I’m a one trick pony…

“Hey, you should do that” was what I was told. They were in reference to the Pioneer Woman’s website. I just laughed hysterical at them (if you have never seen it you really should).
First off I told them she has like 5 sections to her website. I don’t know 5 things. I was trying to think of 5 sections I could even have. Baking/Cooking. Okay, I already do that.
Photography. I just fumble my way through that so I wouldn’t really be of help to anyone else. Plus I don’t have neat stuff like Photoshop or anything. So scratch that.
They are remodeling a beautiful lodge that is pretty much to die for. I live in a 1 year old home that doesn’t need renovating and I don’t even have pictures on the walls (exception of 2 rooms), nor do we have any walls painted. So scratch that.
She has a confessions section where she shares her life. I already kind of do that in my posts. So if I had a separate page for that my primary page would suck even more. Plus her confessionals are interesting. If I had to confess stuff it would be boring crap like, I didn’t get out of my pajamas until 3pm today. Or I hid the last cookie from my husband. Or the ultra controversial, I was too lazy today to separate out the laundry and just did whites and colors together (ala college days). Yes, people would be flocking to read that.
Her husband has an interesting career. I mean he is a cowboy. A cowboy. And she used to be a city girl. I was a suburb girl. I am a suburb girl. Whoo. My husband is a computer programmer (which is interesting to him, but they don’t make calenders of computer programmers with their shirts off). She takes cool pictures of her husband in his chaps roping cows and stuff. I could post photos of my husband from different angles of him on the computer. He’s not wearing chaps but t-shirts from some geek conference he went to. So scratch that.
She has huge give aways. I mean she just gave away a laptop. She gives away Kitchen Aids. She gives away Photoshop. Hmm, I’ve got some used Kleenex I could send your way. See, again, not offering much of what the people want.
I guess I could have a section on training your dog to be a ninja, though that is going poorly. Though after seeing Kung Fu Panda I have renewed hope. :) I could have a section for confused bunnies who have identity crisis’s. Or how to train your bunny to clean it’s own cage. That is also going poorly. I could have a section on how to spend money you don’t have. ;) .  And then I can offer tips on how to gain weight.
So basically, I am sticking with what I know and not branching out. Much to my friends dismay I will not be the next PW empire. Sorry C.  I will just stick with things like these sugar coated brownies that require a pound of butter (take that new years resolutioners)! Now I will confess that I only made a half batch of these as I did not need 22 brownie sundaes for 2 people, might have wanted 22, but didn’t need. ;) This recipe halves nicely so there is no problems there.
The sauce that comes with it calls for ½ cup of whiskey. Oh my. I so did not use that much, I used 1 TBSP (which if you are making the whole recipe you would use 2 TBSP). With just the small amount I used you can taste the whiskey so I can’t even imagine what ½ cup tastes like. Holy knock me out Batman. It also called for walnuts but I only had pecans. I think any nut would be fine.
These taste pretty much how they look. Soft warm brownie that has a crispy sugar crust, topped with vanilla ice cream (I was lazy and just bought some vanilla bean at the store) and then topped with gooey caramel and pecans. And yes, my husband ate these. I knew he would, that is why we had them for New Year’s Eve.
For those of you counting I believe this is 412 Weight Watcher points..for 3 bites.



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  1. Oh my God, these scrumptious Brownies look decadent! A great way to start the year ;-P!



  2. Peabody, Peabody, Peabody – you always make me laugh out loud, and then drool over your latest sweet treat :-D Here’s to NOT having 5 or more sections on the blog!! And here’s to ridiculously-sinful, sensational desserts.

    The Weight Watchers Points thing is just too hilarious not to mention, haha :-D

  3. HeartofGlass says:

    I think you should make copies of the recipe and put it on the console of every treadmill in your gym ;)

    1/2 a cup of whiskey? Well, if you’d used that much you would DEFINITELY have something interesting to blog about. Like getting thrown in jail after trying to rob William Sonoma.

    And computer programmers eating Jiff pb=totally can see a fund raising calender in your photography future.

  4. Please don’t change a thing – I’ve grown to love your skills and reading your blog for what it is! Now this Whiskey Pecan Caramel Sauce… can I just take a bath in that?! :)

  5. OMG this recipe looks amazing! It literally made me drool a little bit.

  6. Holy cow, that would have been a lot of whiskey!! These look fantastic!

  7. Haha, this is a hilarious post! I like your site just the way it is. ;) And WOW, this dessert looks incredible! I’m drooling. ;)

  8. I think you do a fine job. No I take that back. I adore what you do. I think you take great pictures of food and having funny and interesting stories. Makes me keep coming back for more. Don’t change a thing!

  9. We like you just the way you are!! I want to see your yummy pictures and hear about everyday happenings. Not learn how to renovate a home! So please keep the goodies coming! But if you do decide to give a way a kitchen aid I will be here for that too. :)

  10. I am dying of laughter-this post was hysterical! If it makes you feel any better-my blog would literally consist of baking. ONLY baking!!! As always, looks fab!

  11. Well lady, I like your site better and I like you better :) You always make me laugh and you never play the dumb helpless broad card (that makes me batshit). No hon, I really really prefer your ass-kickin’ self rolling out the sweets and telling it like it really is. Big hugs and happy new year (I hope to be better about commenting now that the holidays are OVER). xxoo

  12. o that was funny. so funny. i like your blog just the way it is. you know, normal, stuff most people can relate to. i never saw the PW site before (i’m a city girl myself), but it might have sort of intimidated me. I’ll take brownies with caramel sauce any day…and the extra whiskey on the side.

  13. Wow and wow! Who needs a fancy husband or stunning confessions when you can bake like this! Fabulous blog, eye candy as well as fun, oh so yummy things to make.

