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I will admit that in my family I am the worrier. However, I am a pretty big go with the flow kind of gal usually. When the market started to plummet I chose not to panic. We are not heavily vested in the stock market and we are relatively young enough that we can wait/hope for it to rebound. It also helps that my parents and in-laws retirements are not dependent on the stock market, so that makes me sleep better at night.
I chose to remain calm as well for my friends who have recently lost their jobs (remember I am in the land of WAMU) and give them a glance of optimism. After all, my husband has been unemployed on occasion. And though highly unpleasant it lead us to do things that turned out better in the end (like moving to WA).
But yesterday, I lost it. And I lost it hard. I cried over cookies (let’s keep in mind my one meds are making me oversensitive…but I still think I would have cried not even being on it). I am sure by now, most of you know that Mother’s Cookie Circus Animals has gone out of business. And truthfully I feel like a little piece of my childhood is dying. For whenever I was having a truly bad day I would swing by the store for a little mini bag of those pink and white polka dotted animal shaped blobs and there was always a sense of happiness. I know food is not suppose to make you happy (but darn it, it does me). Of course, it’s not just the cookie that makes me happy, it is the memories it evokes as well. Happy childhood days when your hard decisions were what ice cream to get from the ice cream man…creamsicle, drumstick or bomb pop (still a hard question to answer though). How excited you were to find a lady bug in the grass. How you loved to catch them in a jar and how my mother would convince me to set it free or it would die. When Scooby Doo was still good and they didn’t have that darn Scrappy Doo bring down the show. You literally had no care in the world, though sadly, you didn’t know that at the time.
So today I pull out from the archives. My attempt when I first started out with this blog to make my own version of Circus Animals. I never got the flavor right, but I got them looking pretty close to the real thing.
In my sadness, I have already gone to three stores and bought 10 bags of them. Yes, I am crazy. I also bought this t-shirt that I saw on Slashfood today.
So goodbye to you my favorite store bought cookie, you will be missed. You will be missed.


  1. Goodbye pink and white animal friends! I will miss you.

  2. Too bad that that company shut down – I used to love those cookies!! :-( Love YOUR version though, much better :-)

  3. I didn’t grow up with Mother’s Cookies, being on the East Coast, but when I moved to CA, that’s when I discovered them. When there last weekend, we almost bought a bag; they’re Dave’s favorites. Alas, no luck. :(

  4. Aww, that is sad to lose something that you really enjoyed growing up! :(

  5. I am so sad too. I was shocked by the news and ran to Target at lunch and got a bag. They are the cookie memory of my childhood. If graham crackers were ever to fail, I’m going to lose it.

  6. We never had them growing up. For me this is the “studying for college finals” snack of choice.

  7. You’re so totally not crazy…unless I am too because I just went out and bought 5 bags of the taffy cookies. Then I called my mom and ordered her to buy as many as she could too. I feel ya.

  8. Sad news for kids everywhere! Try to keep strong in this time of crisis.

  9. I loved those as a kid. I can still taste them if I think about it.

  10. I didn’t grow up with those cookies, but I do love them. I remember getting them from the vending machines at school. My other favorites are their oatmeal cookies and their chocolate glazed ones (which they quit making sometime back) :-( My husband’s grandfather used to keep a sleeve of their oatmeal cookies in his desk at the hardware shop. When my DH was a child he used to go see his grandpa at work and he would always pull a cookie out of his desk for him. He passed 10 years ago, but those cookies always bring back memories of his grandpa.

    I am so bummed. Good bye Mother’s, we’ll miss you!

  11. Oh, hell. I hadn’t even thought of the animal cookies! I just thought of those big, soft oatmeal ones (which are … well, kinda grody).

    Never fear: they’re going into bankruptcy, which means that they’ll sell off the assets. So, their recipe (and the trademarks and all that) will probably be sold to somebody else, who will be able to do them just as well (or – heresy – better).

  12. ohh it s such a pity ! they re so cute. I m sorry :(

  13. Nooooooooooooo!

    I love those cookies.

  14. I’m actually trying to not go and buy all the Archway Windmill cookies in town. There’s a plant in Ashland, Ohio (where I go to school) and it closed on Monday. The news said that the plant in Battle Creek, MI closed also, but they were keeping one Archway/Mothers plant open in California. Thus I have chosen not to panic yet.

    Although I may buy a couple packs on Monday. :/

  15. I feel sad just reading this, but what a wonderful mission you are on to recreate the Mother’s cookies. that’s an awesome t-shirt too.

