Stress relief…

When I am sad and stressed I just pick up my chin and grin and say…the sun will come out (SLAP! Not). Okay, where was I. Ah yes, being sad and stressed. When I am not having the best of days I used to follow a certain routine.
First I would exercise. If it could be kick boxing, rugby, or hockey that was a plus because I can usually try and hurt someone (really, I’m a nice person I promise :D ). I would work out, which all that did was make me sad, stressed and sweaty. I’m adding to the S adjectives but that’s about it.
Then I would usually journal my feelings (aka right down a lot of swear words on paper). That usually didn’t help all that mcuh and I usually end up killing part of a tree by burning that paper so as not to have evidence against me later. ;)
Then there is the long hot bath. This helps me be less stinky after the exercise but really, that doesn’t help me all that much either.
And that leaves it to the screw it moment. The moment I drive to the store and think food or liquor? Food wins 99% of the time as drinking usually ends up badly and usually involves praying to the toilet God. And the food of choice is usually ice cream. And usually, even though it is not my favorite ice cream of all time, it is my break up/bad day at work/all around stress ice cream….Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Ice Cream.
Scattered around my house and in the car and I am sure other places are written down notes of things I thought of, mostly recipe ideas. Though I am sure the solution to the current economic crisis is on one of those papers, I can never seen to find them. Randomly when I am cleaning I will find one and think “Ah, ha! I need to make that”. Then I put that piece of paper away, forget about it, and the whole process starts over again. But this last week I ran across my idea for my Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Cheesecake. Combining to perfect stress eating foods. The cookie dough is tampered with just a bit as there are no raw eggs in it. But with the addition of the condensed milk, the texture and taste are the same.
I will say this is overload, but sometimes one needs overload. The only problem I  had with this concoction was cutting it. I got a couple clean slices but some of the others looked mutilated. So make sure that you have a nice sharp knife to cut though those truffles.





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  1. You’re killing me here! I’d gladly do a few extra miles in the morning to burn off these delectable calories!

  2. Hi Peabody,

    this looks beautiful. I will make it this weekend to bring to a lunch we’re having at my boyfriend’s sister’s place.
    The pictures and recipes are always stunning!

    keep up the great work!

  3. Geeez! This would, ah, reduce a lot of stress for me; better than a valium would.

  4. Okay I’m tempted to go yell at someone down the hall to start a fight just so I have a really bad day and won’t feel guilty about eating this entire cheesecake!

  5. I am so with you on the cookie dough! My sister and I used to get the pillsbury cookie dough, break it in chunks and stir it into vanilla ice cream. That was our way of really loading the ice cream with the cookie chunks! Looking back, I think there was something really wrong with that!

  6. I just had a good idea. I think you should start your own vending machine filled with your desserts.
    The ones where I work are filled with really horrible things.
    I am sure a ‘bad day’ cheesecake would sell well!…put in lots of your caramel treats too.

  7. It looks so bad and so good at the same time!

  8. The cake looks mouthwatering! I’m sure it’s very much healing :)

  9. yum, that looks so good! In NZ our traditional choc chip cookies are the ones made with condensed milk and my favourite part is the cookie dough – i can only imagine how good that would taste dipped in chocolate!

  10. Next time I have a really, really bad day I’ll just come to your house and you can make some cheesecake…this one would be great! Looks fantastic.

  11. Oh, my. That is like my two favorite dreams united right there. Effing fanTAStic! :)

  12. Kickboxing is the BEST for stress relief! Although I’m sure you cheesecake comes in a close second!

  13. Woah. That’s about all I can say about this ;)

  14. cookie dough and cheesecake together at last… delicious this looks!

  15. This was delicious BTW! Thanks for sharing! :)

  16. Holy crap! I saw this on CakeSpy. You are such a genius!

  17. That cheesecake looks so good!

  18. *drool* I love cookie dough and cheesecake, so this is definitely a winner in my book!

