Sarah Palin, get away from my hockey team…

Seriously woman, way to jinx my team. What were you thinking? The Philly fans booed you. They boo everyone, including themselves. They are not polite (sorry Flyers fans but you know you are not). My team goes down 4-0 in the first period. Thanks. Lucky for you, by the time you left they did score some goals, but, not enough…they still lost. Get politics away from my hockey time!
And it’s a good thing you can’t campaign in Canada, because Lord help you woman if you were to jinx my Flames who are already sucking on their own (they don’t need anymore help). Just keep that in mind, because you want to know the difference between a HOCKEY MOM and a HOCKEY PLAYER…I can kick your ass. Big time (of course if you shoot me from a helicopter you might have the slight advantage). So keep away from my teams. If the Flyers gave you a jersey…don’t wear it. Go to Detroit and jinx the Wings please.

See, not much love from the Flyers Fans…it’s the first thing that popped up when I Googled Palin and the Flyers.

As you can see hockey season is off to a less than perfect start for my teams. But I will, as always, hold true to my teams. I really feel the Flames are going to give me an ulcer though this year. Oye.
Between swearing at the TV on Saturday, I felt decent enough to make this weeks Tuesday with Dorie pick:  Lenox Almond Biscotti chosen by Gretchen of Canela & Comino. I went a slighty different route out of necessity (I had not enough cornmeal…opps). I also made mine Orange flavored (just used orange extract) and dipped them in white chocolate. I noticed a lot of people said they had to bake theirs longer than what was needed. I did not, but then again, I like my biscotti a little more softer and I didn’t use most of the cornmeal.
To get this weeks recipe visit Gretchen’s blog.

P.S. Canadians…don’t forget to vote today!


  1. Wow, your biscotti look delicious!! Did you dip them in white chocolate??

  2. Mmmm, chocolate! Wish I had thought of that! I am in enough trouble with these without them being dipped in chocolate-y goodness!

  3. Those Biscotti look perfect and tempting! A delicious speciality! I’d love to eat one now with my coffee…



  4. wow these look so perfect and good. The final touch of the white chocolate gives them a sophisticated yummy look :)

  5. Oh man! The Flyers were my favorite team when the NHL was still broadcasting games over ESPN here. I actually don’t know if Philly is a red or blue state, but gosh, that was some ill-conceived strategy by the campaign folks. Yeesh. Now I wanna see her on SNL! Kidding.
    In other news… I’m not a huge fan of biscotti, but of course I’ll never be able to say no if it’s dipped in chocolate! Yum! :)

  6. those are really beautiful dipped in white chocolate! i’m a dunker into hot coffee so i rarely like the dipped in chocolate, but white is so pretty. and puck falin indeed!!!

  7. Loooove your orange-flavored version of the biscotti – fabulous!!

  8. Ooh…white chocolate on the biscotti looks SO GOOD! Puck Falin…hilarious!

  9. I love how you dipped them.

    Just gorgeous.

  10. Philly is ruthless, and in this instance, I was happy about it. What an epic fail. But, when the Pens play them tonight, its back to business. (And I am forced to hate them, Im pretty sure thats in the Pens fan contract, in large print.)

    Your biscotti are really lovely! I, too, love how you dipped them. Fab job as always!

  11. I saw a clip of the booing on youtube. amusing.
    the biscotti look great.

  12. I love the juxtaposition of your angry hockey ranting interspersed with pictures of the dainty biscotti. Part of why I love food blogs! :)

  13. I absolutely love white chocolate and orange together, Pea. Yours look so pretty and neat!

  14. Haha, I was born and raised in Philly…we’re a tough bunch. But yes, sports and politics should NOT mix. Ever. White chocolate and orange, however, should and do so wonderfully in these biscotti!

  15. I couldn’t stop laughing – I just got an email with the video of the Flyers fans booing Palin, so it was perfect timing! Side-by-side with such a refined cookie though – too funny :)

  16. Totally agree, the politicians should stay away from sports games, especially Palin away from hockey! Love the Puck logo :) Hope your teams get their act together and do better this season. Still, better get the rolled up socks ready.
    The cookies looks super, but the stars are your photos…they are really excellent!

  17. Oh, wow those look so good! And I have to agree with Elle – your photos are always excellent!

  18. Hey, no jinxing the wings! And thank you for a hearty laugh this morning! :)
    And I’m glad to hear you’re feeling better! I love biscotti and yours look yummy.

