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Exciting news! I figured out who could play the role of Peabody if they ever decided to make the world’s most boring movie about my life. Jessica Simpson. You know, because she is sooooo fat now. Mooo. Mooo. Mooo.
I find it amazing that in today’s world where thousands and thousands of people are losing their jobs weekly, some of whom I know, every magazine right now seems to only care about how fat Jessica has gotten. Are you kidding me? This just really says a lot about our society. A lot. Oh I will be the first to admit that the outfit that she chose was beyond horrid. I mean, it was no bleach stained green sweatpants that I like to don, but still. Not flattering. But going on and on about how fat she is makes me feel bad for her.
Now I know you will say that it’s her job to look great. But quite honestly, she is gorgeous enough that a little extra padding doesn’t make her any less beautiful to me. But it does to everyone else. Though, the good news is that the guys on my hockey team would still “do her”…ah men, so special sometimes.
Maybe the world would do a bit of good if all the actresses and models of the world would get as fat as Jessica currently is. Maybe girls/women wouldn’t be throwing up what they eat out of guilt. Maybe my friends who are size 2 and 4’s can stop obsessing and calling themselves fat (I find this really disheartening). I mean it’s not like she is unhealthy. I am quite certain that she is within her bogus BMI. Jessica, you just keep keeping on. If you are happy, then just ignore the magazines and television shows that are calling you fat. Live your life girl…and give that football player of yours some cushion for pushing. ;)
That being said I will admit that I am on a diet. Technically I am no longer on the diet. I did it for about a week. And before you go and start thinking I am being hypocritical, I did not go on the diet to lose weight.  I went on the diet to get inspired.
See, nothing gets my creative juices flowing like knowing I am not allowed to eat anything I really want to eat. Diet Jello and carrots with hummus send my mind immediately thinking about sweets and different flavor combos. I do it to help with food blog block so to speak. I was craving coffee cake and decided to make it into cupcake form. It’s just a little sweeter than regular coffee cake and has a nice glob of cinnamon buttercream frosting. I tried the stick of gum thing to help my cravings, but oddly enough, that didn’t work. :P

Coffee Cake Cupcakes

Cake Batter:

8 ounces unsalted butter, at room temperature
1 ½ cups granulated sugar
½ cup firmly packed light brown sugar
¼ tsp orange zest
4 eggs
½ cup whole milk
½ cup sour cream
1 tsp vanilla extract
1 cup all-purpose flour
½ cup cake flour
1 ½ cups self rising flour

For the Filling:
1 cup toasted pecans, chopped
3 TBSP dark brown sugar
2 TBSP granulated sugar
¼ tsp ground cinnamon
Using a stand mixer, beat together the butter and sugars until light and fluffy, about 3 minutes. Add in orange zest and beat for another 30 seconds.
Add eggs, one at a time. Scrape down the bowl after each addition.
Whisk together milk, sour cream and vanilla extract in a small bowl. Set aside.
Sift together the all-purpose flour, cake flour and self rising flour in a medium bowl and set aside.
Add 1/3 of the flour mixture to the mixer bowl and mix on low speed and mix until incorporated. Add ½ of the milk mixture and mix until incorporated. Repeat with another 1/3 of the flour mixture, then the milk and finally the flour mixture again. Mix until all is fully incorporated. But do not over mix.
In a small bowl, mix together the pecans, sugars and cinnamon. Set aside.
Prepare muffin tins with butter and flour, or use liners.
This is a thick batter and I find it best to pipe it in. Pipe in ¼ of the way up. Add a generous tsp of filling. Pipe in the batter just to cover up the filling. Add another tsp of filling. And again pipe batter on top of filling.
Bake at 350F for 22-25 minutes.
Let cool in pan for 5 minutes, then remove from pan and let continue to cool on a wire rack. Frost when completely cool.

Cinnamon Buttercream

4 ounces unsalted butter, at room temperature
2 cups powdered sugar
2 TBSP heavy cream
¼ tsp cinnamon

Beat all ingredients using a mixer. Mix until all ingredients are incorporated and frosting is smooth.


  1. whata marvellous concotion!! I love cinnamon and mixed with those pecans its simply delicious :)

  2. Oy, I know what you mean about Jessica Simpson. Truly, it’s ludicrous to attack her, when she’s still thin, not to mention gorgeous.
    I think most celebrities should have (and fully digest, calories and all) your Coffecake Cupcakes!

  3. Sigh, stories like the Jessica Simpson one makes me so sad…sad with the state of the world. I think its why I like cupcakes so much, the community spirit and joy they bring to everyone is so smile inducing. These cupcakes look awesome!