    Will be back to visit you often!

  14. Peabody – I enjoy your writing and recipes far, far more than I do her’s. I quit reading her ages ago. I guess the beauty of the web is that there is something out there for all of us and rather than complaining about why I don’t like something, I find something I like and read that!

  15. Wow, that looks amazing. I only wish my baking came out looking as mouth watering as yours do. Simple and going with what you know is sometimes the best way to approach things. I love your blog as is. Now if only I could steal some of your pictures for my blog… :)

  16. Loved the post – and I like your blog just the way it is. Your recipes are always good – and I don’t think you should change a thing! These look amazing…can’t wait to try them…

  17. I adore this post! Hilarious! These brownies look beyond divine.

  18. I love your website just as much as PW’s you are both in my favorites and I check in everyday to see what wonderful decadent goodie you have made for me to drool over. Have a Happy New Year!!

  19. oh wow…YUMMMM.
    I can’t wait to make these !
    I can just taste the warm brownie with the melting ice cream right now!
    My kind of dessert!!
    Happy new year Peabody!!

  20. I can tell you that being a city girl and moving to the country is one big giant adjustment for me that nobody really wants to hear about. Perhaps if my husband wore chaps that would be another story… :)

    As always your brownies look so absolutely tasty.

  21. Peabody, you crack me up. Love this post! And the brownies look great. Happy New Year!

  22. Peabody, you may be a “one trick pony” but what a trick!!

    I always use up all my daily snack points just licking my computer screen when I visit over here.

    Happy New Year!

  23. Peabody, you are so darn funny – my true confessions would be a lot like yours.

  24. Angielala says:

    If you find a way to teach the Bunny how to clean it’s cage, please let us know! It will give me hope that I could teach my 2 cats how to clean their litter box themselves :-)

  25. Angielala says:

    BTW, you site is great and needs no changing! I read PW because we both live in Oklahoma (her ranch is about 60 miles from the “big city” where I live.) But since I’m single with no kids, reading her site is sometimes like reading about foreign things in strange lands, LOL! I can relate to you & your life much easier. Thanks for your wonderful musings and delicious recipes!

  26. And worth all 412 Points if you ask me! LOL! Great post today! Thanks!

  27. LOL, but worth every point, no doubt!

  28. haha Thank you for cracking me up- I needed it! I only dream of making the luscious creations you do including this one I am currently drooling over. And I relate to everything else you said about your life.

  29. OMG!!!! These look so good

  30. I think you should stick with what you know- that’s why we like you and also why you have 288 blogline subscribers!

    Don’t change a thing :-)

  31. Oh pff you just don’t have the guts to have 5! Pah. It needs attitude to post 5 of these pics in 5 different sections. I mean. Come on.

    There’s drool on my keyboard.

  32. Hi Peabody … I really enjoy YOUR style! Your writing is humble and honest, funny and interesting. Your recipes are do-able and tantalizing, and your photos colorful and attractive. Keep it up, and Happy New Year!

  33. I read PW and you, but I find you to be much more personable! And your recipes are WAY more impressive.

  34. The brownie looks wonderful. I enjoyed your post. I know how you feel. My blog is nothing compared to Pioneer Womans but your is still waaaay more interesting than mine.

  35. Your post had me laughing out loud. Weight Watchers? Too much. Love the dessert – who needs resolutions anyways, I’m pretty happy right now.

  36. Love that book! It doesn’t have a Weight Watchers safe recipe in it…heeheeheeheee.Love the pecans with this. Pecans and whiskey are so Southern or something. Would not want you to be the Pioneer Woman Northwest. Her blog is fun, but somewhat exhausting overall. You are not nearly as boring as you proclaim. Always a good read and always with great recipes.

  37. ooh, what a mean (but super delicious) way to start the new year! :)

  38. You make me smile! I can’t aspire to be PW either… and it’s nice to know there’s someone else out there like me! Keep doing what you do… it’s awesome and keeps me coming back to see what you are up to!

    Those sundaes ROCK!

  39. Oh man, what could beat brownie sundaes? That looks to-die for!

  40. We all aspire to be like her…there is only 1 PW…but there is also only 1 Peabody! :)


  41. Wow. I cannot think of a better way to greet the new year than with those brownies!

    What you do here is already great! :) If you do include a section on training your dog to be a ninja I’ll definitely be up for that though ;)

  42. Your site has been in my favorites for, well years I think. I especially like the new design! You rock!

  43. Nobody can do what you do better than you, so stick with it, and keep the calories coming!

  44. So. There has to be something to be said for quality vs quntity. Yes, PW has both, but Pea’s is where I come for inspiration. If you made your blog that way I would probbly just feel overwhelmed.

    This dessert is the absolute treat of my dreams. Wow!!

  45. quntity? Ack! I relly need to get the a-key fixed on my keyboard! That would be quantity.

  46. Peabody,

    One of your best posts ever!

    I too read Ree Drummond, aka Pioneer Woman….. and I couldn’t have laughed harder at your comments than I did….

    You absolutely nailed everything…..And I’m a GUY, god knows I can shoot shots of chaps….and my kids are grown….Now they look like everyone else, ya know?

    Anyway, you do what you do, I’m definitely one of your devoted followers….

    And if you check your blog, in a day or two, I’ll prove it….


  47. Bring on the brownie sundaes, fantastic!

  48. sugar crusted brownies and whiskey pecan caramel sauce…so, totally lazy.

  49. Ha you really made me laugh reading your post. And a good laugh is better than a laptop sometimes :)this sundae looks awesome. All those flavours combined must be heaven. Good start of the year :) I ll try these and start dieting tomorrow . What better excuse :)

  50. Pea your one trick covers 10 sections! You have nothing here to bore anybody!
    Love this!!!


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