Yes, Virginia…

….there is a Red Velvet Cheesecake.
Falling into the why didn’t I think of that category I ran across a recipe in Southern Living Christmas Cookbook for a Red Velvet Cheesecake. My mouth dropped open just a bit. How had I never thought of this before. I mean my husband is the man who loves all things red velvet and he eats cheesecake. Plus I love to experiment with cheesecake flavors.
The question I get from most people when I made this was, does it taste like the cake. For the most part yes. It has all the flavor components but in a creamy texture that is cheesecake. And it has cream cheese frosting on top. So cheesecake with cream cheese frosting. Yeah, a pretty darn good invention if you ask me. The cheesecake is not baked in a water bath which I was reluctant about. It came out creamy but the next time I make this I will bake in a water bath.
I would love the say that I have crossed more things off my Holiday to-do-list. Other than getting the tree up that would be a big fat zero…and I got invited to another party. I find this the most ironic. For last year I was invited to zero parties. None, zippo, nada. This year 10. You think they could have spread these things out. ;)
No gifts have been bought. Apparently when I told my editor that I needed my check so that I could Christmas shop, he must have thought I was super early and shopping for Christmas 09. It’s been “getting out” to me for over a month now and at this point I’m no longer holding my breath. I almost bought cards today but just didn’t find any I like. Hopefully you are having better motivation than me.



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  1. Oh cut me a piece please, PLEASE!!!!! I want it!!

  2. Now *that’s* a serious cheesecake! I’m so bringing this to the fam’s Christmas dinner.

  3. WOW – it’s so festive looking! Don’t sweat the cards, gifts, etc. — you’ll make it work :)

  4. My friend is bringing red velvet cake balls to my holiday cookie swap this Sunday. Would it be wrong if I had her cake balls but thought of your cheesecake instead? :) It looks absolutely divine.

  5. Gosh, that’s really red! Almost doesn’t look real.

  6. Wow, that’s amazing! What a great idea. Does it stain your mouth when you eat it?

  7. Whoa – I clicked over here, my jaw dropped, and I had the same thought as you. Why didn’t I think of that?! Brilliant!

  8. HOLY YUM!!


    It’s like a red velvet party in my mouth!!

  10. WOW! That looks like heaven!

  11. That’s beautiful! I love the “another thing I should have thought of category.” I feel that way too often!

  12. That is too funny. I just got my copy of this cookbook in the mail today and this is one of the recipes that really stuck out to me. My hubby is from the South and adores red velvet cake and you said it tastes like cake, so I am going to have to try it. It turned out perfectly. Glad to see I wasn’t the first person who saw it~

  13. Of course I didn’t think of this…this is why I am not rolling in dough. What a fantastic and festive idea for the holidays!!!!

  14. That is just dee-vine. So dramatic. I love that the crust is chocolate, too– such an often-missed detail :)

  15. What beautiful explosive colours! Absolutely exquisite and appropriate for the Holidays! …which with a little courage Peabody, you’ll eventualy get into! LOL

  16. Quite striking! Maybe your check will be YOUR Christmas present! ;-)

  17. It truly is a miracle! That is one of the most beautiful cheesecakes I’ve ever seen – like the Marilyn Monroe of cheesecakes. I have a friend who is a red velvet cake junkie. She will faint when she see this! Fabulous!

  18. Wow, this looks fabulous! I would never have thought of a red velvet cheesecake!

  19. OMG that looks amazing!!! sooo beautiful!

  20. P-bdy, you are scaring me with the red. And you’re scaring me even more with your talk of cards and gifts. I will be lucky if I can get my caramels soft enough not to break teeth…

  21. wow!! Red cheesecake!! what a wonderful and pretty color!!..Red mean “good Luck” in chinese..I must bake this velvet Red Cake this coming new year!!