  4. What a wonderful flavor! These cupcakes look sooooooo good!

    Jessica Simpson’s outfit is horrible, but I don’t find she’s fat… This society is only about aspect and superficial values!



  5. These cupcakes are gorgeous. I want them all. When I diet, though, to tell the truth, it means that I eat only one cupcake like this a day. But for the moment, hubby is banging his head against the wall saying that he is now officially on a diet. And he can NOT eat any cupcakes for weeks at a time if he decides to.

    I will make these cupcakes for sons and myself!


  7. I LOVE Jessica Simpson- she looks happy- though the mom jeans gotta go.
    This cupcake looks AMAZING!

  8. Carole Resnick says:

    These cupcakes are a real winner. I plan to make sometime this week.

    Thanks, as always, Peabody.

  9. Life is too short to eat bad food or drink bad wine – So I eat what I want when I want then just balance it out with many trips to the gym!!

  10. I’m sure Jessica would enjoy these . . . and am convinced that the only reason she’s “fat” is, in fact, because of her mom jeans.

    Mmm . . . coffee cake . . .

  11. Every single person has days (and bad camera angles) when they don’t look his or her best and this was def. one of Jessica’s. She is a curvy girl and I don’t think she looked good when she got super skinny for her Daisy Dukes. I somewhat think it might have been Poppa Joe’s publicity stunt to put her in that outfit but we will never know.

    BTW Coffee Cake in Cupcake form…amazing.

  12. This does look good Pea…maybe even winning. I love the poofy swirled buttercream on top. Very sculptural.
    I don’t buy these magazines or publications that make money from criticizing or belittling women or men. They do it because people buy that crapola. Let’s all stop patronizing them.

  13. Coffee cake in cupcake form is a great idea! Although, I know I couldn’t limit myself to just one.

    I’m no fan of JS, but I do think that all the hoopla about her (or anyone’s) weight is ridiculous. As the mother of a teen-aged girl, society’s attitude towards this issue is so frustrating! My daughter is a size 2, and she is upset because she can’t get into her size 0 jeans anymore!

  14. i think the science behind your starvation-inspiration theory is quite accurate. i wasn’t hungry before reading your post, but now, my stomach is growling. and what am i inspired to eat? why your coffee cake cupcakes, of course! science verified before your very eyes. (it’s still morning, but i feel these cupcakes would make a delicious (nutritious?) breakfast!)

  15. I actually think you look more like Jennifer Ehle, the actress who played Lizzie Bennet in the BBC “Pride and Prejudice”

    I think your theory about dieting=craving is correct–didn’t J.S. go on a crash diet to be in the “Dukes of Hazard?” How sad is it that I remember reading that at a grocery checkout lane.

  16. I always mourn a little more for society every time I see those magazines. So sad. But on a happier note, these coffee cake cupcakes do look absolutely delicious!

  17. These cupcakes look fabulous! What a creative idea. I love the idea of cinnamon buttercream.

    I think it’s sad that celebrities have to go through such scrutiny and that people care so much about every move they make. It’s nice to be just a normal person :)

  18. People obsess way too much over fat and don’t bother with fit. There are so many twiggy women I could break with my bare hands. Sure, they look great, but they can’t run, climb, ski, or kick general ass as well as I can (okay, I live in Boulder – there are probably many many women who are twiggy and can outrun me, but still…) You are perfect just the way are you, babe. PERFECT. And you bake deelish goodies. You’re perfect + 20.

  19. I’m a big coffee cake lover, so these would definitely end up as one of my favorites!

    PS: I’ve put you on my blogroll. I’ve actually had you there for a while, but I’ve never had the guts to tell <3

  20. Marilyn Monroe was a size 14 – pass me another cupcake, please. :)

  21. I’ll immediately make myself very unpopular by saying that “new” about Simpson or any other celeb is more an indication of the media knowing EXACTLY what their readers want to lap up — sort of like ostriches sticking their heads in holes. It’s beyond annoying to me and if you lined her up with any number of other twenty-something blondes, I seriously couldn’t tell them apart. As far as fat and diet go, um, so, yah. I get my exercise, I eat my dark colored veggies and fruit and drink way too much wine. Plus I’m fighting a metabolism that matches my age. Whatever, yanno? Pass me about a dozen of those luscious looking puppies because I SWEAR they have my name on them.

  22. Oh my gosh that filling . . . that topping . . . so wonderful . . .
    I love your new diet: food blog block diet!! that’s great!

