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Wow! Over 70 emails to me, letting me know that you too have either allergies or carpal tunnel (not including all the comments left on here). Just want to say thanks to all of you who took the time to write me and let me know what worked for you. I am writing this mass thank you, as writing back to each one of you would be next to impossible given my current limited computer time.
First off, I just thought I would let everyone know that I have had allergies all my life. These are not new to me. I just have not been to an allergist since I was a kid (I had full testing done then as well). So I have dealt and coped with these for quite sometime. Also, I have no reaction to my dog or other dogs which is why that was so surprising to me. I am allergic to cats and definitely have reaction to them. So I found it interesting that I am more allergic to dogs than cats, especially given no reaction to my dog or any dog I come in contact with.
I do clean the house often. I vacuum several times a week and I always do my cleaning with a mask on. The dog gets bathed regularly by either the groomer or the husband. I take daily allergy medication already (and I have tried them all Alavert, Claritin, Zyrtec, etc) and have tried many alternatives already, including holistic. I have dust mite covers on the bed and pillows. My home was mold inspected in November. I am aware of OAS, and do suffer from that as well.
Also, my allergist is not telling me that the shots are the only way to go, just the best way to go. They will help the most with the pollen, dust mite, pet dander, tree and grass allergies that I have going on. It will also help with the OAS since that is triggered by pollen. Many of my relatives and friends have had allergy shots and had great success on them (I am hoping that would be the case for me too). Of course, if I find out on Thursday that they aren’t covered by insurance, they wont be getting done either way. ;)
As far as my carpal tunnel. I do wear a brace. I have one specifically for night time wear, which is giant and I look like a dork wearing it (but then again, what else is new :) ). I have one to wear while on the computer. I am staying off of the computer as much as I can (with in reason…I am slightly addicted). The doctor says I am not near a stage of needing surgery which is why I am trying to do all that I can to make sure that surgery does not happen.
As for everything else, I have my chin up and am carrying on through this crazy roller coaster called life. Though sometimes I must admit that I would like someone to give me a heads up so I don’t eat a bunch of cotton candy before I get on the roller coaster and want to throw up afterwards. ;)
I made these cookies at Christmas time but never got them up. And by the time I could I figured that most people would be cookied out by then. But since less and less people are at my gym now a days, I figure the New Years resolutions are dying down and people might be back to wanting to eat cookies.
I lucked out in the fact that my friend A, the same one who gave me real Tahitian vanilla beans also brought me back some Pineapple jam from there as well. Though this was really more of a cross between and jam and a pulp. Really great pineapple flavor and it made these extra special. They are excellent with the raspberry jam as well. These are a tea cookie, so they are more crisp than soft.

Coconut Thumbprint Cookies

2 cups all-purpose flour
½ cup rice flour (you can use all-purpose if you don’t have)
¾ cup shredded unsweetened coconut
½ tsp baking soda
½ tsp salt
8 ounces unsalted butter, at room temperature
1 ¼ cups sugar
1 large egg yolk
1 tsp vanilla extract

pineapple and raspberry jam

Place coconut into a food processor. Pulse a couple of times until the coconut becomes fine but still has some texture to it.
In a medium bowl, sift together the flours, baking soda and salt. Whisk in the coconut.
Using a stand mixer, cream together the butter and sugar until light and fluffy, about 3 minutes.
Add the egg and vanilla and beat until combined. Scrape down the sides of the bowl and mix for another 30 seconds.
On low speed, add the flour/coconut mixture and mix until fully incorporated.
Form into a ball or disc and cover with plastic wrap. Refrigerate for 15 minutes.
Preheat oven to 350F.
Position rack in the upper and lower thirds of the oven.
Roll the dough into 1-inch balls and bake them for 14 minutes I only did 12). Remove from oven and make a dent in each cookie (you can use your thumb but I don’t like a burnt thumb so I used the back of a melon baller). Fill cookies with jam of your choice (I used pineapple and raspberry). Place the cookies back into the oven for 10 more minutes (I only did 7).If you like your cookies softer you can go less time. But these are more like a tea cookie and are meant to be crisp.
Remove cookies from oven and let cool on cookie sheets for 5 minutes. Transfer to a wire rack to finish cooling.

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  1. I’m having a cookie baking day/night and these have now been added to my cookie line up. Now that I have the rice flour on hand, I won’t have to figure out what to do with it!

  2. I’m here for you, Peabody!! :-)

  3. Glad you have such a good atitiude! You know what they say, when the going gets tough, the tough bake thumb print cookies. ; )

  4. I think I still have burn marks on my hand from the last time I made thumbprint cookies!

  5. I’m trying to remember the last time I baked cookies . . . these look grand.

  6. Pineapple jam sounds good!

    Does the rice flour serve any specific purpose in the recipe? I bought some around Christmas for a shortbread recipe that also had AP flour like this one and forgot to add it, but the shortbreads came out well anyway. I just haven’t baked with it before.

  7. I’ll cross my fingers for you on the insurance – dealing with that is always fun! The cookies are so pretty! I especially love the raspberry jelly.

  8. What dainty little cookies! They look delicious!

    All the best,


  9. Best wishes to you!
    The cookies look wonderful! I love the coconut!

  10. Good to know you’re coping well with all your allergies. I had a lot as a kid, but I grew out of them. So I guess I’m lucky. It’s a good thing you’re not allergic to cookies, right?

  11. these look so good. I won’t mind having 2 or 3 with some tea :) Good luck with your allergies. I suffer from them too.

