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It’s not having what you want, it’s wanting what you have. I’m pretty sure that is the secret to life, a happy life that is. Too bad hardly anyone can follow that.
It’s that time of year again. The time when people make resolutions to better themselves and my blog readership goes down…too much temptation. I think New Years is the worst time to start anything. I mean, and I’ll be honest here, if you really were dedicated to change your life and really stick to it, you would have started it when you thought of it. There have been two times in my life where I lost a decent amount of weight (gaining it back of course ;) ), both times were not at new years. One time was December 24th. Something snapped and I was not even tempted by all the Christmas goodies. The other time was in December as well. So if your plan is to stuff your face right up until the bitter end on New Years Eve and then start fresh the next day, I fear my dear friend you are setting yourself up for most likely failure. Why say this? Well, for one, I don’t want the extra people in my gym :P , but the reality is it’s true. Sorry kids it’s true. If you wanted to stop smoking you would have stopped when you thought about. January 1st is not the magic deadline. If you want to start exercising more there was really no reason you couldn’t have done it on December 18th. January is not a mythical month that will make it all better.
My New Years resolution if I really had one would be to be happy with what I have. I wish this on all of you. If you have a picture of yourself up when you were at your thinnest, take that down, that’s not motivation, that’s torture. Because most likely you were in high school or college and you could eat 3 cheeseburgers without blinking and eye and your metabolism ate it up. Well, those days are past.
Are you holding on to clothing that hasn’t fit in 10 years, throw it out. Do you refuse to not buy yourself nice clothing until you lose weight? Guess what? You’re at the weight you are at. If you dress yourself nicely, you will carry yourself nicely. If you carry yourself nicely you gain confidence, and a dose of confidence is far better than a skinny ass any day. Splurge on some nice core pieces and buy the trendy clothing from the cheap places. You are you at this moment. Celebrate you at this moment. Take this year to celebrate you and take care of yourself. If that mean you want to eat healthier, then fabulous, go for that. But starving yourself and eating 6 bags of popcorn and 3 bowls of zero point soup really isn’t eating healthier.
Want to work out, fabulous. But don’t set an unrealistic goal of working out for an hour everyday. Most people don’t have time for that. Break it up. Take a walk on your break at work instead of seeing what is in the candy machine at work and hoping the expiration date hasn’t passed.
Try not to draw on the negatives. Sure my husband can’t load a dishwasher to save his life…and he always puts dishes in there that aren’t dishwasher safe. Do I get mad. No, I appreciate the fact that he at least tried to do it in the first place. Turned my socks and undies pink…great, it’s my favorite color and who really sees those anyway. ;)
For those of you sticking around on temptation food blog here I offer up these little dishes of yumminess. Cheesecake in a dish made with Mascarpone cheese instead of cream cheese. Oh the silkiness of these treats really is well, a treat. They can be flavored with just about any liqueur you would like but I chose Chambord so that I could serve them with a raspberry sauce. These are fantastic for a dinner party as they can be made ahead up to two days in advance. They are super easy to make but don’t taste that way. Real keeper of a recipe.
Those of you going the resolution route I do wish you the best and hope you are one of the lucky few to keep your resolution.

Chocolate Mascarpone Cheesecake Pots

1 cup heavy cream
4 ounces semisweet chocolate, finely chopped
8 ounces Mascarpone cheese
¼ cup sugar
1 tsp vanilla
pinch of salt
1 tsp all-purpose flour
3 large eggs
1 TBSP Chambord (or any other liqueur…optional)

Position rack in the middle of the oven and preheat to 325F.
In a saucepan, bring cream to a simmer over medium heat. Remove the pan from heat before the cream starts to boil and add the chocolate, stirring constantly until mixture is smooth. Set aside and let cool to room temperature.
In a large bowl, whisk together the mascarpone and sugar until smooth. Add eggs one at a time, whisking well after each addition ( I like to scrape down the bowl after each addition as well) until smooth. Add flour and mix until incorporated. Add vanilla, Chambord and salt and whisk to combine.
Pour the cooled chocolate mixture into the mascarpone cheese mixture and whisk gently until smooth.
Put eight 4-ounce custard cups, ramekins, or small oven proof coffee cups in and empty 9 by 13-inch baking pan. Divide the chocolate-cheesecake mixture among the cups.
Put the baking dish in the oven and then carefully pour boiling water into the pan. Adding just enough water to reach halfway up the sides of the custard cups. Cover with aluminum foil.
Bake until the tops of the cheesecakes appear solid but jiggle slightly when shaken, 30-40 minutes. These will firm up as they cool to room temperature. Cover each pot with plastic wrap and refrigerate for at least 4 hours, preferably overnight. These can be made up to 2 days in advance.

Adapted from Sticky, Chewy, Messy, Gooey by Jill O’Conner



  1. Happy and sweet 2009 to you! I coulnd’t agree more with what you said, specially all the weight things ;) I’m actually off to the kitchen to make a cheesecake and yours looks lucious, I think everything is better if you throw a bit of mascarpone!

