pudding.
I’m not even sure why I have never tried it. I mean it is a lot of people’s go to ultimate comfort food, and I love me some comfort food.
I was at the grocery store and I saw a container of Kozy Shack rice pudding and decided that enough was enough, I was going to break down and make some. I was however determined that it would be bland for some reason and so I felt the need to make it a sauce. I also searched for a recipe using arborio rice as it gives off a more creamy texture.
When all was said and done I stood there looking at it, it’s not all that pretty by itself, then again neither is bread pudding and I love that. I scooped my spoon in and into the mouth (cue the romance music). Yeah, I get it. Big time. This stuff is comfort in a bowl. It ranks right up there with grilled cheese and tomato soup comfort…and that is a serious compliment.
I think next time I might throw in a few more spices but with the addition of the butterscotch sauce, there were not needed so much this time around.
Do yourself a favor, if you were like me and have never had rice pudding, go ahead and make it. Hopefully you will have the same reaction as I did.
P.S. CCS is doing better. LFB is doing the same, will no more on Monday.

Arborio Rice Pudding with Stone Fruit Butterscotch Sauce

Arborio Rice Pudding

1 cup water
Pinch salt
½ TBSP unsalted butter
½  cup Arborio rice
2 cups whole milk
8 TBSP granulated sugar
1 tsp vanilla extract
¼ tsp ground cinnamon
1/8 tsp ground nutmeg (fresh)

Bring water, salt, and butter to a boil in a medium saucepan. Add the rice, return to a boil, and then reduce the heat to the lowest setting. Shake the pan occasionally and cook until rice has absorbed the water but it still al dente, about 15 minutes.
Bring milk, sugar, vanilla, and spices to a simmer in a separate saucepan. Add the cooked rice and cook at a simmer over medium-low heat until rice absorbs most of the milk and mixture starts to get thick and silky, about 10 to 15 minutes.
Transfer pudding to a large bowl and cool to room temperature. Place in refrigerator until cool and set. Serve with whipped cream and a dash more cinnamon.

Adapted from Food Network.com

Stone Fruit Butterscotch Sauce

¾  cup light brown sugar, packed
½  cup light corn syrup
4 TBSP unsalted butter, divided
½  cup whipping cream
1 tsp vanilla
1 large peach, peeled and diced
2 medium pluots, peeled and diced

Combine brown sugar, corn syrup, and 2 TBSP butter in a small saucepan. Bring to a boil over medium heat, stirring constantly.
Boil for 1 minute; remove from heat. Stir in cream and vanilla immediately. Be careful as sauce will boil up and possibly splatter and could burn you. Set aside.
In a separate pan, melt 2 TBSP of unsalted butter. Add stone fruits and cook on medium heat until fruit starts to get soft, about 2 minutes.
Fold fruit into butterscotch sauce and scoop on top of rice pudding servings.


  1. I agree. Rice pudding tastes like comfort.
    I’m glad you liked it!
    It looks delicious, specially with that stone fruit butterscoth sauce =)!

  2. MMmm…comfort in a bowl. Your recipe sounds delicious & easier than many I’ve tried. Thanks!

  3. Now and then, I like to eat Rice Pudding… Yours looks delicious, especially with that “Stone Fruit Butterscotch Sauce”!



  4. I love rice pudding!! I always thought it would be hard to prepare but this doesn’t seem bad at all! I think I will have to give this a go:) Thanks for sharing:)

  5. I have only seen rice pudding with raisins…Yours looks so much more tasty. Your pictures are really nice!

  6. You’ve never made rice pudding, and I have?!?! Wow, I never thought that’d be a reality, since you’re INFINITELY more experienced in the kitchen than I am, haha :-D Love your rice pudding version!! So luscious!! I miss pluots so much though – they’re not available here anymore :-(

    Thank goodness that CCS is doing better – I’m still praying for LFB!!!

  7. I love most comfort foods but rice pudding isn’t my fav by a long shot. Give me butterscotch pudding, mac and cheese, lasagna and I’m a happy camper! My mother, on the other hand, LOVES rice pudding. I must remember to make some for her soon. She’s always doing nice things for me and I owe her at least a dozen thank you’s!

  8. I’ve never tried rice pudding before, too– unless it’s cocoa-glutinous rice (“champorado”). I think it’s all the rice meals we eat 3 times a day– gets a little weird thinking about it as dessert. Maybe I can use your recipe to convert my family and myself! :)

  9. MMMMMM – your rice pudding looks fantastic, and that sauce! Luscious!

  10. I’ve been wanting to make rice pudding for the last few days, but I don’t crave it until midnight. What’s up with that?

    Rice pudding is something my grandmother has made us for many years. Her version is only slightly sweet and more milky, a porridge, sort of. She brewed hers with cinnamon sticks. I make mine with aborio rice and cream, with vanilla and cinnamon.