  12. Lovely cookies. Thumbprints with raspberry jam are one of our Christmas staples.

  13. I’ve never had thumbprint cookies with coconut in them. It sounds very good.
    Let’s hope you are covered for the care you need.
    Keep your pecker up, as they say here…which always makes me laugh! x

  14. These cookies look great, I love the addition of coconut.

    Good luck with the insurance!!

  15. Oh… Shoot. I just read your last post, and I’m sorry to hear things aren’t going well. I do wish you the speediest of recoveries and that your husband’s job is safe.

  16. These look delicious and I have everything on hand. Hmmm.
    I’m behind so I missed your last post. I hope your next few weeks are better, and I’m glad to hear your husband is still employed.

  17. I wish you the best of luck! Allergy shots worked well for me and I hope you have great results.

    By the way, I’m also mildly allergic to chocolate. I told my allergist that that was why god created benadryl.

    Stop eating chocolate? Crazy!

  18. Oh darlin! i hope you get all of your crazy allergy madness under control! I know that can’t be easy!
    Also… I’m SO glad the hubby is still employed. I’m dealing with that stress of my own these days. It’s totally exhausting.

  19. These look delicious! The pineapple ones sound especially nummy to me.

  20. Missed the last post, but I wish you well, especially with the carpal tunnel…major YUK! and of course For your hubby to continue to keep his job.
    The cookies are so tropical with the coconut and the pineapple jam. Tea time can’t come soon enough!

  21. Normally there is a downhill after every uphill and the trick is to just hang in there…..kep baking these delicious treats and you will be ok!!!

  22. I don’t know where you get your vaniilla beans from, but if you go to eBay and search organic vanilla beans they are dirt cheap and fantastic…I’m not the seller, just a user of vanilla beans in a tough economy. Yay cookies!

  23. My sis has had carpel tunnel surgeries in both her wrists, other than having MS/Lupus, & is still happily teaching senior school kids Science in the US. Life is tough & am glad ypou have a positive attitude. WAY TO GO Peabody…& these cookies ROCK! My kids love thumbprint cookies! :0)

  24. Dear Peabody, your posts and recipes are always exciting, thank you very much for sharing them with us! I have already tried many of your recipes with great success!
    I hope that everything will go just fine with your health, I wish you all the best!…

  25. I hear you; not on the allergies but the carpal tunnel..oh yeah!
    Take care sweetie, wish you well, hope the Hubs keeps going on in his job! Sending safe allergy-free virtual hugs.

  26. Pea, you know me – I’m never tired of cookies. These are so beautiful, they look like little gems.
    I’m glad to hear surgery is not necessary for you. Keep up taking care of yourself and being this precious person we all adore so much.

  27. These look so pretty! I love the coconut. I didn’t get a chance to comment on your last post, but I hope everything will get better for you. I do know how you feel, though, because I was just informed that I most likely have Celiac disease, so I have to avoid eating gluten to see how I respond to the diet. It it really rough sometimes. I just hope everything works out well for you and that you start feeling better soon!

  28. Have you tried hydroxyzine? I have urticaria and it was prescribed for the hives. It works wonders on BOTH the hives and respiratory allergies. Just sayin’. :)

  29. wow…vacuuming once a week is an accomplishment for me…
    great little cookies, peabody, and hang in there! :)

  30. Thanks for the cookie recipe. I a a cookie addict and I will definitely try these!

  31. So sorry to hear about the allergies and the carpal tunnel Peabody! Hang in there! I’m sure these cookies are good company :)

  32. when it rains it pours they say. so sorry to hear that and i hope things improve slowly. at least you got cookies! :)

  33. Oh my goodness! I’m not around for a bit and look what happens. First of all sorry to hear about the allergy but I had to laugh when your doctor suggested giving your dog away … yeah right! Hopefully your choice of action will work out! Glad to hear your husband made it through. I know it’s hard not to worry but I’m sure you guys will be okay! Take care of that wrist!

  34. I feel so badly, Peabody! I know that you’re creative enough to work around all of these limitations though… and it will be worth the effort, I’m sure! :)

  35. glad tht u hve found out a way..for ur allegies. my best wishes to u.

    love the thumbprint cookies though..they look adorable.

    my first time here and must say I love this place.
    if u can, do stop by my place sometime…wud love to entertain u :)

  36. Yep, we are in a similar boat and hubby has actually sent resumes from Miami to Alaska..ha!
    I feel your pain about your wrist and I had to smile at the doctor’s advice…what planet is he from?!!
    I know you know how to keep your chin up though Chica :)

  37. what a great twist on a classic cookie w/the coconut…and i love pineapple and coconut together!

  38. Hey there! The cookies look super yummy. I was totally cookied out after Christmas, but I’m better now :)

  39. Mmmm these look yummy – I am bookmarking to bake in the near future.

  40. Your cookies look amazing and you are pretty amazing yourself. You have inspired me! I really want to try to whine less and see the sun in everyday!

  41. I am now on a mission of great importance. Locating and purchasing pinapple jam.

  42. These cookies are lovely and beautiful. I developed allergies in my mid 30’s–I’m allergic to the same things you are–the shots (covered by ins) worked–if they are not covered–they are quite expensive–the deal is–for the shots to work you have to follow a very strict routine for the shots and after a year–it kicks in–and then you go back less frequently like for maintenance–ugh!
    I take Claritin D or Zertec–somewhat helpful

  43. I just had to come back to tell you this is my dads new favorite cookie. I made them one day about a month ago and now have made them 4 times for him. Thank you so much for all your recipes and making a daughter very happy making her dad very happy! Keep up the great work.

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