  19. I made this cheesecake last week and it was FANTASTIC. My only critique is that the cookie dough truffles become a bit stodgy during the cooking process. Next time (and there WILL be a next time) I will simply add whole block of Lindt chocolate instead of the cookie dough. I am so impressed by this blog, please keep it up! :)

  20. MONET if you continue reading the comments on Peabody’s blog, please contact me. I also just made Choc Chip Cookie Dough Cheesecake Bars and it sounds like I had the same problem with the CCC Dough, it never came together until I added more melted butter. But then after baked, the cookie dough was hard! What recipe did you use? :)

    Peabody, that cheesecake looks awesome, and I may have to use that cookie dough recipe next time I make these bars. Thanks!

  21. Two of the most amazing foods man-made combined! Brilliance in thinking that made you come up with such inspiration!

    This is a bit of heaven, and i have to say it even made me pee a little at very first glance.

  22. Try using Vanilla Sugar in the recipe. I got some online at Juliet Mae Spices. It has a whole vanilla bean inside flavoring the sugar, and you can use the bean too!

  23. elfingirl says:

    Thanks for the recipe!! This is my son’s favorite and he bet me that I could not find a recipe for chocolate chip cookie dough cheesecake, that I should just buy some at the Cheesecake Factory.

    I am going to love making him eat his words when he comes home on leave.

  24. This was my 21st birthday cake.

    It went down magnificently.

    And the leftovers are getting me through some university induced stress :P

  25. Dear lord this looks amazingly decadent…the b@stard child of cheesecake and chocolate chip cookies…

  26. elfingirl says:

    As promised, my son ate his words and your cheesecake. I had several friends who offered (actually begged) to taste test it. It was a tremendous hit!! Thank you!

  27. I just made these truffles – yummy! Thanks so much for the recipe. Please check it out if you have time at

  28. Ok, I am gonna make this, but what is a water batch? It says to “bake in a water batch at 350F for approximately 1 ½ hours.” Please advise. Thank you :)

  29. Stress gone! Just by looking at the photos. :)

  30. This sounds absolutely delicious! I will definitely be making some of this for my next get-together. I just hope I can get all the timing right, I’m not much of a baker :)

  31. Umm…did The Cheesecake Factory steal your recipe…and your picture for their website?!

  32. Seems someone submitted your picture to with a link to the cheesecake factory website.

  33. Oh my! Oh my! I think that’s all I can say. Cheesecake and Cookie Dough – what a combination!!

  34. Hey there Peabody!

    I’m planning on making this as a birthday cake. You saying the pieces didn’t cut neatly makes me worry, do you think I should use a different cheesecake recipe (and add truffles to it) or will a sharp knife do it?

  35. I’m confused about what you mean by a different cheesecake recipe? It doesn’t cut neat because cheesecake is softer than the truffles. I got some good pieces. I find most people wont care what it looks like.

  36. Ok thanks!
    I just don’t like serving stuff that doesn’t look nice, after all its for a crowd and looks do matter.

    Thanks a lot!

  37. Wow I’m drooling sooo much i’m going to make this once I convert it to Australian Measurements :o)

    I’ve bookmarked it on my site so I don’t forget.

  38. how long do the truffles keep in the freezer? i was going to make the cheesecake the other day but something came up and i was unable to make it. they have been in my freezer now for a few days, just wondering how long they are fine to use?

  39. You should be able to use them.

  40. I cannot thank you enough!! i made this for my sister’s birthday and it was a hit. Half of the truffles were already gone before I made the cheesecake. I plan on making the truffles by themselves over and over again.

  41. Ok I just made the cookie dough truffles and put them in the freezer. Had to add extra flour so It wasn’t too runny to roll into balls. I feel sick now … yeah, I shouldn’t pick at dough while making things lol.

    Tomorrow will be making the cheesecake and hopefully Monday morning I’ll take some photos as long as my partner doesn’t eat it all first.

  42. I made the cheesecake and it is now in the oven. I used a whole packet of Kmart Chocolate Chip Cookies and didn’t put the sugar in the base as I thought it was a bit too much sugar. I used 6 eggs instead of 4 eggs and 2 yolks. Pressed the truffles into the poured cheesecake mix and smoothed the mix over the top of them. *crossing fingers that it turns out good*

  43. This was yummy. Tasted great hot too lol. Hope you don’t mind (did email you to ask) – Here is my result

  44. I make this often because even ppl who swear they hate cheesecake LOVE this recipe..THANK YOU Peabody! This is my favorite dessert of all matter my mood. NO shame.


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