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I’m was pretty sure that my 15 minutes of fame was up. I mean I was in a Jif peanut butter commercial when I was 3 ( great, I peaked early ;) ) and last year a woman in the grocery store asked for my autograph (more on that in a bit). And now I am featured on the Pioneer Woman. If you go over there and scroll down, there I am on the left (or at least when I wrote this I was :) ). I was all giddy when a reader from over there came over here and told me that she found my site from PW. I was like, what??? Holy cow (or holy roping cows if we are talking PW). So very cool…oh, and try her Cajun meatloaf, it was a big hit.
So back to my other moment of fame if you will. The autograph. No doubt the first and last time that will be happening. I was in my favorite grocery store in the produce section. I could feel this woman staring at me. I smiled and moved on. I noticed that she kept staring at me. With my track record of great outfits and what not, I quickly brushed my purse (hiding my hand) past my zipper to make sure it was up. Yep, we were good to go on that front. She kept staring and I kept smiling and of course I am thinking now, either I know this person or they are clearly going to try and lure me in the back and stab me a couple of times. I walked over to the meat counter to see my reflection in the glass. I needed to make sure I didn’t have any What About Mary hair happening. Nope, that was good too.
I darted rather quickly over to the baking aisle and the woman followed. Yikes. She looks like she could out run me so if she was going to stab me clearly things would not be going in my favor.
All of a sudden I heard “are you Peabody of Culinary Concoctions by Peabody?” I said “yes, yes I am.” The woman gave out a shrill that even dogs could hear. The woman went on and on about how she loved my site (hopefully still does) and that her and her friends read it religiously. Then she goes digging through her purse to find a receipt for me to sign the back of. Hmmm. I assured her that my autograph and a nickel got her a nickel, but she still wanted it. So there in the baking aisle I signed my name on the back of a receipt. A little surreal and out there.
The store I was at carries all of my favorite specialty items. One of those items is Anna’s honey. The one I buy the most is the Creamed Cinnamon Honey. OMG, so good. A nice piece of hot bread, butter and this dripping honey really one of the better things in life. Having made those mascarpone pots a little while back and me eating everyone of them I knew I wanted to make a variation of those. Using the honey. These are a little different. A little more creamier…a little bit like cheesecake crème brulee (minus the blowtorch). I served them with a Frangelico shortbread stick (recipe on a later post). Much yum!

Cinnamon Honey Cheesecake Pots

1 cup heavy cream
4 ounces creamed cinnamon honey
4 ounces cream cheese
4 ounces mascarpone cheese
¼ cup sugar
1 tsp vanilla
pinch of salt
3 large eggs
Position rack in the middle of the oven and preheat to 325F.
In a bowl of a stand mixer, beat together the mascarpone, cream cheese and sugar until smooth using the paddle attachment.
Add the honey and beat until incorporated.
Add cream slowly into the cheese mixture until fully incorporated.
Add eggs one at a time, beating well after each addition ( I like to scrape down the bowl after each addition as well) until smooth.
Add vanilla and salt and beat to combine.
Put eight 4-ounce custard cups, ramekins, or small oven proof coffee cups in and empty 9 by 13-inch baking pan. Divide the cheesecake mixture among the cups.
Put the baking dish in the oven and then carefully pour boiling water into the pan. Adding just enough water to reach halfway up the sides of the custard cups. Cover with aluminum foil.
Bake until the tops of the cheesecakes appear solid but jiggle slightly when shaken, 30-40 minutes. These will firm up as they cool to room temperature. Cover each pot with plastic wrap and refrigerate for at least 4 hours, preferably overnight. These can be made up to 2 days in advance.

Adapted from Sticky, Chewy, Messy, Gooey by Jill O¢â¬â„¢Conner


  1. Well… that is nice and a little odd at the same time. I read your blog all the time but doubt I would recognize you if you were standing right next to me. But if I knew it was you…well I’d ask to go to your house for dessert rather than your autograph.
    Can I come over?

  2. That looks incredibly “dirty”! A scrumptious dessert for those who can’t wait!



  3. You’re a downright celebrity! :) I wonder how she recognized you though. Kinda cool, but kinda creepy all at the same time.

  4. How funny/weird is that? lol. The dessert looks yummy ;)

  5. I think it would have been more appropriate to have you sign a bag of flour or sugar or something like that….

  6. I’ve been spotted as VeggieGirl in Chicago – that was fun :-D

    Love the cheesecake pot!! The name sounds like contrabrand, haha.

  7. ha you re famous! :)) i would love to have your autograph too :) these look delicious

  8. These look absolutely delicious!! And that honey…ohhh…I bet it is amazing!!! Honey on anything is heavenly! Congrats on the autograph and making it to PW’s page!

  9. Famous? You are a blogging STAR! And forever making me drool…

  10. Wow. Those look so good. The honey sounds super delicious.

    Congrats on being recognized in the store!

  11. This looks totally scrumptious! I love cheesecake and your little pots are so coo!

  12. This looks so delicious! I got this cookbook for Christmas but haven’t baked anything from it yet- I think that needs to change!

