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When I am sad and stressed I just pick up my chin and grin and say…the sun will come out (SLAP! Not). Okay, where was I. Ah yes, being sad and stressed. When I am not having the best of days I used to follow a certain routine.
First I would exercise. If it could be kick boxing, rugby, or hockey that was a plus because I can usually try and hurt someone (really, I’m a nice person I promise :D ). I would work out, which all that did was make me sad, stressed and sweaty. I’m adding to the S adjectives but that’s about it.
Then I would usually journal my feelings (aka right down a lot of swear words on paper). That usually didn’t help all that mcuh and I usually end up killing part of a tree by burning that paper so as not to have evidence against me later. ;)
Then there is the long hot bath. This helps me be less stinky after the exercise but really, that doesn’t help me all that much either.
And that leaves it to the screw it moment. The moment I drive to the store and think food or liquor? Food wins 99% of the time as drinking usually ends up badly and usually involves praying to the toilet God. And the food of choice is usually ice cream. And usually, even though it is not my favorite ice cream of all time, it is my break up/bad day at work/all around stress ice cream….Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Ice Cream.
Scattered around my house and in the car and I am sure other places are written down notes of things I thought of, mostly recipe ideas. Though I am sure the solution to the current economic crisis is on one of those papers, I can never seen to find them. Randomly when I am cleaning I will find one and think “Ah, ha! I need to make that”. Then I put that piece of paper away, forget about it, and the whole process starts over again. But this last week I ran across my idea for my Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Cheesecake. Combining to perfect stress eating foods. The cookie dough is tampered with just a bit as there are no raw eggs in it. But with the addition of the condensed milk, the texture and taste are the same.
I will say this is overload, but sometimes one needs overload. The only problem I  had with this concoction was cutting it. I got a couple clean slices but some of the others looked mutilated. So make sure that you have a nice sharp knife to cut though those truffles.





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  1. Ah, Peabody, once again you provide the perfect stress relief, this time to brush away the “oh god it’s Monday again” blues.

    And it’s nice to see someone else who’s life is filled with important recipe ideas on pieces of paper that once written on disappear forever.

  2. This is the perfect stress relief! I love cheesecake and cookie dough but have never thought of combining them!

  3. I don’t think I would have made it through college if it hadn’t been for cookie dough ice cream. And who needs a sharp knife, when you have a fork and the will to eat the whole thing by yourself! :)

  4. I admit it: I’m a stress eater. But not so much a stress baker….I usually turn to junk food when I’m stressed.

  5. Forget about bad days! I’ll have that in a good day anytime! Love that idea, specially the cookie dough truffles make with condensed milk! Now just to ruin it all, can you put a big scoop of ice crem on top and eat it with cholocate chip cookies!

  6. When I’m stressed, I eat ice cream too..lots of it and chocolate. Then I feel all nausea it makes it even more stressful! That cheesecake looks too good.

  7. I’m SUPER stressed right now, so I hear ya. Love that COOKIE DOUGH CONCOCTION!!! Send some, please?? :-D

  8. Oh my! Indulgant decadence overload. That looks one amazing cheesecake.

  9. As I read your post I was thinking about the huge container of chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream in my freezer. How awesome would a big scoop of that be over a big piece of this! Bravo on an awesome idea coming to fruition!

  10. What a great idea for stress relief! A good dessert always makes me feel better. This looks fabulous!

  11. You, my friend, are a baking genius! Cookie dough in cheesecake. One word – yes. Ok, two words – yes, please.

  12. Wow… You’re taking things to a whole new level here…

  13. Peabody’s Really Bad Day Fix it All Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Cheesecake. . . and then you add Cookie Dough Truffles . . .
    I think you could leave your name off this one because it would simply be understood . . . this could only be Pea’s!
    My tea is hot, I’d love a slice, I’m sure it’s an excellent breakfast.
    Note to self: file this under when I have a very bad day – absolutely make this.

  14. That’s pure madness!

    Also, I thought you wrote “sadjectives” which is an awesome imaginary word.

  15. You can’t get more perfect than this! I am drooling over those cookie dough pieces!

  16. Holy sh-t, Peabody, I don’t even have words for how good that looks! And how did you know that I was craving raw cookie dough so badly that I made a batch last night just to snack on…? ;)

  17. WOW – you are an evil genius :) That cake could solve all the world’s problems!!

  18. With a recipe this good, one might find themselves looking for stress just so they have an excuse to need stress relief! Not that I would do that, I’m just saying. . .