  16. SIGH…life isn’t nice always. Read your post with a heavy heart. :0(

  17. Holy crap, I didn’t know they were going under. I’m off to the store. Hope they still have some Halloween ones left!

  18. That is so sad!!!!! I had to get the t-shirt too, to pay homage. Your cookies are lovely – what a nice tribute. :(

  19. No WAY!! Those cookies sustained me through college… I’m not one of those people who eats when they’re sad, but I did buy those cookies as pure comfort food. I think your cookies look beautiful and I’m sure they’re delicious. I have to go to the store now and try and buy any bags that are left.

  20. I am so bummed…when i was a kid, it was such a treat to get them in my lunch box. If there are any left on the grocery shelves, I’m now compelled to go purchase a last bag. :(

  21. It IS sad isn’t it? I think I’ll buy a bag too. Take a few pictures… I also think I’ll link to your version of the animals. I love that you preserved this project so we can have them to remember them by!

  22. So I’m not alone in my sadness, which is compounded by the fact that I live on the east coast and can’t grab some farewell circus animals, taffy sandwiches and Cookie Parade. I’m tempted to ask my mother to ship me some.

  23. HeartofGlass says:

    I’ve never had these, as I’m from the East Coast, but I agree there is some wonderful affection for childhood ‘regional’ cookies that we all feel…Happy Thanksgiving, Cannuck!

  24. I found these today made by Keebler? Do you think they are the same? They look exactly alike!

  25. although I hadn’t have them when I lived in the States, but I feel for you… why the old precious thing just can’t last?

  26. I have no associations with those cookies but I actually thought of you when I read that they were closing…
    Happy Thanksgiving!

  27. Those were one of my childhood snacks, too! In fact, one night in college a friend bought some for me because he knew I was pulling an all-nighter for an exam. The shirt is *awesome*, and I hope your med induced tears don’t last too long!

  28. I am so sad that they are gone as they were a big part of my childhood as well. When I was a kid these were the only cookies in the cookie jar. A sign of the times, so sad.

  29. I did not know what Mothers Cookie Circus animals had gone out of business but that makes me very, very sad. Like you I grew up eating those morsels & they were so much more than sweet cookies, they were family time and smiles and good memories. Sigh. Now I’m bummed.

  30. A sad thing when an icon like these little cookies goes away. Yours sure do look like the originals…maybe you can perfect the flavor and sell them to folks who will miss the Mother’s ones. Or not.

  31. I’m sorry to hear the bad news, Pea :( It’s kind of hard to believe that what sounds like a well-loved cookie (judging by the comments) was not doing so well financially. You know, I think some good things are never away for too long… One day I think you’ll see them back on the shelves :)

  32. I had a slight heart attack when I read this post title. I thought it was going to be about your dog! Whew!
    OK – I’m devastated now too… I had no idea they were going out of biz. Waaahhh.

  33. there’s nothing wrong with a)crying over the demise of this treat, and b)stocking up on them while you still can. be sure to ration them out! :)

  34. I will miss those dear friends!!!!

  35. I went to the store to buy them out of cookies, but sadly only 3 bag remained. I bought them, but hope to hit another store so that I can save up a stock!!

  36. Yep. Very sad. We didn’t get them a lot b/c they were more expensive, but we loved them. Strange though — I just saw Hydrox cookies at my market yesterday. I haven’t seen those since I was a kid. The shirt’s pretty cool…

  37. My husband is feeling the pain with you. They’re his favorites and I don’t know if he’ll make it through this rough patch. If you perfect the icing, I’ll let you borrow my animal cookie cutters.

  38. Oh my god! I had no idea! While it has probably been 20 years, I do love those little guys. How sad : (
    Like you, I feel like piece of my childhood is being ripped away from me

  39. That is so sad! I didn’t know… I think I’ll go raid a few stores tomorrow. These are the only store bought cookie I ever buy really, and I can’t resist when they are colored for holidays! I’ll just have to try your recipe! :)

  40. I was going to blog about this too but was in LA over the weekend! I’m so sad they are going to be gone!!

  41. do you think a soft, frosted sugar cookie would do the trick?

  42. I tried the icing recipe, and it was great! I wanted to make the cookies too, but I didn’t have enough powdered sugar for your recipe. :( Sometime soon though!

  43. Oh, this is sad! I grew up on these lil gems also. Since moving out of the country, my grandma used to bring me down a bag….now, another lost treasure. What about the company giving out the recipe since they are closing? Is that possible?

  44. There is hope for the Circus Animal Cookies yet! I have heard the Kelloggs has bought Mother’s Cookies’s recipes and trademark, and is planning to reintroduce the name this year! It’s not really the same, but at least the animals will live on in the lunchboxes of children across America.

  45. ok, i’m way out of the loop but caught up real fast today at the store. needed major comfort cookies and got the bad news. i will try your recipe after i have a major tantrum. a tantrum at 65 is probably not going to be a pretty sight!

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