  23. cinnamon buttercream? peabody, you have rocked my world. :)

  24. Nothing says diet food like coffee cake cupcakes with buttercream frosting!

  25. I often get cravings for coffee cake, but the cupcakes are inspired — portion control, and just enough to satisfy that mid-afternoon craving for something sweet.

  26. Your cupcakes look so gorgeous and delicious. Thanks for sharing.

    I dislike our (social, cultural) obsession with weight, but I also dislike my obsession with #’s on the scale. It kills me!

  27. Your cupcakes sound fabulous. I love anything cinnamony.

    I agree with what you said- everyone needs to stop talking about Jessica’s weight because she’s not fat and no one cares!

  28. yeah who cares she’s gained weight! do you Jessica! love the cake. so darn good!

  29. i must be behind on my newstand reading, i didn’t even know jessica had gotten so huge (joking…ha)!

    i don’t diet, i just fail at every attempt, i just try to get a little exercise sometimes…try and sometimes, ahem. that said, these look so yummy…some of my fave flavors.

  30. I think when you are in love, it is natural to gain a little love pounds. I am not a JS fan, but I think she chose a bad outfit, but did not look fat. People are insane!
    However, I do think these cupcakes look fab.

  31. Praise be that the stick of gum didn’t work! This looks just wonderful. Hope that Jessica makes herself some…she can be still thinner than me and happy.

  32. I’m with you – leave poor Jessica alone. She looks fine!

  33. I agree that it’s sad the media has nothing better to talk about than J-Simp’s weight. She looks much better now than when she had wasted away to barely 100lbs.

  34. Those close-ups always kill me so crisp and delicious wholly nuts I luv this one I do..cheers

  35. Beautiful cupcakes! And maybe I’m alone here but I think she looks much BETTER with the few extra pounds she’s put on (no one would have looked good in that outfit…). She looks healthy and happy.

  36. Gorgeous cupcakes…I love pecans (or rather walnuts which is what we get here) with cinnamon & brown sugar. LOL about Jessica Simpson…Moo to you too!

  37. Peabody, Jessica is old news – today it’s all about Chris Brown and Rihana – the new Whitney and Bobby it appears!

    I think you are right – everyone (including Jessica Simpson) should just chill out and eat cupcakes instead of giving the rest of the world a complex by calling a normal looking person fat. Preferably the will eat the ones featured here in your post since they are so very lovely!

  38. Pea, I was reading about it the other day and felt quite shocked – remember when they did it to Tyra Banks?
    Oh, and you have just discovered a diet I would be willing to join. :D

  39. Sigh. I don’t read magazines any more because of this insanity. It drives me up the wall! I’d much rather have a slice of coffee cake like this and forget about it all.

  40. Seriously, even with the added weight, I wouldn’t mind Jessica Simpson’s body.

  41. LOL! I’d take one of those cupcakes over a piece of gum any day! It looks wonderful.

  42. I laughed myself silly at the beginning of this. I really don’t get the whole “jessica simpson is fat” thing–I mean, guilty of wearing unflattering pants, yes, but fat, most definitely not. However, I do understand the language these cupcakes are speaking–and it is the language of loooove.

  43. I love doing that too, restricting your choices to force creativity. Great cupcakes! (Jessica Simpson – fat? HAHAHA)

  44. Sigh, I so need to stop bookmarking recipes from your blog…it seems I bookmark every single one…and then I get really hungry.

  45. it is sad how obessed people are with how fat someone ISN’T. It’s all about how beautiful and how skinny can women get. Why are fat men so acceptable? Why are bald men so acceptable?
    Why are fat & bald men so acceptable? Why aren’t bald & fat women acceptable?
    I completely forgot to say…love these cupcakes. lol

  46. The cupcakes look delightful!! I think it is sad that some people have to entertain themselves by talking about someone else’s weight. Get a life already!!

  47. I tried making some coffee cake cupcakes a while back but they bombed on me. Can I tell you how much I LOVE you for figuring it all out so I don’t have to now and can make these. I can’t wait.

    As for poor Jessica, I just saw that crap on the rack the other day and had pretty much the same reaction as you. Aside from that, she is a singer people! Does it matter if she has gained some weight? She is still extremely beautiful. Oh well, you are right, it shows some big problems with our society.

  48. Wow, those look so good! Nice work on the icing!

  49. The coffee cake cupcake is a great idea!!! I love the way it looks….Would be great in the afternoon with some coffee (or anytime)!!!

  50. Oooooo…this looks SO good!


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