I know…

you probably came here for TWD. I suck. But this weeks pick was pumpkin muffins and I have two versions. One pecan and white chocolate chip and a chocolate covered raisin version as well. I promise there is a reason for being a slacker.


  1. Oh! I want my pumpkin please…pls! lol!

  2. You are nothing like even close to a sacker ;)
    Now you may have a reason for not posting a TWD but it isn’t being a slacker. Can’t wait to see what brewing . . . more likely baking than brewing but still . . .

  3. I’ll try to be patient…. ;)

  4. No worries, Peabody!! Hope all is well though!!

  5. Chocolate covered raisin?? Why, oh WHY didn’t I think of that! Can’t wait to see…

  6. Both versions look delicious. thoufh i must say that the white chocolate is tempting me more :)

  7. We’ll miss your twist! ;)

  8. I wonder, surely not, after all you’ve written before, but could it be possible? Stranger things have happened, but to YOU? Can’t wait to hear your story……….

  9. oooh, i love suspenseful pre-gossip!!

  10. Lovely pumpkin photo…..

  11. Oooh Pecan and White Chocolate sounds great!

  12. Nothing like a little suspense! Great pumpkin photo and white chocolate anything sounds great.

  13. Love the chocolate covered raisin idea!

  14. Suspense! I’m going to guess… hockey? Or baby? ;)

  15. I haven’t posted mine yet either, hopefully tonight.

  16. I like the chocolate covered raisen idea. . .
    I’m waiting. . .

  17. i love the new layout!!

  18. Your blog looks absolutely gorgeous, my friend. I love it!

  19. the new format looks great! and as always the dish looks amazing!

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