  13. Haha, too funny! But you’re doing better than me- No one’s randomly asked for my autograph. Only when I have the book around does it make a difference. ;)

  14. Oh my GAWD! Creamed cinnamon honey?? It sounds amazing!

  15. I want to make and eat these now! How could I go about making creamed cinnamon honey? I have access to lots of honey from a family farm, and fate has been sending me recipes calling for it!

  16. Very good story!!! Your cheescake pot looks so good. I want to dig a spoon in there right now!!!!

  17. I love it — you’re famous!! :) And that is one delectable-looking dessert. YUM!

  18. Darn why didn’t I think to get your autograph! Sheesh!
    Love that you checked your fly, me to I have to do that all the time ;)
    sigh, I’m sure I’ve had Anna’s honey just not this creamed cinnamon honey, have to look for that.

  19. Wow. Autograph huh? That had to have just been surreal!

  20. You’re braver than me. I haven’t even shared my 15 minutes of fame with my husband! Although my parents do have a VHS tape of it somewhere. Good thing no one has a VHS player anymore!

  21. Mmm, creamed honey. I can’t imagine how good that must be with the cinnamon!

    I can’t wait to hear about the Frangelico shortbread, either. I looove me some Frangelico.

  22. Creme brulee, honey, cheesecake… *eyes grow wide* YUM! Too funny about your celebrity moments. Do you have a copy of the commercial? That would be hilarious!

  23. You Tube is calling for that commercial…

  24. Couldn’t help smiling on that autograph story! That’s just too funny! Yummy cheesecake pots, can I have your autograph?

  25. Wow. Congratulations on being featured on PW. And thats crazy about the woman in the grocery store. Although I do love your blog and read it faithfully, I have to admit that if I saw you in person, I probably wouldn’t know it was you. Could you please post a large picture of you so that I will be prepared to ask for your autograph if I do ever see you?

  26. Wow! Autograph signing in the grocery store – what’s next?
    Love the little creamy pots of luxurious goodness – and the red ramekins.

  27. if anyone deserves more than the allotted 15 minutes, it’s you–your creations are stellar, and this one’s no exception. :)

  28. You’re so modest Peabody… but if/when I ever meet you in person, I promise not to gush over you in public (I’d be quite giddy inside though!) :) Now these cheesecake pots look divine. I just scored some whipped pecan honey and you just may see me blog an adapted version using that! (Oh and btw, I just *finally* picked up some rice flour for those cookies I have yet to make!… I’m a little slow, I know) :)

  29. I’m a sucker for all things cinnamon, Pea, and this looks like a winner to me!
    As far as the autograph goes, I would have done the same. Actually, being a Brazilian, I would have hugged and kissed you, too. :D

  30. what an amazing recipe and photography you’ve made me so hungry…I have to go and cook something now… yum yum

  31. Simply amazing! These look really luscious! I will try them.

  32. Oh, and congratulations on the fame! You should feel flattered. And your telling of it is a riot!

  33. Congrats on being featured on PW. That is probably a dream come true for most of us cooking bloggers.

    ROTFL at your grocery store moment of fame! You are one hilarious cook!

  34. Cheesecake pots!!!!!I would stalk you for the recipe and ask you for your autograph:D

  35. Congrats on the fame! Your recipes always look great!

  36. congrats on the feature over at PW! i love her site. and yours too, of course. :)

  37. Ha, You are in the celebrity status. People will love your blog, I do.

  38. Wow…you’re famous! :-) This looks delicious. So creamy and I bet that cinnamon honey flavor is divine.

  39. Woot on being on PW…great blog! The supermarket thing is a bit odd. She is right about you blog though…the best one! Better than PW in my opinion. Great little pots of yum, too. Cinnamon honey…just sounds yummy.

  40. Ha!! Bask in the glow, Peabody!!

    Your cheesecake pots look sooo yummy-ola!

    Congrats, again!

  41. I loved this piece, your humor, recipes, and photos. Your grocery store saga reminds me of a similar incident I had while in a hospital bed. I thought the woman staring in my doorway was going to steal my pocketbook, when in fact, she later revealed she was praying for me everyday. Goes to show you, looks can be very deceiving! Keep up the excellent work. You have found your niche and fame!

  42. I’m a PW transplant, also! I think are just fabulously funny and your food makes me giddy with delight. Keep up the good work!

  43. they looks so delicious and photoes are wonderful..

  44. And now I’m sure she’s squealing again, just being mentioned on your blog! I love this cookbook – this is one I need to make!

  45. That is so funny! So are you watching the all-star festivities this weekend???

  46. Oh dear those are wicked little gems aren’t they? I saw those in the book and dreamed of making them since I have the perfect little dishes. Yours came out way better than the ones in the book.

  47. mmmm yum! I think I will definitely try out this recipe – I am a huge cheesecake fan.

    Funny story too about your autograph – I like that you checked your fly first :D

  48. Yum! Great sounding dessert and lovely pictures as always. Now how about a dessert with bacon?

  49. I also found you through PW. Would love an RSS!

  50. WOW, featured on the Pioneer Woman’s site…. That’s great, and you deserve it.

    Did you tell her, however, that I found you first?


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