An important message from the Fluff Ticket….

In these times of economic down turn you can see that the Fluff Ticket has chosen to temporarily suspend their campaign. ;) (That and we ran out of money). But CCS and LFB have a very important message for you…Remember those less fortunate than you.
Of course everyone we know is struggling with the cost of food along with many other things (as you can see pictured above CCS is quite depressed about it). And in times of economics strife one of the biggest sufferers are Food Banks and Animal Shelters. There have been many food drives around here as of late, they simply are not getting the donations used to, and we all know why. The same goes for the Animal Shelters.
The Fluff Ticket begs you to think about others and please contact your local Food Bank and Animal Shelter and see what they need. And then donate. Even if you only have $2 to give, that is $2 more than what they had. Every little bit truly does help!!!
In good news, LFB is recovering nicely. She now has a 90% chance of keeping her eye (though we will love her just the same if she has to lose it). I can tell you though she is a little tired of being poked in the eye several times a day with medicine. We wont for sure know until about December, but we are hopeful.
The Fluff Ticket would like to thank everyone for the growing support they are receiving. Why just look at the variety of animals who are on board with the Fluff Ticket (with special mention of Emma (corgi), who belongs to Cassie a fellow food blogger). Corgis, bears, chickens…oh my! With this kind of momentum we can’t help but feel optimistic for a win in 2012!
In crappy financial times like these I like to stress eat. One of my all times comfort foods is one that I will admit I am embarrassed to like. I like it so much that I only allow my mother to make it for me as I seriously eat the whole pan. And what is worse, I have to have Cool Whip, not whipped cream on it. So. Very. Wrong.
This is about the easiest recipe every created. You literally dump everything in, hence the name. There are a ton of varieties of this cake but this is my favorite flavor combo. It’s a good potluck cake or family meal as it feeds many…or just an afternoon snack if you are me. :P

Oh and in case you are wondering, no I did not make the dump cake. It’s a picture from when I was at my parents house in July. I really mean it when I say I can’t stop eating it and therefore wont make it.

Dump Cake (My mom’s version)

1 (20 ounces) can crushed pineapple, undrained
1 (21 ounces) can prepared cherry pie filling
1 (18.25 ounces) box yellow cake mix
2 sticks unsalted butter, melted
½  cup chopped pecans
1 cup sweetened shredded coconut

Preheat oven to 350 degrees F (325 for glass baking dish).
Butter a 9 by 13-inch baking pan.
Dump undrained pineapple baking dish or pan and spread it out evenly.
Using a spoon, dump globs of cherry pie filling evenly on top of the pineapple.
Sprinkle the cake mix evenly over the cherry and pineapple layers.
Pour butter evenly over cake mix.
Sprinkle nuts and coconut if using them.
Bake for one hour.
Remove from oven and let cool for 20  minutes.
You can serve either warm or cold. I like it room temperature with Cool Whip (yes, I know that is wrong :D ).

Yield: about 10 to 12 servings (or two if I am eating it)


We’re CCS and LFB and we approve this message.


  1. Ooooh this cake looks so good! My husband doesn’t like cherries or coconut, so it will be mine, all mine!!!

  2. Ooooh this cake looks so good! My husband doesn’t like cherries or coconut, so it will be mine, all mine!!!

  3. I LOVE dump cake!! I make it for Thanksgiving, they think I’m a culinary genius.

  4. I haven’t had dump cake in years. But I’ve been so stressed out today – I just might go home and make this!

  5. Ok seriously, your dog is SO UNBELIEVABLY CUTE…ahhhhhhhhhhhhh I want my cocker spaniel puppy now!

  6. How cute :) this looks gorgeous.

  7. Everybody should have a favorite like this! Do you suppose it’s so wrong that that makes it right ;0)
    So happy the eye is healing!
    Good message.

  8. Hey, I think we are doing that twin thing as I made this back in April and just haven’t had a chance to post about it. Easiest thing I ever made that folks liked!

  9. I’m so glad someone else shares my weakness for this stuff! (and yeah, cool whip is good with it, but I usually eat mine plain and room temp…)

    I’ll have to try coconut next time, because that sounds like something I’d love too.

  10. No, there’s nothing wrong with Cool Whip at all! Admittedly I never knew what would happen if I omitted the eggs in a yellow cake mix. It does look really good (well, I am a pineapple/cherry lover :). I dunno about food banks but I don’t think there is a single animal shelter here. No pounds, either.

  11. Loooove the CCS and LFB campaign!! :-D

    Can NEVER go wrong with comfort food – love your mom’s version of the dump cake!!

  12. Please get the Fluff ticket on my ballot ASAP.
    Also, seriously, do not give me such tempting easy to make recipes. In such stressful times as these my hips do not need more calories!! :)

  13. We’ll keep the Fluff Ticket in mind for 2012. Ms Palin may be on the ticket again, and so all hockey lovers will be a shoo-in for the Fluff Ticket in protest.
    Great looking cake! TWO sticke of butter…no wonder you don’t make it often adn ahve to eat it…I would finish it off by dinner time all by myself. Wicked of you to provide the recipe…may have to try it anyway :)

  14. Hi Peabody, it’s Elaine, the brazilian girl that hated math but ended up “liking it”. I tried one of your recipes, the Chocolate Graham Cracker Cake, but I notticed a couple of things were missing, like the amount of sugar and when to put the shortening… I ended up messing the whole thing up… it tasted kind of salty, I know I did something wrong to it. I want to try again. Is the cake supposed to turn out fluffy and light? Do you put any flower in it or is it just the way you wrote the recipe?
    Can you please let me know how much sugar goes in it and when to put the shortening? Thank you so much!
    Oh, and Math is doing good, this semester’s Math is actually way easier than the one before… I just got said today cause I got a B on my last test, I thought I had gotten an A, but I made some stupid mistakes… haha.

