Yes, Virginia…

….there is a Red Velvet Cheesecake.
Falling into the why didn’t I think of that category I ran across a recipe in Southern Living Christmas Cookbook for a Red Velvet Cheesecake. My mouth dropped open just a bit. How had I never thought of this before. I mean my husband is the man who loves all things red velvet and he eats cheesecake. Plus I love to experiment with cheesecake flavors.
The question I get from most people when I made this was, does it taste like the cake. For the most part yes. It has all the flavor components but in a creamy texture that is cheesecake. And it has cream cheese frosting on top. So cheesecake with cream cheese frosting. Yeah, a pretty darn good invention if you ask me. The cheesecake is not baked in a water bath which I was reluctant about. It came out creamy but the next time I make this I will bake in a water bath.
I would love the say that I have crossed more things off my Holiday to-do-list. Other than getting the tree up that would be a big fat zero…and I got invited to another party. I find this the most ironic. For last year I was invited to zero parties. None, zippo, nada. This year 10. You think they could have spread these things out. ;)
No gifts have been bought. Apparently when I told my editor that I needed my check so that I could Christmas shop, he must have thought I was super early and shopping for Christmas 09. It’s been “getting out” to me for over a month now and at this point I’m no longer holding my breath. I almost bought cards today but just didn’t find any I like. Hopefully you are having better motivation than me.



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  1. I think I found red velvet cheesecake somewhere on the internet back in July and I was gonna make it but didn’t yet. Funny thing is I had been planning to make it for Christmas pretty much since summer, so I guess we are on the same wavelength dessert wise. The last cheesecake I made was for thanksgiving–eggnog cheesecake (in a cupcake pan) and they didn’t turn out that good although a few people told me that they were good. I just made eggnog cookies today and they are very good, they taste sort of like a sugar cookie with some eggnog flavor thrown in. I am going to make eggnog bread next though. So red velvet is gonna wait for a while anyway. Then I have another dessert I wanna make- Thin Mint icecream pie…

  2. Wow, that’s amazing-looking!

    Oddly enough, I found the perfect Christmas cards at Wal-Mart. They had a great selection of cards with local scenes, and I got a few boxes of the ones with the Mukilteo lighthouse.

  3. Pea, I have just returned from my first shopping session – and I hope I get it all done by the second. At least all the nieces and nephews have gifts now – all 6 of them. :)
    My tree is still in the box, though. :(

    What a festive, beautiful cheesecake. It could convert me into a cheesecake fan. :)

  4. Well, Holy Tamale that is red velvet cheesecake! I think it’s so funny to find this kind of thing and have the thought ‘how could I not have thought this’.
    So holiday!

  5. Stunning!

  6. Goodness gracious!

  7. I’m speechless, just speechless………

  8. Oh my goodness. This looks wonderful! I cannot wait to make it!

  9. Oh my GOD! That looks incredible!!! I love Red Velvet cake but have never heard of a cheesecake, wow! Hopefully I am catching up with everyone after being overloaded with work for the last few weeks. Hope to see you join the Cooking with Alicia & Annie blog event this month!

  10. That is one RED cheesecake & a brilliant reinvention of red velvet cake. As far as getting ready for Christmas, very litle has been done…maybe tomorrow…& 10 parties is a good thing, right?

  11. Wow, what gorgeous color! That looks wonderful and is such a great idea. Beautiful!

  12. Wow!! I can’t wait to make it. Thanks for sharing.

  13. This is just brilliant!! And I haven’t bought a single gift yet, either. so you are not alone!! (And I don’t think I’ll even send out cards this year!)

  14. i think i’d need to try red velvet cake before trying this, don’t you think :) it looks wonderful though…perfect for the holidays!

  15. I’m still slightly scared of the colour of red velvet things but also very, very compelled to try this cheesecake out. It is just so hypnotic. . .I’m falling under its spell. . .

  16. I love all things red velvet. And I don’t even have to try this to know I love it. And will make it. Over and over and over and over again…. The first time being Xmas…..

  17. Just saw that you made this too! I posted mine today. I absolutely LOVED it!

  18. just made this cheesecake for my daughters bday……..I did use a water bath, rather than just following the recipe, and it came out disappointingly grainy. Any suggestions?