  22. Wow, how beautiful! A fabulous cheesecake!



  23. Oh no you didn’t!

    I was just thinking as I layed in bed last night “I haven’t made a cheesecake in a while…”

    There’s a special place in my heart for all things red velvet. Did you know they make a red velvet ice cream? Tastes just like cake batter-yum!

  24. Dear Pea, You are cordially invited to a party at my house in the Oxfordshire countryside… Of course, it is on the date of all your other parties. We will miss you terribly as we drink and party the night away without you.
    So sad that you are so popular!

    That festive red velvet cheesecake is very eye catching. It’s a bit of Santa Claus’ suit on a plate!
    I am a bit weary of the 2 bottles of food colouring though.
    I would not want to be hauled in for a emergency sigmoidoscopy just because I ate a red cheesecake and had suspicious….droppings!
    Just joking you. It’s real purdy.

  25. The whole time I was reading the beginning of your post I kept thinking, “but red velvet is nothing without the cream cheese frosting!” I can’t believe this included it – cheesecake and cream cheese frosting has to be the best thing ever!

  26. I love the color! Fantastic!

  27. The cheesecake looks wonderful!!

  28. I made this cheesecake last year for Christmas at my in-law’s. Everyone loved it. It really is a show stopper! Yours looks MUCH better than mine did though!

  29. Cheesecake AND cream cheese frosting? YES! I love cream cheese. I would eat with anything. It goes with everything, right? I’ll have to try this!

  30. WOW, If that doesnt say Christmas, I dont know what does. Love it!

  31. I love the color! Perfect for the holidays too!

  32. this looks like it would be the death of me. yum!

  33. I can’t get over how shiny it is! and RED. Jeez. The color is messing with my brain and a cheesecake taste. I’m surprised you hadn’t thought of it before, either. You have amazing creativity when it comes to cheesecake!

  34. i adore red velvet! and in a cheesecake? that’s gorgeous. x

  35. Good lord! Love it! This is very creative and I imagine perfect for Christmas.

  36. I can’t believe I’ve never seen this before! Such a brilliant idea!

  37. Now that is one colorful cheesecake! Perfect for a festive holiday spread, no doubt.

  38. I must have a slice of that cheesecake, how totally cool and festive for the holidays.
    Hey, we got our tree up last night. Still not decorated though. Maybe between work and a Christmas party on Saturday (we’ve turned down three parties already) we can get a few ornaments up.

  39. I’m a huge fan of Southern Living (especially the recipes) and a cheesecake like this would have struck me too. I cannot get over that color–so vivid & intense.

  40. that looks divine, but i have to wonder – do u get the aftertaste from all that food coloring????

  41. Dani- no aftertaste, doesn’t even turn your mouth red (well the minute you eat it but it goes away).

  42. A friend of mine just made this for her husband’s birthday and my mouth dropped at the thought of it, too. Yes cream cheese on top of cream cheese is brilliant. I am totally making this.

  43. Hokey smokes rocky squirrel! That looks fantastic. Great food photography.

  44. That is a fantastic and festive cheesecake! What a pain about your check! I hope is there by now!

  45. red velvet + cheesecake = 2 of my favorite treats ever! this sounds amazing. my mother’s birthday is on Christmas day so I may just whip this up for her-thanks for sharing your recipe!

  46. I haven’t started Christmas shopping yet either and I don’t think it’s going to be happening anytime soon… can it just be January already?

  47. here we have further proof that i’ve been living in a cave–i’ve never even considered this! it’s wonderful! lovely color, and come on–it’s cheesecake! :)

  48. Oh sweet Jesus. That’s all I have to say. :P

  49. I always make cheesecake in 9″ cake pans, but from your pic it looks wetter than regular NY cheesecake. Do you think it is necessary to use a springform? Looks delicious, can’t wait to try it!

  50. Yum. That is some serious cheesecake! This will be at my Christmas dinner this year!

    Thanks again for the recipes and stopping by and commenting my page! Always looking forward to your posts.


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