Evil Hockey Doer…


See, you thought I was kidding before, but it no coincidence that Sarah Palin jinxed the Flyers. They have the worst record in the NHL (correction, they did have the worst…they are winning now that she moved on to a new team). They did finally win a game, the same day, MY player, the reason I watch the Flyers, Danny Briere, had to have surgery and is out for 3-4 weeks!!!! That is a long time in hockey folks.
And now, she is spreading her doom to other teams. Friday night Palin dropped the puck, this time for the Saint Louis Blues. Who lost their goalie that night…know why? Palin. Yep, seems he tripped over the carpet that was laid out for her and her kids…and now has a hip injury. He says he doesn’t blame her but I bet he has a Voodoo doll at home that looks just like her (Hopefully it wont get mixed up with Tina Fey ;) ).
Really, this has got to stop. Clearly teams are being punished for having her come out. How many more teams seasons will she ruin. Sarah Barracuda stop the insanity! Go back to Alaska and screw over your minor league and house league teams there!
So NHL teams, if you are stupid enough to have her come out, I hope one of your players is smart enough to cross checker down before she can drop the puck.
Speaking of Palin, I voted this weekend. All voting in my county is done via mail. It’s nice and convenient but I must say I do miss going and voting. I miss my little “I voted today” sticker. And I miss going to the fire station (which is where I had to vote in AZ). But I voted. And I want to once again remind you to do so as well….for whoever it is that you want. Heck you could even write in someone…or some fuzzy critters. :P

This weeks TWD pick ( by Clara of I Heart Food4Thought) was Chocolate-Chocolate Cupcakes, which I made into a cake. Well, half a cake. I used the Chocolate cupcake batter as well as basic white cake batter and swirled them together. I topped it with the chocolate glaze that was also the TWD pick. My only beef was that there was SOOOO not enough glaze. Hello Dorie, we people in the states love our frosting and glazes. I doubled it and could have easily made more. If you would like the recipe for the Chocolate-Chocolate Cupcakes go here. If you want the white cake recipe go here.


  1. I voted by absentee too. The only thing I miss is the “I voted” sticker though. Other than that… its awesome! Love your chocolate/vanilla swirl cake. Personally I think either of our bunnies would be better than Palin. HAHA. Thanks for baking with me this week!
    Clara @ iheartfood4thought

  2. as usual, it looks amazing! The swirl looks beautiful!

  3. I wasn’t sure if this was a political trailer for her.
    So…did you vote for her or not?
    Just yanking your chain, Pea!
    I’m sure she’d like some of this cake.

  4. This looks fabulous- I love the twist on Dorie’s cupcakes. I am so with you on the ganache. I think we’ve commented about this before, but I am totally a frosting/glaze person. It’s the main reason I eat cake! Good call on doubling it!

  5. These look great! I made more of the glaze since I like glaze and frosting. My standard practice is to just double the frosting that a recipe calls for because I will always use it up! (Or eat it up, something like that.)

  6. Yum, that looks so good! I agree with not enough glaze – I doubled the recipe but still had problems with it siezing. By the way, i bought the book Baked on your recommendation and it arrived yesterday. I love it!!!! and cant wait to try some of the recipes!

  7. A wonderful cake! What gorgeous swirls!



  8. The cake looks awesome. I love marbled cake. Its the best of both worlds.

    I am sorry about Danny. Its awful to see your player get injured.

    (However, you know I am loving that the Flyers have not had a great start. Cant help it!)

  9. I didn’t even bother with a glaze. I made my own.

  10. I love marbled cakes! Yours looks perfect! I am hoping to go and vote this afternoon. Perhaps I will write in some furry candidates. ;)

  11. wow nice photos and the cake looks amazing. As usual you re a master in baking :)

  12. Yeah, the Flyers have paid for their mistake!

    I’m not sure that if I had the choice to vote by mail or in person, if I would vote by mail – I love going into the voting booth!

  13. Great looking cake! I think voting by mail would be a strange experience. I’d feel uneasy about trusting my vote to the post office to get there on time.

  14. Well, ain’t nothing dropping no bad juju on you Pea. Gadfry, could I have two slices;)) Looks soooo good.

  15. Hang in there!!

    Oh my, that cake is a beauty.

  16. I’ve voted by absentee, too — and now I’m planning my menu for Election Night Dinner Party, where we watch the returns on TV and eat! This looks like a perfect dessert for the party.

  17. If you’re going to say that one candidate is evil, you might as well speak the truth and say they ALL are. I’d rather have Palin as a vice than Biden.

    But thats because I have values and a moral conscience.

    Hey if you’re going to drag politics into your FOOD blog, you must have a sense of humor, right?

  18. I can’t believe what happened to Saint Louis’s goalie! That’s just crazy. The swirling of the two batters make these so pretty!

  19. Perfect marbling. We’re looking at condos, and the marbling is more perfect than any of the marbled countertops that they try to make justify the exorbitant prices. Sorry, can you tell I am obsessed? Just looking at this cake makes me feel at ease. Yum.

  20. Everything you make always looks sooo good. Your pictures are so nice too. I could dig into that cake right now!

  21. Actually I am not talking politics Jamie…I am talking hockey, which if you read my blog you would know I talk about a lot. She is only evil to hockey.
    “thats because I have values and a moral conscience” -Wow, aren’t you special.
    I do have a sense of humor, that apparently was lost on you.