  19. haha, hilarious post! Love that Puck logo:)

  20. I love the combination that you chose. Just lovely.

  21. lol… puck falin indeed :)
    the biscotti look awesome! i am totally dipping in chocolate next time. great closeups :)

  22. Your biscotti look so elegant! Next time I will try dipping mine like that. Great job!

  23. They look perfect, I really love biscotti!

  24. I love the white-chocolate dip. They look so nice and gorgeous.

  25. Great logo!! I agree with you, Puck Falin!! Love it!
    The cookies look amazing, like always!

  26. love the chocolate dipped ends!

  27. Oh gad I hope I can’t find any white chocolate in the store, I so don’t need that and know I’ll be trying that ;)

  28. Everything Palin touches turns to poop! Good thing she didn’t get near those GORGEOUS Biscotti!

  29. Those look lovely. Great idea with the orange flavor. :)

  30. you get fierce about your hockey, don’t ya! i love it. i typically don’t care for biscotti, but yours is looks particularly appealing. it’s the dipped part, no doubt. :)

  31. GO WINGS!!!!!
    I love the whisky in the pudding, these look wonderful.

  32. *Whiskey comment is from post after this. Me and my silly comments get mixed up sometimes (remind you of any political candidates…. :) )

  33. Orange and white chocolate are a nice treatment for the biscotti. You are one of the only ones I have found that the baking time worked out just fine. Beautiful results.

  34. First time visitor here — what a fun blog! Your biscotti — gorgeous! Love the chocolate dip! Lots of people didn’t enjoy the cornmeal in this recipe, so lucky you for not having enough! You are so right about Philly — I think they boo you when you pull into the welcome station. Maybe Tina Fey can do something next Saturday with the whole Palin/Flyers dynamic.

  35. I laughed my ass of when I saw her get booed. Hopefully that’s another couple million voters in PA who won’t vote for her. The Dems need all the help they can get, especially in PA and OH. Sorry, don’t mean to politicize your blog, but you mentioned it first… :-)

  36. You make me smile :-)

  37. Love your post! Politicians and hockey – they just don’t mix! Your biscotti looks fantastic!

  38. Those biscotti look absolutely delicious!

    Sarah Palin needs to be staying away from the Tampa Bay Lightning too. We’ve had a horrible start to the season and we don’t her help in making it worse!

  39. Orange biscotti sounds delicious, but even better with white chocolate! Yum!!

  40. Love the orange idea. I didn’t over bake either. I like my biscotti in non-tooth cracking form

  41. You soooo crack me up. I’ve never made biscotti before, but after seeing it all over the blogosphere, I feel as if I needn’t ever ;) Okay, maybe I will!!

  42. Wow…over the top. Love your tips, photos, and post…and I peeked at a bunch of other stuff here…I will return. Thanks for sharing!

  43. As a Flyers fan since childhood (I had a Flyers cheerleader costume when I was three), I was very proud of my fellow fans. Once in a while our cold-heartedness comes in handy.

  44. I wouldn’t step on any playing field in Philly. They booed Santa!
    Great looking biscotti.

  45. mmmm i love your chocolate dipped biscotti. i wanted to dip mine in chocolate but ran out of time….

  46. Okay, I have to comment… THAT was funny! I know that you’ve heard this before but you are hilarious AND you have terrifc, creative recipes that are your own AND your photos are drool-icious! I finally had to comment after months of reading, laughing, concern (for your bunny),and admiring!

    Would you mind terribly if I added you to my blogroll?


  47. Beautiful biscotti!!! :)

  48. Jerzeetomato says:

    I am a Flyers fan (born and raised) and I cannot tolerate Sarah Sixpack. I don’t know what McCain was thinking. She needs to go back to Alaska and wow them there. As for Santa he was Toronto Maple Leafs fan that is why he got booed.

  49. Oh, I LOVE that little Flyers Palin sign! Yeah, most of my hockey fans were a bit…er…taken aback that the Flyers would think that was a good idea!
    But the biscotti? Very good idea.

  50. I love the way those look in the dipped chocolate, mmmm ;0) This was my first time making biscotti, so I didn’t stray from the recipe, but I will definitely experiment with this again!


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