  2. I see you are not going to stop with the sweet temptations anytime sweet either. Part of my weight gain has been thanks to this blog! I am guilty of holding on to jeans that fit me 10 years ago!

  3. I still believe my mantra “everything in moderation” always works. I have yet to figure out a mantyra so that I will get regular excercise because that is the key at my age!!!!!

  4. Good advice, and a lovely looking dessert! I certainly won’t stop reading!

  5. Oh, mighty gorgeous! These pots look yummy

    happy New year and all the best for 2009!



  6. I agree completely. I lost fifty pounds twice, once just by watching calories and once through a sort of modified version of Weight Watchers, and neither time had anything to do with the new year. This time I decided to start eating healthier again on Thanksgiving Day. I wasn’t having a holiday meal so I figured hey, why not? That also happened to be the third anniversary of becoming a vegetarian (again). I don’t see vegetarianism as much of a health choice (you can easily eat healthy by eating lean meat, after all) but it’s still sort of significant. Anyway, I’ve lost ten pounds so far but I’m certainly not going anywhere! I’m eating plenty of sweets, just in moderate portions ;-)

  7. Can’t wait to see which sweet treats you bring to the blog in 2009!!

    Happy New Year’s Eve!!

  8. This is a really great post…I definitely agree with your points about losing weight and generally being happy with yourself. The recipe looks delicious too! :)

  9. I really dont think that it has anything to do with people thinking that January is a magical month. It’s about deciding that you want to start a new year and make changes to your life. If Jan 1st is the day you decide on because it gives you time to do all the little things that you want beforehand, then that’s fine. Last year, my new year’s resolution was to lose weight and get in shape. Within six months I lost 40 pounds and have maintained that since then. I cant wait to set my new year’s resolution this year! Sometimes people need a little push to make changes and if the new year does it then so be it! Plus, its fun.

  10. I agree with you that January 1st isn’t a magical date. However, I think it’s a good date to start thinking about new goals, not because it’s the first of the year, but because it’s officially the end of the holiday season. It’s much harder to focus on any new goals, whether it be weight loss or being more ambitious with a job, when travel and parties interrupts your normal routine.

  11. wow what harsh words. Well but definietly they are true, you re right. My new year resolution is always to loose some weight . Hasn t happened yet though :( These beauties surely won’t help me to loose weight. they look so so delicious :)Happy New year !!

  12. I am with you 100% on the resolution thing. Why wait for some arbitrary date to start making yourself and your life better? That is why I am making the chocolate cheesecakes TODAY! :)

  13. I never make New Years resolutions either. I have always thought if you want to make a change, there’s no time like the present.
    Those cheesecake pots look divine;)I’m looking forward to all you delicious posts in 09! Happy New Year!!!

  14. I’m right there with you – start the change when you think of it, don’t put it off, and what’s the big deal about Jan 1?

    Someone once referred to all the folks who show up at the gym in Jan as “resolutionaries” – and you know they are all gone by April.

    Looking forward to more mouthwatering concoctions in 2009! Happy new year to you and yours.

  15. I’m totally with you on the resolutions. This dessert looks fabulous. I just got this book for Christmas and marked it last night as one of the things I want to make the most. Happy New Year!

  16. Well that sounds like a State of the Union if I ever heard one! Well said, my friend! Happy New Year to and your husband! All the best to our hockey teams!

  17. My resolutions were all made within the last couple months, and I even threw out my clothes from high school recently (then again, all-black Victorian shirts and ripped fishnets aren’t really my style anymore).
    My only resolution for the new year will be to make this cheesecake, I think. :)

  18. Gorgeous! What a sweet way to end another year and here’s wishing you another delicious, flavorful and prosperous new year Peabody!

  19. I loved your post today! Couldn’t agree more. I’m a runner, and if I want to make myself work hard and get in better shape, I sign up for a race in 4-6 months. Then I know I have a deadline. A start date is nice, but–being a journalist–I always work better on a deadline! If I had the time/skill to make all your beautiful desserts, I might be worried, but as it is, I just love reading and looking at the pictures.

    Happy New Year!

  20. What an inspiring post. Thanks. I look forward to reading your blog in 2009 and enjoying some of your recipes!
    Happy New Year!

  21. happy new year! i’m not much of a resolution kind of girl…i find it disapointing, you are right on with this post.

    oh, and i hope your trash has been picked up…i’ve been there, no fun.

  22. As a year round gym-goer I am not a fan of New Year’s Resolutions because it makes it harder for me to get a piece of equipment or weights with all the resolutioners showing up at the gym in January!

  23. I hate to even admit this, but I still haven’t had mascarpone. It is on my list of things to try and here you are with a fabulous recipe!