  22. As I don’t have a moral conscience or values, can I have a slice of cake? :)
    It looks delicious.

    And I agree, Palin better not drop the puck at Joe Louis. Or Biden. Or anyone who needs a red carpet that people can trip over.

  23. That last photo of the cake looks to-die-for. Love what you did with these dry, not chocolatey enough cupcakes!

  24. Your swirly cake is perfect- yum!

  25. Yummm…. that looks fantastic!

    I got your humor… don’t worry about Mr/Mrs Snarkypants.

  26. Your cake looks perfect!

  27. Wow, that cake looks scrumptious! I want to reach into my screen and take the piece in the top photo, even though I couldn’t actually eat it.

    Is that white chocolate sprinkled over the frosting?

  28. Hah! You make it seem like Dorie has become French with all her travels :) But yeah, there’s never enough glaze is there? :)

  29. I love voting by mail! I love it because we get to sit around the table and have a discussion about the ballot measures and initiatives, etc.
    I have been missing the sticker, though. BUT, this election I got a sticker in the mail with my ballot! It reads “I Voted Early in Pima County.” How cute is that!

  30. This is fitting because one of my friends just became an American citizen. This was the first election she got to vote in. She said she was disappointed she only got a sticker. She wanted a cupcake.

  31. Seriously beautiful cake! And I vote early in Los Angeles last week – JUST SO I COULD GET THE STICKER. I avoided the absentee because they don’t give you the sticker! :) And if Palin even comes close to my UCLA Bruins…

  32. I’m assuming that the downfalls in all of these cases came to the home teams? I guess that would mean that visiting teams would prefer Palin make an appearance! :-)
    Your cake looks good! I made cupcakes today…but from a mix. Hey, I did add jimmies to make my own fall funfetti cupcakes.

    I just figure it’s easier to vote in person…my precinct is literally through a gate and across a parking lot from my apartment! I’m ready to vote…and ready to not see political adds any more.

  33. Yay! You voted! I’m waiting until 11-4 because I just walk next door to the fire station, so it is so easy that way…and fun.
    Maybe once next Tuesday comes and goes Ms. Palin will stop going to hockey games outside of Alaska. That would solve some problems. No more campaigning necessary.
    The cupcakes turned cake look delish…I like all that frosting/glaze, too.

  34. wow. yummmm!
    your cakes look awesome.
    great job!

  35. yeah, hockey people…we’re a superstitious bunch. Good thing Sarah Palin’s not coming to drop the puck in Vancouver ’cause we have enough problems staying above 500.

  36. Wow! Not only does that cake itself look absolutely fabulous, but with the chocolate glaze the presentation is WONDERFUL (even though you got jipped, haha). Totally starring this for my next causal dinner! Yum!

  37. OMG, I was so p*ssed Saturday morning to wake up and see the reason Manny left the game was because of Sarah Palins stupid carpet. UGH! And then, the next day – we lost our backup goalie that we had just brought up and it was his first start with a shut-out going for him!

  38. I voted for mayor last Sunday. We use an electronic voting machine here – it’s pretty fast, one just has to push a couple of buttons, but we have to drag our sorry asses there. :)
    Love how beautifully marbled your cakes are, Pea!

  39. I love making marble cakes, they’re always so pretty. Yours certainly follow that thought as well- Gorgeous!

  40. Ooooooh – marble cake is my favorite – and yours looks gorgeous and soooo luscious! Good for you for voting – I can’t wait for Tuesday! I’m going the second the polls open.

  41. You know when I first heard that Palin was going to drop the puck at the Flyers game my first thought was, “Oh…Peabody is not going to like this.”

    One of the (many) things I love about hockey is that it remains untouched by mainstream media. I actually like the fact that it’s not one of the top sports (outside of Canada). So whenever some famous person (political, entertainment) turns the eye to our sweet, innocent product, it always makes me nervous.

    Stay away, Palin! Stay away!

  42. Mmmm. As always that cake looks fantastic. It really highlights how moist and luscious it must be.

  43. that. looks. incredible.

  44. I will openly admit that part of the reason I’m going to vote is because of the I Voted Today sticker. That’s not a crime!

  45. Whoa. Nice new digs. How long have I not been here this time and how pathetic is that?

    I’m so over Palin and swear she’ll ditch government because someone will offer her a ton of money to do radio or television talk. I know it.

    Nice swirly cake. You always come up with the best ideas. Wish I had a piece right now. I’m sort of pizza’d out.

  46. The swirls look so good (better than cupcakes if you ask me!) They just passed a law in AZ that you can sign up for permanent early voter registration so I’ve voted all ready… & they even include an “I voted early” sticker in your packet! Kind of funny. Hope your hockey team picks up. Unfortunately, it goes without saying the Coyotes aren’t doing so well!

  47. That frosting looks too good to scrimp on…

  48. You should live in Puerto Rico, where not getting a Bachelor’s Degree is applauded. The faces people make when I say that I’m studying English Literature. Oh! and the classic question while looking at me with a vacant stare: “Sooooo, what can you do with that degree?”.

    By the way, that looks extremely deliciou! :D

  49. ah, crap, I just answered you in the wrong post. I should stop opening so many tabs at the same time.

  50. That was a wonderful post. Maybe your next cake can feature a Palin fondant topping. I’ll withhold my suggestions for what we could do with the cake afterwards. :)

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