  19. At this very moment I am waiting patiently while my first attempt at your Red Velvet Cheesecake is baking away in the oven. SO NERVOUS!!! I hope it turns out as delicious as I want it to be!

  20. Where on earth did you find the chocolate graham crackers?

  21. All done … I followed your oven timing instructions to the tee yesterday and the cheesecake looked great! That color .. that COLOR!! Drives me mad! One thing though .. luckily I put the cake pan on a baking sheet when I put it in the oven, because when I took it out after it baked, there was a layer of melted butter (I think it was butter) on the baking sheet. Do you know what might have happened? I used the exact amt of butter in the crust as you did. The only other thing I can think of is that it was the liquid from the cream cheese, because I used the low-fat stuff. Is that possible?

  22. Now to the taste .. yesterday I didn’t taste it because you had said to let it chill for 8 hrs (I resisted, so proud of myself!). Today it’s all chilled & frosted & GORGEOUS. Gobbled up a slice for lunch. I LOVE IT!!! Seriously good! That crust and frosting are DY-NO-MITE! Thks for an awesome recipe Peabody :)

  23. Sue- I found them at my local Safeway.

  24. This looks beyond delicious! I can’t wait to make it!!!! Thank you so much for posting these gorgeous photos and the recipe :)

  25. Hi!
    I just posted this recipe on my blog. It was AMAZING! Thanks for the recipe. I’ve been a fan of your blog for sometime. I’ve finally started my own blog! Take a look when you get a chance. I’d greatly apprieciate it! =)

  26. I put green food colouring in the icing and saved a little white to write “Merry Christmas” on the top and draw a couple snowflakes on the top and sides. It looked really nice and gave it that extra christmas feeling. Everyone loved it and I am making it again next year.

  27. Lol, StumbleUpon believeth not in time constraints. This is teh awesomes! Thanks for sharing, I’m excited to try this out! I wonder if one could make little, individual cheesecakes using ramekins.

  28. i saw a recipe like this but the other lady had used crushed up oreos for the crust and garnished it with fresh mint leaves that had piped red chocolate dots on them to make them look like holy. just a couple cute little additions that made it extra special. :) i will be making my first attempt at this cake today when i get off work.

  29. ps: the water bath is mostly helpful to keep the top of the cake from cracking for those of you who prefer to leave off the icing. and to kim, next time you might try a more finely granulated sugar or blend the cake mix longer, usually the graininess bakes out but if it didnt it may have just not been blended out smooth enough.

  30. I was searching this two weeks ago, then this came up on my tumblr! It looks really yummy, and chocolate crust and everything! Looks great! I think i’m going to try it!

  31. This cake has a wonderful colour!!!

  32. So I would like to make this for my birthday but was thinking cupcake sizes. Any idea for time in the oven?

  33. No, sorry not really sure how long it would take cupcake size.

  34. I already feel hungry after looking at this cake. I will definitely try it this weekend. I hope it turns our well.

  35. I have been scouring the internet for such a recipe! I was super phyched to make this.. The recipe was fairly simple. I decided myself to go the water bath route to ensure a picture perfect cake! My cake has been cooking for an extra 40 mins… I thought, at first, a 9″ pan sounded kind of small and I was right…my cake is A LOT thicker then the pic appears too be…Will make again but I think I will go 12″ pan next time so it isn’t as thick, cooks faster, and goes further…because, no one left me ANY leftovers!!!! :(
    …But the flavors are super-purb!!!

  36. This is amazing. I love the color red, so my interest peaked immediately. I made this last summer for some friends. It was amazing. Very, very rich – but truly amazing. Then, I decided I would make it again for Christmas this year. I do a water bath even though I plan to put the icing on the top. I do think the water bath adds to the creamy texture. But, as I sit here 1 hour 60 minutes after first putting it in the oven (1:00am!!!!) I remember that 1.5 hours is NOT sufficient. Sigh. Wish I had made that note from last time.

  37. I just put the topping on the cheesecake. It looks chewy. Insure hope it good?


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