  19. Sooo perfect. “Evil genius” is right! Just the sight is making my Monday morning a little better.

  20. Terrific! I love cookie dough, so that gorgeous cheesecake makes me drool!



  21. I wish I worked out when I’m stressed. Unfortunantly I just sit on the couch and eat until I’m too full to think about anything else but going to sleep.

    Please keep this away from me next time I am stressed. It would disappear in the time it takes to watch half a 30 rock.


  22. The perfect cure for stress. I love going into overload!! This looks awesome!

  23. This looks fantastic. But if choc chip cookie dough isn’t your all time fav ice cream, what is?

  24. Oh yeah, I think that could solve just about all my problems. :)

  25. oh my word! Too bad the due date for URS submission deadline already went by…you would’ve totally won the dessert category! This looks amazing!

  26. Oddly enough I just made chocolate chip cookie dough cheesecake bars a couple days ago. The cookie dough part was kind of odd and crumbly though; it doesn’t want to stay together very well, and neither does the crust. Plus more cheesecake is already a better thing, right? I have a feeling that your recipe trumps the one that I used for the bars. Next time I want to try a cookie dough/cheesecake combination, I’ll use this recipe.

  27. No you didn’t just put up a recipe for cookie dough cheesecake!! I’m about to lick the computer monitor. This would definitely turn stress into happiness.

  28. one of the most genius things done to a cheesecake ever!!! YUM!!!

  29. My goodness – that looks extremely rich! With the amount of love I have for cheesecake I don’t think it would be wise for me to make this – I would probably eat the whole thing!

  30. O the decadence! That looks amazing.

  31. oh wow.

  32. I made a chocolate chip cookie dough cheesecake for my boyfriend last year, and it was a stellar hit! Yours looks absolutely fabulous. Mmm, mmm. I’m pretty sure this is one of my most favorite cheesecakes. Sure to put a smile on anyone’s face.

  33. That looks really rich and amazingly delicious!

  34. You nailed this one.. That is the best way to forget what ails you!!

  35. that is one good lookin’ cheesecake. i love cookie dough!! the problem i have w/cheesecake is that once i make it i want to eat the whole thing ….and that is BAD :)

  36. i know a lot of cookie dough fans that would not consider this overload…well done :)

    hope you are feeling less stressed soon.

  37. I am a big fan of the “screw-it” moment myself and always head for the food as well. For me it is the baked chocolate chip cookies that are my downfall even more than ice cream. This cheesecake looks insanely good.

  38. My husband is a cookie dough fanatic, and he does like his cheesecake, too. This will really appeal to him!

  39. Ohhhh my goodness, this is just what a super stressed out college student needs!!!!

  40. You are killing me here… oh wow! This looks so good.
    I’m impressed that you even start with the exercise / journaling route. I think I’d go straight for the food. Well, I know I go straight to the food!

  41. I do not want to wish any more bad days on you, but if this is the result….I hope you have a few more. !! This is a heart attack on a plate, but who cares when you feel down and out, right???

  42. Theresa says:

    Now that would make my day. Worry about the calories another time.

  43. Oh, I could use a couple of slices of this beauty right now, Pea. Not only it looks absolutely delicious, I need a sugar high to help me out through the day.

    As for slicing the cheesecake, maybe dipping the knife in hot water and wiping it dry between slices would work, what do you think?

  44. I’ll take this any day as a stress reliever!

  45. Wow–the essence of a simple yet great idea. I’m surprised some major comfort food dining chain like Friday’s hasn’t taken this up–although I’m sure they wouldn’t do as good a job with it as you!

  46. I made this once for a friend’s birthday. SO GOOD! Although I didn’t form the cookie dough in to perfect balls as you did and it didn’t cut as nicely. Awesome! Love your photos.

  47. Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough and I go waaaay back. Used to have free tubs of B&J “seconds” in the dining hall (this is in Vermont, of course). A “second” meant there was too much cookie dough for retail. Ha! Very nice bit of decadence there, Peabody!

  48. Yummmm! This is exactly what I always order for dessert at The Cheesecake Factory! Cookie dough ice cream is my fave food. I’ve never made a cheesecake, but this makes me want to try. Hubby loves cheesecake; I love cookie dough. Sounds like a done deal. Thanks for posting this! And I’m looking forward to your next cookie dough recipe, as you mentioned!!

  49. I need to have this cake or just the chocolate chip cookie truffles! I think I could eat those by themselves

  50. Looks fabulous! What a creative idea. I often sub 1/4 cup of milk for each egg in cookie dough recipes so I can eat it raw.

    Love your blog!


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