    If you’re ever in a pinch, Kozy Shak isn’t so bad.

  11. mmmmm that looks so comforting. like you, i’ve always wanted to try it but never have. i have a little spare arborio rice in the pantry i need to use up…hmmm

  12. oh, and glad to hear that CCS is doing better. hope you get good news on LFB on monday! (i really should make sure i’ve said all i want to say before i hit the submit button!)

  13. Yep, I’ve never had rice pudding. Hope your sweet furbabies are doing well soon!

  14. So happy to hear your pets are doing better!
    Your rice pudding looks yummy. All your food always looks yummy!

  15. Delighted to hear they fur balls are improving!!
    It really is true about simple being good. There’s a reson so many people keep coming back to rice pudding. It’s just good good.

  16. You got it girl, right up there with custard, tomato soup and bacon and cheese… (You wouldnt forget bacon no?)

  17. I rarely have rice pudding because it’s not something I think to make. But my Grandma makes an excellent rum raisin rice pudding.

  18. As a child my mom would always make rice pudding and I would refuse to eat it, thinking that there was no way I could like a dessert made with rice.
    Now that I have my own kitchen it has become my go-to dessert (though I still haven’t made the classic version with raisins). My favourite combinations are basmati, with coconut milk and dried cranberries, or a new one I’ve recently done using rice milk and chai tea. YUM.
    I’m glad that you’ve discovered the joys of rice pudding too!

  19. I was late to the party on rice pudding, too. Didn’t ever have it when I was growing up, but surely came to love it as a younger adult. Now I love to make it for the grandkids.

  20. My favorite rice pudding has cardamom in it. Who doesn’t need more comfort food. :)

  21. I loved this post. I stoppped, collabtored, and listened.

  22. Sorry- misspelled collaborated.

  23. i have recently come to love rice pudding as well…in fact i was planning on making a sweet risotto today. :)

  24. Oh WOW, Peabody! I love rice pudding, but I know this will take it to a whole new level. Thanks for sharing this!

  25. I love rice pudding. I keep wondering if I’d be able to make it at home.

  26. These pictures made my mouth water! I haven’t had rice pudding in years, it’s a shame to have forgotten about something as good as it! Now I want to go make sweet coconut rice with mango….

  27. I was just researching butterscotch the other day! Combined with rice pudding, that must one of the most comforting of comfort foods!

  28. I hadn’t had rice pudding until pretty recently, all because my dad had always cringed at the stuff. Turns out his bias influenced me into thinking I hated it, even though I had never even had it!

  29. Ok, now you’ve done it…. I love rice pudding….

    But peaches and caramel sauce? I’m making it Sunday…. Once again, you’ve changed my favorite dessert to something else….

    Great Photos by way….what camera do you use, if you don’t mind me asking….

  30. Your pictures make it look scrumptious as usual. I am a rice pudding addict, but haven’t considered rocking the fruit with it.

  31. I would have thought you’ve made this before surely. Well, your first batch is to die for. I always love your photos, so perfect.

  32. this is my 100% comfort! I just have to have rice every day and your delicious rice pudding would be my dessert!
    Your pictures are making me drool uncontrollably!

  33. wow! peaches, rice pudding & butterscotch … yum! it’s now on my ever growing list of ‘things to eat’

  34. That looks delicious…I’ve never made rice pudding with arborio, but this looks like a winner!

  35. Pea, rice pudding reminds me so much of my mom. She would always make something, but she served it hot – in the winter, we would have it almost in a daily basis.
    Thank you for the sweet reminder. :)

  36. Mmmm, serious drool time with those pictures. I’d never made rice pudding till my daughter requested it and now it’s a fave. I found a recipe that uses cooked rice, so it’s a great way to use up leftover rice.

  37. Auggggh. I am crazy about rice pudding, but the dairy killlllls me. Torture… you are torturing me, hon. And the sauce sounds like a nice pairing too. Btw, glad that the furry buds are doing better. Huggles and snuggles to them both.

  38. This is so perfect! I recently made a risotto and have a ton of arborio rice left over. Thanks!

  39. It looks wonderful Peabody. Yesterday I made rice pudding with arborio rice because I couldn’t find the Jasmine rice which I usually use, in the cupboard. It is much creamier but I found mine to be a bit stodgy.

  40. I am coming back for seconds as your rice pudding looks so good. I have been thinking about this for days now.

  41. Personally I don’t eat rice pudding (it’s the consistency, I think), but a good friend likes nothing better than to make a quickie on cold winter evenings. She uses flaked rice, rather than whole grains; it cooks faster and creamier, and if you are looking for a less “ricey” texture, it makes a difference.

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