    I LOVED your post BTW. My only resolution for this year, for the first time, is to make no resolutions. I am trying to just wake up everyday and do better than I did the day before. Hopefully that way I won’t get discouraged. I couldn’t agree more with what you said. Moderation is the key to success I think. I don’t think I should have to give up all the joy in my life to be healthy. I might make it to being healthy, but I wouldn’t be happy.

    Here is to a fantastic 2009 – I’ll keep being here and can’t wait to see all the goodness from your kitchen!

  24. You are so sensibile!

  25. It looks like cake!?! That is exactly why I don’t so resolutions…

    Happy New Year!

  26. Very wise words, Peabody. Thank you for this post. :)

    Best wishes for you and your loved ones in the coming year!

  27. Amen! They are gonna be so many posers at the gym this week…but where will they be January 20th? Eating Doritos and watching COPS thats where! If you spend all your time waiting until you’re thin enough, rich enough, sane enough…you will never be ready for happiness.

  28. Peabody,

    You were one of the first blogs I started reading so many years and pounds ago my friend. Well said and no holds barred as usual.

    Ironically, today, I sat down with four boxes of clothes I’ve been hanging on to hoping to someday fit back into the size 8 I was 20 some odd years ago. Of course I will never be a size 8 again and even if I am, I’m sure the early 80s are never coming back into style so out they will go. Now hopefully, the 5am lap swim won’t be crowded for long, especially after the first few days of the new folks stepping out into the sub zero freezing air ;-)

    Here’s to 09 and lots of more sweets coming to you and from you.

  29. Definitely not ready to write 09 on everything. But, am ready to taste that delicious goodness! Happy New Year!

  30. Yes, it is so necessary to be happy as we are…maybe that should be my new years resolution…better start now :-D

    Happy new year to you and yours, dear Peabody :-)

  31. i predict that i’ll write ’08 at least 12 times before i finally get the hang of the new year. :)
    great pots, clearly, and happy 2009!

  32. Wow…that doesn’t even look like cheesecake on the spoon. It looks like some deliciously moist cake! SO good!

  33. Mmmmmmmmmascarpone …. scandalously good! No worries Peabody, this reader of yours isn’t going anywhere … I’d happily put on the extra few pounds if it means I can make/eat goodies half as good as the ones you come up with!

  34. I resolve to eat more cheesecake!
    Happy New Year to you and yours. :)

  35. I’m not starting my eating and excercise program on the 1st. I’m waiting until the following Monday the 5th…gives me a few more days to pig out.

  36. I’ve given up resolutions, after making the same ones every year (which means I didn’t achieve them the year before). So bring on the sweet treats, be happy with who you are, and enjoy 2009!

  37. No one can dish out temptation like you can, Pea. I’m sticking around for every delicious bit of it!

  38. Wise words, Peabody. And, one helluva delicious looking dessert!

    Happy New Year! I hope it’s wonderful!

  39. Absolutely correct!! Which is why I am waiting until 1/5/2009. Just kidding. I too have lost tons of weight – and gained it back, but that was yesterday and after all, tomorrow is another day (thank you Scarlet). Happy New Year P.

  40. you are absolutely correct. that’s why i started my running training on december 11th, not Jan 1st. and why i’ve already given up the hot chocolate at work that was making me gain too much weight.

  41. Want what you have! I’m going to write that really big and stick it on the fridge.

    Happy New Year.

  42. Happy 2009! Wise words, as always. Hope you have a wonderful year, full of treats both edible and not :)

  43. That’s a graet resolution to be happy with what your have, I’m going to give that one a go!

    Happy New Year to you and yours Peabody :)

  44. Hi!I just found your blog. this recipe drew me in. I will say.. If someone is going to try and loose weight starting today , this recipe won’t help :) Can’t wait to try it! Happy New Year!

  45. What a great attitude to start the new year with! And the cheesecake pots aren’t a bad way to come into the new year, either…

  46. Darn, you are so right. Good thing I started eating a bit healthier in mid-December. Also, being happy with who you are right now is an excellent late Christmas present (if you didn’t already own that one), so let’s all keep some sweetness in our lives, especially the goodies found right here! Awesome cheesecake…I can taste the chocolate, Chambord and raspberry sauce…Yummyyy!

  47. I totally agree with you about the resolutions. Have a great and happy 2009, Peabody! These cheesecakes look delicious. I am a sucker for anything with mascarpone.

  48. Resolutions, oh dear. I am guilty of making them, but never folow through by the 2nd of January ; )
    Yummy looking cheesecake, especially since you’ve used marscapone. I Wish you and dh all the best in 2009!

  49. Loved reading this post-you are so right on track with everything you wrote! I’ve never been one for resolutions but I decided this year I would “let go of the parts of life I honestly don’t want.” Not your traditional resolution but I think it beats trying to swear off chocolate any day :) And it’s sure to keep me more emotionally sound!
    Happy 2009 to you :)

  50. Well written Peabody. Happy New Year and all the best in 2009.


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