  15. oops, I meant SAD… and not “said”

  16. Wow! My mom used to make dump cake for us all the time… only we didn’t add pecans or coconut to it. Funny how everyone’s version is just slightly different.

  17. I’ve heard of dump cake, but I don’t think I’ve ever seen it.

    AND I’m so glad to hear about LFB’s eye.

  18. Awww. What a cute dog. I was thinking Thursday night that there should be some sort of puppy debate, kind of like the puppy bowl they have during the super bowl on animal planet.

  19. You are not alone with loving dump cake. So do I. I rediscovered it lately when a coworker brought one to a pot luck lunch. Hadn’t had it in a long time. It was delicious and I plan on making one very soon!!!

  20. HeartofGlass says:

    I love the serving size suggestion–I often feel that I should have my own serving sizes on certain products and recipes as well. For example, who really can eat exactly 2 tablespoons of peanut butter–I certainly can’t!

  21. i have never heard of dump cake before! I can guarantee it’s going to jump to the top of my husband’s list of favourite foods (essentially anything prepared from a box or can lol) I cook delicious from scratch food so this must stem from his childhood!! Looking fwd to trying it out :)

  22. I have to admit, I am a glutton for that variety of dump cake as well! I ONLY make it to TAKE it somewhere other than MY house! Thanks for the giggle!

  23. have you ever considered using cool whip as a dip for cool ranch doritos chips? if i still ate chips, this would be in my hands right now…your cake looks yummy and evil at the same time and it’s great to know that lfb is up to 90%. good for you, lfb!

  24. Aghh… I’m a stress eater too… and this stressful times have made me gain so much weight! Too bad Fluff Ticket suspend its campain. He was exactly what we needed to stop this crisis and all this stress cravings!
    The dump cake looks amazing!

  25. I have never had a dump cake before. I would eat it though stress or not. Your pups are so cute, and they make the best companions, couldn’t manage life without them.

  26. Oh, yes, that dump cake is dangerous!

    Hooray that the prognosis is looking so good for LFB. Give your darling bunny a hug from us all, please. My daughter is begging for a bunny. Daddy vetoes. So we get virtual bunny fixes on the internet.

  27. glad to hear that LFB is doing better!!!

    you know, i’ve tried one dump cake recipe, and that was about a year ago. i have to say that i was sorely disappointed with it… but maybe i just didn’t have THE recipe. maybe i will give this one a try before i dismiss all dump cakes ;) after all, if you love it, it has to be good, right?

  28. oh my gosh does this sound incredible. I have never heard of a dump cake! yummm! Great message, I didn’t even think about how much shelters must be hurting right now!

  29. I’m so glad to hear LFB is doing so good! Yay! I’ve never had this kind of cake but it sounds really good. Great message btw. We actually went to a drive today and a foster care awareness event.

  30. i adore corgis. and dump cake.
    and thank the lord that lfb is getting back to good! :)

  31. oh my gosh those animals are all so precious. the dump cake sounds amazing. I love that kind of thing. And it looks relatively easy to put together, no? Yum!

  32. love the pic of the bear!

  33. I love the animals, and that bear pic is perfect (hurry up with the steaks, ‘kay?). I’ve never looked at a dump cake recipe before, but your mom’s sort of looks similar to a white trash (no offense! some white trash food tastes amazing!) cake that I make and have yet to post with some mods. Go Fluff!!

  34. Sounds great.. You’re right, this could be really dangerous.

  35. My mom made a version of this, with just cherry pie filling, cake mix (Jiffy no less) and the butter. I like it hot with cool whip too, and I would definitely eat the whole pan if my sibs hadn’t gotten to it first. I never make it myself – my hubby won’t touch it! It’s always been a bit of a guilty pleasure – good to know there are other lowbrow eaters out there too!

  36. For starters may I correct you – there’s no wrong way to eat a cake! Cool whip, room temperature – it’s all good.

    What do you reckon I could use instead of cherry pie filling (we don’t have anything at all similar) in order to make a Kiwi-fied version of this? It sounds yum!

  37. So good to hear that LFB is doing so well!

  38. I LOVE dump cake.
    I grew up eating my mom’s rhubarb dump cake (thickened w/ strawberry jell-o and of course, the yellow cake mix)

    I need to try your mom’s version.

  39. I’ve heard of Dump Cake and never knew what it was. Looks good.

  40. I made your mom’s dump cake recipe for a potluck supper at a friend’s church. It was the hit of the evening. I could hear people telling others to go try “that dessert in the Pyrex dish.” There were no crumbs left in the baking dish when the meal ended. There was plenty of food, including a good selection of desserts; of those, I think the dump cake was the first food to disappear. I have made dump cake before but not in a number of years; I think this is the best version I have tried.

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